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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Roma's Haircut Story

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Hello Friends,

                      here  I am presenting  Roma's Haircut Story. Hope You like it.

Roma was Village girl who had recently got married to Siva ,Siva was manager in big Multinational company in the city and after marriage both of them had moved into flat in the city Roma was typical village girl who dressed like a villager her sari style was that of villager ,her hair was always plaited and she always looked like homely traditional girl .Siva had agreed to his parents' choice but he always wanted he wanted his wife to be modern since they lived in city and he was working in Multinational company but Roma never agreed to this and she continued to dress in traditional way.

One day in Siva `s office there was party and all office people were invited along with families .Roma  also went there along with Siva ,Therein party everyone spoke in English and Roma was not that fluent in English and was always feeling left out later on ladies in party gathered in one corner and
started discussing things like dress ,fashion etc but Roma  was always quite ,then time came for dinner and then Roma  didn't' know which dish to eat first and how to eat in spoon and fork and she suddenly made the food spill on her body and everyone looked around and saw mean in mess ,Siva also got very angry and took her back home and once they reached home he scolded her for not behaving properly n fro of others , Roma felt very bad and started to cry later on Siva don't worry from tomorrow star learning to behave like city lady .
Next day Siva went to his neighbor Preethi ,Preethi was a middle age lady living in city from log time but she was initially from same village of Siva so hence they had become friends ,he explained problem to her and Preethi said that within one month she will make mean modern and then Preethi came to meet Roma , mean was still upset and she said she will do anything to learn then from that day
everyday Preethi used to come to Roma's house and teach her various things like how to behave in parties how eat food in parties how to serve food to guests etc then Preethi told Roma next day they must go shopping and buy new clothes for Roma and she must get used to wearing clothes like kurthis ,tops trousers and jeans ,Roma agreed and they went and bought new clothes and slowly mean started to wear them and get adjusted now even Siva was happy but Preethi said one more thing is left ,Roma asked what and Preethi said her hairstyle needs to be changed as well and she needed to be in boy cut initially Roma was shocked but she remembred how angry Siva was in party and so agreed to it as well .
Next day Preethi and Roma went to parlour this was first time Roma had come to parlour first Preethi went inside and spoke to Hair advisor and later on called Roma inside , Roma was made to sit on chair and her plait was removed and her hair was wetted and cloth was put around her neck then Hair advisor told Roma tha she will cover mirror and she wil see herself only after haircut , then Roma felt sensation of scissors and her back side hair was cut off till  shoulder length and her hair was on ground she was now in bob cut Preethi who was sitting near her smiled at Roma  and told her everything will be fine later on beautifcian started cutting on the sides and her hair fell on her shoulder then Hair advisor further cut her hair short on her back and took machine and shaved her neck , only front side was left so Hair advisor asked Roma  to bend in front and then stated cutting until her hair was cropped then Hair advisor later on
combed her hair like boycut and now she saw herself in mirror she was shocked but happy then she and Preethi came back to their her flat and Siva was also happy to Roma  in new lok later on other people in flat also saw Vineetha and were surprised by her look .

After few weeks in Siva `s flat mean and Siva organized party for Siva `s office friends now Roma had become fully modern and Siva friends and wives were shocked to see transformation of Roma into total city girl now she had totally got adjusted into city clothes and boycut.

Hope you like Roma's Haircut Story. 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Friend Haircut Story

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My Friend  Haircut Story ( Sajeda's  Medium Boycut)


Hello friends . here i am posting haircut story of my friend's  haircut story. Hope you like it. 

Sajeda finished college 1st year few days back. In her home, they had to daily braid Sajeda in college days as she had long hair. So they planned within all members that Sajeda should be given short haircut.
Some suggested she can be given shoulder length haircut. But her aunt suggested she can be given be boy cut hairstyle so that we need not comb her long hair. They hinted at this idea to Sajeda who like her long hair very much. Sajeda argued she wont cut her hair. They scolded her for not agreeing for haircut. After a lot of arugments, her aunt told morning 10 am, we will be going to parlour for boy cut hair of yours. Sajeda saw her over mirror and seeing her long hair finally.

Sajeda went with her aunt to a ladies beauty parlour around 11 o clock. She didn’t speak to her aunt on that day as she was fed up of losing her long hair. When they went in, Sajeda hands were shivering thinking about haircut and how she will look after. Two seats were there. One girl was being given yebrow threading. Another girl was trimming her hair. Sajeda asked she too would trim and leave the parlour.By that time, threaded girl left the parlour and beautician asked what needs to be done for this girl.Her aunt said,cut it short like boy cut. Sajeda started to cry as she had no choice .Beautician asked very short  boy cut or medium boy cut. Her aunt said medium boy cut.
Sajeda with red churidar and inverted tupatta had tied her hair in ponytail.  She went and sat in the chair. Beautician put a white cloth and tied it at her neck. Sajeda had tears running down. She sprayed
 water on her thick and long hair. Her aunt said she should look like boy when she gets down.Beautician said dont worry she will be shortened as much as possible. Beautician made Sajeda neck to bend down.

 Sajeda was crying down with tears. Then she took scissors.chick..chick..chick..The sound of scissors heard by Sajeda was making her shivering. Beautician made her ponytail half the length. Within 2 minutes,She gave two ponytails cut from her long hair to aunt. Her aunt smiled and took it in her bag. Sajeda had her hair upto shoulder where she had her ponytail tied previously. She had her bob cut  hairstyle now .Sajeda said to beautician please leave like this, i am ok with bob cut, don’t cut it too short.

 Her aunt and beautician bended her head down and her loose bob hair was cut. As she had a deep neck cut in her chudi previously, now it became visible and neck is being shown now. Then beautician came 
 front and started to cut her front loose hair. Then Sajeda was made to turn left side and beautician clippered her side burns and her ears became visible. She was turned to right side and her hair was shortened around ears.Her aunt came near the chair and said it keep this thickness and trim it at ends.

Sajeda did not see her face in the mirror till then. Now when she saw, she started touching her hair back and checked her length and shocked to see no hair at her neck. Meanwhile beautician trimmed her back

 hair and made it straight like boys back hair. Then she came front and started combing her hair front and cut the length and made some hair to be shown in the front. Then she was shortened at her ears both left and right.  Her aunt came near the chair and asked could you remove the hair on her face? Beautician said, shall i do threading?  No, can you shave her side burns and face. Sajeda said please leave me, i don’t like  shaving my face. Her aunt said, if you don’t like shaving your face, she will shave your  head. Sajeda said please shave my face. Then beautician took a razor and started shaving her side burns around her ears. She made Sajeda head to lie on the chair head and started shaving her face. Sajeda  felt the pain of razor on her dry skin. She was totally humiliated in the process. Then beautician applied powder on her visible neck and shaved face. Sajeda finally got down and felt her short hair with her hands.  Her aunt paid 1000 rs to beautician and Sajeda's visible neck with boy cut was seen by everyone on the way to home. She started to enjoy her short haircut finally after few days.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

College Girl Shivani Hair cut Story

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Shivani is a a young girl with long and thick hair. She loves it lot. She studied in a college at Goa and she stayed in hostel room.  Sometime she is combing her hair with two side plait, she likes very much this hairstyle. Her roommate is Sheela she had mid-back hair, both of them schoolmates, she like Shivani’s beautiful hair, she also tried to grown longhair, but she couldn’t. In her college Shivani is the only longhair girl, so everybody surprisingly watch her long hair. She never cut or trim her hair for the past 2 years. But everything change final year of her college.

Because she got bored with longhair, she want to change her hairstyle. She inform the same to Sheela, she got surprised her decision. She said why you want to cut your hair, Shivani said, because of my longhair I can’t concentrate on my studies, it’s taking everyday 1 hour to maintain, also I want to score high marks this. So that only I have decided to cut my hair. Also I have informed to my mother, she also accept my decision. Then Sheela said, Shivani  your hair is very thick and long, it’s difficult to maintain I understand, but for the past 4 years you are growing your hair, but within 10 minutes decision you will lose your 10 years asset. Also nobody in our college don’t have this kind of long and thick hair. You won a beauty queen award for past 3 years because of your longhair. Shivani said everything is correct, but compare to my studies my longhair is very small, once i finish my studies then I can grow my hair long and thick, that’s not a problem , but this week I need to cit off my hair. So I want you to come with me parlor for my haircut, because I don’t much experience in parlor, every month you are going to parlor so pls help me. Finally Sheela agreed.
Weekend came, Shivani  got ready for her haircut, so she called Sheela. Then both of them started to parlor. On the way Sheela said so Shivani finally you are going to cut your hair, so say bye to your longhair. She smiled and yes, what you said is correct. They reach the parlor, Sheela speak to the parlor lady for Shivani’s haircut. Parlour lady asking what type of haircut you want, Shivani said I need really short it’s boy cut or bob-cut whatever it is if you can suggest my hairstyle?. The parlor lady said don’t cut very short, but you can go with short bob, that will very much suit your face. Then Shivani accept and she sat in the chair, and finally she touch her hair and she her face in the mirror. By the time the parlor lady, cover her body with cloth and remove the rubber band with her hair, and combed out neatly. Then she took the scissor and cut her hair upto her shoulder, her long hair is cit down now..ahhhh, she now has only a short hair, then she cut properly all the side. Another 15 mins she combed her hair and cut little pieces, finally she finished her work. And mam finished, she look her face in to mirror, she got smiled and enjoy her new look. And she paid the amount 150 for hair cut.
Then she went to hostel room everybody shock her new look and asking about her new look. She said the same thing to everybody. Also she said, she will maintain her short  for the next 1 or 2 years. Everybody praise her bold decision

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Anitha's Bold New Look

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This is one our friend's real life experience. His name is Gaurav (name changed for story) he is working in a private company. In his dept.  5 male employees and 2 female employees working with him. 1 female is not married her name is Nisha, other one got married her name Anita. Anita is very good looking housewife. Also she had a long hair. She maintain her hair very well, she evenly trimmed her long hair. And her hair is upto her knee. Some time she comes in loose hair she looks awesome.

Every year all of them planning their annual leave 1 week to 15 days. Except Anita everybody decided their leaves, she will decide her leave later in the month, because her child's tonsure will happen at tirumala next month. So she is plan to take that time. Everybody accepted, and took their leave with in that month except Anita.

Next month Anita also apply her leave for 10 days, and Nisha asking about Anitha's leave plan, she said, she is leaving tonight tirumala and comeback by day after tomorrow. And then she will leave her mother's house at coimbatore. She will be there at 1 week. Also she said that this is the first headshave for her child so we are planning this grand function in tirumala. Nisha asking what do you for grand function? she replied, head tonsure for child, and ear piercing and some special pooja.

After a week, Nisha called Anitha for some official clarification, she picked up, and said Hi Nisha How are you?, she said I am fine, and how about you and how the function happened?, she said  I am fine, everything went well, I am very happy now, also I will surprise you guys next week. Nisha got confused what surprise, she said, I will not tell you in telephone, I will tell you directly. After that she asking about the clarifications and she cut the call.

1 week later, everybody came, but Anitha is not yet come, Nisha thought she will join only tomorrow. by the time Anita came with big surprise….

Yes, she shaven her long hair, and she comes up with a bald head. Everybody got shocked, and asking about the reason, Anitha smiled and said, it's my long time wish, I want to shave my head at tirumala but it's not happened, when my child's tonsure we are going to tirumala I said my wish to my hubby, initially he refused, however I convince my hubby and I tonsure my head. This is my 1st headshave after 20 years. So I really enjoy myself when I am going bald. Nisha asking you are not feel bad when you lose your long hair. she said, yes, obviously, actually when the barber tonsure my head I literally cried a lot. But after my tonsure I touch my bald head and smile. It's gives me more confident. Any way I decided to shave my head every year tirumala.

Everybody appreciated Anitha's decision.

Friday, 14 September 2018

ex-Hair model Sheena Part-II

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ex-Hair model Sheena  Part-II
Sheena turned around to find that Mr. Das is standing there with scissors in hand. Sheena smiled, and then adjusting her strap turned around lifting her hair toward Mr. Das. Mr. Das put away the mass and sighed. He said,
“Sheena, I am really going to give you a haircut”
“Yeah, I am waiting”
“Honey, am serious, this scissor is new and sharp”
The statement didn’t alert Sheena, but the voice did. Still now she was acting according to playoff every night, where she gets a role play haircut with a blunt scissors. Hair has a special role in both of theirs life. She replied,
“Ah! I told you, am not getting haircut. I am supporting with every possible way, I fail to understand why you are after my hair? We discussed this last week”
“Sheena, your hair has expenses you know that, it has to go”
“Oh! Why don’t you try to get a job, instead of dreaming about my hair? I have already reduced the amount of oil, conditioner, and shampoo”
“I am trying my best you know. Leave it. Who cares about savings?”
“You complain to me about hair cost, did you ever tell this to your sister? Huh? No, no because you love her, but not me. You bear her study cost, you bear her everything.  You want your wife hair buzzed. But don’t have guts to get your sister a haircut”
“Why are you dragging her to it? She gets scholarship and is not dependent on me”
“But, you take care of her; she doesn’t spend a single penny in this household…”
“It’s not possible, she is my little sister, I will take care of her. Infect she offered her portion in household which I refused, it’s not her fault. And regarding her hair, well she has her hair much shorter than yours, and I don’t think she uses so much hair product as you…”
“As I am an ex-model?”
“Huh, yeah because you were a model”
“Great! Anything else you have against me?”
“You are getting me wrong”
“I don’t care. You want my hair short. I will have it short only if Nita get a short haircut too”
Mr. Das didn’t reply for a few minutes, then he said, “okay Maya, be prepared, you are getting a very, very, very short haircut tomorrow morning and then left the room.
Mr. Das straightaway went to his 22 year old sister’s room.  Nita, academically talented has little interest of fashion and just keeps her hair in a simple style in simple length which is up to her mid back.
Mr. Das knocked at her room and gently entered it. Nita was studying then. He went near her and started hesitantly,
“Nita, ah I have to say…ah something…ah you will have to…ah…”
“Get a haircut?”
Mr. Das was surprised, he stammered, “yes”
“Yeah, I overheard the conversation between you and Sheena, sorry about that, but it is justified when you are talking about such a topic” Mr. Das was silent. Nita then brought her braid forward and then pointed towards the table near her bed and said, “I kept the scissor and comb there, let end this”
Then they set the study chair in the middle of the room. Nita sat on the chair with a big towel on her backside, which Mr. Das immediately removed. Mr. Das gentle pulled out the clip which held her braid and opened it, spreading her hair, reaching her breast length, with a little brownish tint. The hair is not of that quality as Sheena’s, it is thick but dry.
He started sprinkling water on her head, wetting her hair from scalp to ends. He then separated her hair in two parts with fingers and moved it to her front from two different sides. He started from left.
He picked up the left mass, clutched it at base and took scissor. He inserted it barely some inches above head, and kachchchch…chchch…chch, locks of her hair fell to floor through her sides. He did the same to right, snipping at the right. The hair spread in floor now gave an appearance as Nita had pigtails which were cut.
Mr. Das then took comb, and started combing her hair. The hair at front and back were long, but the hair at the top side, were too short, giving her appearance as if there are two bald patches on her head. After combing her hair and distributing it in all her sides, he bent her head forward, and started cutting her hair collecting with a comb. Hair rained at back, as her hair was cut in irregular length at back, from zero inches to one.
After that, he made a mark at length in side where the top of ear touches her head, and then went round, snipping hair below it. Hair fell to her lap when he was doing in front giving her a bang look, but the bang is too short.
Mr. Das then stopped, and went away. Meanwhile Nita started dusting the hairs from her cloth and face, but he returned with his safety razor. She didn’t say a thing but again sat on the chair. He then changed the blades at sprinkled water on her back and sides. He started with left sides, bending her head in opposite direction, placed the blades at part where her top of ear touch her head and pulled it, scratching the hair off. He ran it few more time. Then he moved to other side, did the same.
Now it was time for the back. He drenched it heavily, then kept the razor at top of her head, and ran it seven to eight times continuously. Nita moved in uneasiness due to scratching. Her head was completely white now. He then removed the hair in nape region making it complete clean.
Mr. Das then told Nita to get up, and helped her to dust herself. He then told her to have a shower, and started cleaning the mess.
Nita checked her new look in bathroom mirror. She couldn’t believe it is her. The hairstyle is making her look like she is employed in military. Tears came out as she thought about her hair, her pony which used to hang like that right from her primary school, but then she remembered the quarrel.
Mr. Das collected all the hair, and filled a plastic bag. It was only filled three fourth, but he knew the rest would be filled tomorrow morning only.
Next Morning
Sheena was shocked as the first view she got after opening her eyes is the shaved side of Nita’s head. She couldn’t recognize her for a few moments. She recognized her only when she said, “Brother is waiting for you at living room with scissor and comb…”

ex-Hair model Sheena Part-I

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ex-Hair model Sheena Part-I
It was late 11 O’ clock. Mr. Das was sitting in the chair behind his bed room, waiting anxiously for her wife. His 22 year old sister is in adjoining room, he knew it is the best time. He had planned for this for last couple of weeks, but today he knew he has to do it. He took out the pair of scissor and glanced at it. The door of the room suddenly opened, and entered Mrs. Das. She straight away went to the dressing, her long hair trailing behind her touching her waist. Sheena, as her hubby called her jerked her tresses and took out a comb from the drawer, ready to pamper her hair before going to bed, a habit which she retained from her job. Sheena separated her thick black hair in two parts bringing each part in front from two different sides. She checked the ends of her hair, trimmed a day ago the nearby parlor. She again checked the length and continued pampering it. The pampering would continue for about fifteen minutes which is very small if compared to her previous routine. Sheena  was a hair model, with hair up to her buttocks and sometimes touching her knee. She retired from the job after a month of marrying Mr. Das, a manager in a private shop during marriage and her classmate from school. It was well predicted that some day they would definitely knot ties and the day came when both of them were in pinnacle of the career. Sheena  left her job at the very first month on her wish, though never compelled by her husband or her in-law. She celebrated it by getting her knee length hair cut to a boyish style at the hands of Mr. Das.
The decision the cut the hair was sudden. They were in honeymoon, enjoying beautiful view of Kanchenjunga from balcony of their hotel in Darjeeling on a fine morning. Sheena  had sudden urge to do it and she gave a pair of scissor to Mr. Das, and turned her back towards him and pointed at the breast length. Mr. Das was taken aback, but he gently inserted the blades of the scissor in the mass and kaaaa….chchchch…….chchch, a long lock of her hair slides to the floor. Maya giggled at this, as Mr. Das continued cutting her hair, straight from left side to right, kaachch…chchchc…kachchch.chchch. He stopped only after a big mass of hair was collected in the floor. Sheena  immediately turned, chuckling, collected the mass and throw it in the air. Mr. Das was nervous. He then arranged a chair for Maya to sit. Mr. Das liked her in this hair, but he liked the cutting also. He then escorted her to bathroom with scissor in hand, and gently pulled the knot of her pajama, striping her of it, as she stood naked but covered by her Salwar. Mr. Das hand then moved to upper part, first pressing the hardened breasts and then removing her upper clothes too. The shower was switched on and they both shared a shower. After playing in shower for some time, Mr. Das took the scissor which he had bought and then turned Sheena  to opposite side. Sheena  curved her head forward, acknowledging the haircut. Mr. Das separated the wet strands with fingers, and then placed the scissors at the neck area slicing her hair in the bathroom. Sheena got Goosebumps as wet hair slide touching her bare body. Sheena’s hair was not looking something like bob, but he was not done yet. He kept on cutting at the back slicing and hacking, till he made the hair at backside little more than an inch. Mr. Das then left the bathroom, while Sheena started washing her hair to remove the chopped tresses. Mr. Das returned after a few minutes, with his safety razor. He switched off the shower, and pulled Sheena out of it. He then started ruining the razor at the back, removing the fuzzy hair. He cleaned his back, and reduced her hairline at the back. There excitement with hair came to end at afternoon after having a sissy sex. Mr. Das was missing something during the sex, but it was compensated with the feeling of her spiky hair.
Sheena  went to the parlor of the hotel that evening only, and got her hair cropped. She then started growing it but restricting it to waist length. They were having a good time in life till an accident in the shop where Mr. Das worked, a year ago. He was sacked and his career tainted leaving Mr. Das struggling for living, ending up in a low salary job in another company which gives the family barely something as savings.
Sheena stopped combing her hair, as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Mr. Das was standing behind her with a scissor in hand…

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Anjali Headshave

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Anjali is a 25 yr married women. Her hubby is in gulf. Anjali's parents are with his brother in UK. And she had waist lenght hair. She maintain her hair properly, for the past 3 to 4 years she is not cut her hair. Before her marriage she maintain her hair midback length. Her mother in law and sister in law both of them stayed with her. One day her mother in law inform about her tonsure at her family temple. Initially she shocked about this then she accepted her headshave. But the only thing she said, she will shave her head after one month only because she is working as teacher in a school and the examinations are going on, so once finish the examination the summer holidays are coming that time she will shave her head. Her mother in law also accept her timeline.

And the summer holidays came, she asking about her tonsure, she said they are planning to going to the temple on next day. And the next day morning all three of them started in a taxi.  Once they reach they meet the local person and they informed the pooja items and barber of tonsure. Her mother in law said they will come at sharply 7 am to temple. And they reached in the evening in the temple, and they staying in the temple guest house.
        And the tonsure day is came, Anjali in nervous mood for her tonsure, but her sister in law convince her. Then they took bath and Anjali  wearing a churidhar, and they are going to the temple.
by the time the local person brought the pooja items, and he said the barber is waiting under the tree.
     Her mother in law turnback to anjali and pls fulfil your vow and come here, and she said to her daughter pls go with anjali for the tonsure. Both of them went in to the barber place he is sat under the tree. Barber seen both of them and asking who is gonna shave, Anjali replied it's me. Then the barber said pls sit here. Anjali sat infront of the barber and loose her hair, but the barber said, I will take care pls bend ur head, then he remove her rubberband and free her hair nicely. Next he took the water and pour it in her head and softly massage her head.
       Then he ask to Anjali you want any haircut or direct headshave, she said anything is ok. But her sister in law said pls cut her hair shortly then shave her head. Barber also accept that and he took the scissor, by the time Anjali is crying like anything, but he is not consider this he cut her long hair upto her shoulder, she had nice bobcut, by the time her sister in law took the photos in her mobile, and again he cut her hair like boycut style, this time also she took the photo, then he finaly cut her hair very shortly, all the hairstyles her sister in law took photos. Then the barber took the new half blade and inserted in to the knife, and start shaving her head in the middle. The white plate reveal in her head. Another 2 mins she is in half bald look. Then he went to her back side and shaved properly in the right and left side. She is completely bald. Once again the barber shave her bald head nicely. Then he said to seetha it's completed. Her sister in law give the money to the barber.
         And anjali stand and going for the bath, her sister in law also went with her. Both of them went to the backside of well and she sat near by the well, her sister in law took the water and pour in her full body, for 3 to 4 times. Then Anjali  rub her bald head and went to the near by one small room for her dress chage, her sister in law gave the new saree to her. Another 5 mins she came with new saree with lovely  bald head. And asking to her sister in law how is my look. She said it's awesome, you are looking cute in this bald head. Anjali smiled and she asking sandal for her bald head. Her Sister in law said the sandal is with her mother. So both of them went to the temple. Her mother in law preparing some pooja things, she look Anjali and said, you are beautiful and again Anjali  smiling for the coment. Then she is asking the sandal, she gave the sandal to anjali, she is applying the sandal in her bald head. Her sister in law again took one photo. Then her sister in law asked to anjali  you want cover your bald, she replied no problem i can manage. And another half an hour the temple pooja got over, and three of them starting to their place.