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Friday, 19 April 2019

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Friends.....I Need  Your  Help .
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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Mom Haircut Story Part 3

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After  3 years,  I am in last year of my college.  In three years  mom grow again hair. Again mom keep hair up to waist length. Mom just did only trim her hair in three years. Mom did good growth in her job. Recently mom joined  reputed MNC  company. In that MNC company  mom  joined as Head of Sales Department.  Mom got very good salary package. Mom and me are very happy. One day  mom got one deal assignments from her company. Assignments related deal with other company within in month with successful.  So its  work pressure time for mom. Mom did meet  other  company’s  manager related to deal. That time other company’s ad manager was also present there. That time ad manager offered  model role to mom for their company ad. Mom was so surprised and little bit nervous. Ad manager told mom that that’s role suit best on mom. Mom told  give her some time for thinking. Then mom told them I accept that offer on one condition. Condition is that I accept your ad offer. Your company accept her company deal assignments. Both of them , company manager and ad manager agree with mom conditions.  They signed on deal paper and mom signed  ad deal paper. Ad manager gave ad documents to mom. Mom returned home.  Mom discussed with me this ad and shoe me ad documents.  I read documents. In documents, mentions some conditions. I told mom that conditions. There are twon conditions,  one condition is maintain figure and second condition is hair keep up to pixie cut. Mom told me what to do son now, I told mom don’t worry. I take appointment for salon appointment and take gym membership. I took salon appointment on next Sunday. Mom started goes to gym everyday. On Sunday me and mom reached Raj’s salon.

Raj welcomed me and mom at his salon. Hava told Raj we come again here for new haircut after three years. raj smiled at mom . “It’s alright. We had quite an easy day, so I told the staffs and stylists to leave a bit early.”

“This outlet is a bit different than the other ones you own,” Hava said conversationally. Hava wore blue top and black jeans. Hava made clip ponytail. Ponytail up to her butts.

“Yeah, I only take appointments for the selected clients here. The senior stylists take care of the rest in the other outlets.” Raj slowly walked behind her and swiftly began removing the pins, letting the dark waist  length hair undone. A rumble of a chuckle came out of his throat. “Let me wash your hair today. You will feel a lot better,” Raj  said, directing her the washing area.

As Hava plopped herself down on the comfortable leather chair with adjustable inclination, Raj first dampened her long, thick waist length -colored hair and began lathering it up. The slow circular movements he did, massaging . With great care, he washed the hair, blotted the excess water with a soft towel and led her to one of the salon-chairs. Raj brushed the damp tresses very gently with a wide-tooth comb.
“How do you feel about a haircut?” Raj probed.

“I had a trim last month,” Hava recalled promptly.

Raj chuckled lightly and shook his head. “A haircut,” he specified. “Not a trim.”
He gave a small nod and dragged the trolley closer to her chair. The gleaming steel of the scissors, clippers, combs, among other things, were nicely laid out on it. He reached out for the cape first and draped it around her.

“What are you doing?” Hava asked, suddenly nervous.

“I am giving you a suitable haircut,” he said calmly.


He squeezed her shoulder encouragingly and said, “Shh, relax Aunty. I know what I am doing.”

Her hair was sectioned into four parts as he held a section of hair in his hand at the back of her head and quickly snipped it off. After working on a few segments, the terrible realization dawned on Hava that he was chopping her hair off at the nape. She tried to turn her head around, but the grip on her hair prevented it.

“How much are you cutting, Raj?”

For a long moment, he didn’t answer but kept on snipping until the hair was in the shape of a bob. He ruffled the locks at the back and then slowly stroked her almost-exposed nape. “Do you like short hair, Hava Aunt?” he asked her point-blank.

Hava bit on her lips and shook her head. “I won’t look good. It will look funny on me,” she said sorrowfully.

I looked straight into the mirror, meeting her gaze and holding the rest of the hair away from her face. “You have no idea how beautiful and sharp your features are. Short hair would only enhance them.”

“How short are we talking about here?” mom enquired.

But I didn’t reply and simply whirled the chair away from the mirror so she could only face him. “That would be my choice,” i told with a smile and winked at mom.

“Oh, my God,” Hava  mumbled under her breath;

Picking up the comb and clippers, I slid the comb above the left ear and ran the clippers straight across, letting the hair fall on her shoulders. A strange stir between the legs made her squirm on the seat as she watched chunks of hair kept sliding down the cape. Then Raj took charge.

“You are moving too much, Hava Aunt,” he said in a clinical voice and clamped his hand over her head. He slightly tilted to the opposite side and the snipping began anew.

“I have a feeling you are making it too short. Let me see at least.”

“You will, once I finish it,” Raj  reassured, and began working on the nape and above.

He kept perfecting the back and sides with a repeated motion of clippers over comb until it was nothing but downy felt covering around her head. He longed to use the clippers directly on her head, to give  the traditional short clipper cut with severe tight taper—which was his forte—but decided against it. It was Hava’s  best short cut ever, and something so extreme would throw her off balance. Maybe Raj could convince Hava to go a little shorter for the next haircut session, he thought.

A moment later, Raj  stood directly in front of her and unpinned the top section, which was the only portion left longer. But the situation was rectified as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Section by section, Raj  held the hair between his fingers and snipped them right in front of her eyes. The act was as ruthless as it was thrilling.

“Short bangs would suit you well, aunt,” Raj  commented, softening the bangs with the thinning shears at the same time.

“Uh huh.” That was all mom could manage to eke out.

He finally kept all the instruments down and picked up the hairbrush and dryer. With the newly shorn length, it took less than five minutes to dry and set it for a professional like him.

“Can I please see it now?” Hava asked impatiently, with her excitement fullest to the brim now.

“Just the finishing touch.” The dry cutting began, but it was completed in no time at all.

Raj slowly turned the chair towards the mirror as Hava gaped. Hava’s look was completely changed—in a good way. The haircut was something between a pixie and a chic boy cut, and Hava saw how beautifully Raj  had customized the look for her. Hava realised her son ,  he wasn’t kidding when he said that short hair would suit her better.When she finally overcame the initial, a shy smile broke out of her lips. “I can’t recognize myself. It’s beautiful.

Hava  fingers kept tousling and brushing the short hair. “If you want, I can keep it exactly like this. Monthly trims and that’s all. And if you want something shorter…”

“Shorter than this?”

“Much shorter than this,” I confirmed.

“Next time it is then,” Hava said with glee, kissing his scuff cheek.

Then me and mom returned home. Mom also completed goal of maintain figure with so much hard work at gym. Next day me and mom reached at other company ad shooting place. There is best ad studio. Then we met ad manager and ad director. Ad director  told mom, your looks so perfect  as ad model. We appreciate your look. Then  finally mom selected for ad.  Then  completed  ad shooting. Ad manager gave amount cheque to mom for ad.  Then we returned home.  Next day mom went to her office.  Company’s management was very  happy because of deal assignments was completed within time.  Company management appreciated  mom work and skills. Company management announced bonus for  mom and also gave  foreign tour go package.   Me and mom was very happy. Me and mom started planning for foreign tour.

Hope you friends likes my mom haircut stories.   If You want more stories related to my mom. Please friends comments. I will write  next mom haircut stories parts.

Mom Haircut Story Part-2

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After pinning up her hair, the hairdresser pulled out a clean white cape and draped it around her body, fastening it around her neck. As he unpinned the long thick, auburn hair and let it lay on the cape, her hair looked astonishing, contrasting with the cape. It was almost a shame that most of this hair was going to be clipped off and on the floor. The hairdresser pumped up the chair about 4 clicks and using a big comb, combed out the thick mass of hair, past her shoulders and down her back. Hava felt a pang of anxiety. i looked on at  mom, caped and in the complete control of the hairdresser.

“Wow that’s very thick and big. I’m going to use the clippers on you; it will make life a lot easier.” he said as he resumed combing  Hava’s gorgeous mane.“It wont hurt right?”mom asked. Raj reassured her, after which she complied. Raj  spun the chair around so that she was now facing the waiting area, I am  getting a full view of the shearing her mother was about to receive. Raj pushed her head downward gently so that her chin was nestled on her breasts and her eyes were fixed downwards on her high heel shoes. Hair dresser combed out a large section of her hair on the right side of her head, the comb holding the bulk of hair in place. Hava  jumped when she heard the ominous sound of clippers roaring to life behind her.  Never in a million years did she imagine her own precious locks being cropped with clippers. Using the clippers over comb,  the barber quickly passed the machine along the length of the comb. It hungrily devoured her luscious copper coloured locks. Hava watched as the chunk of hair fell onto the cape and slid off onto the floor.

“Wow” exclaimed I , as her eyes lingered on her mother’s butchered hair. mom looked up at me but the hairdresser  pushed her head back down and continued his work.For the next few minutes she sat in the salon chair anxiously as the hairdresser  repeatedly combed and clipped her tresses off. It was raining hair. Hava  winced everytime a clump of auburn hair slid onto her lap. Hair dresser cleaned up the edges so that they were no longer than the chin. Now it was time for him to buzz her nape.The hairdresser  placed his hand on the top of her head, gently forcing her chin down toward her collar bone.  She felt the clippers on her bare neck, and then heard their deepening growl as they marched up the back of her head.  Hava desperately tried thinking of something other than the amount of hair the hairdresser  was removing, but the evidence was all around her; there was nowhere in her field of vision that she wouldn’t see large clumps of shorn, black-brown hair.  She closed her eyes and stoically endured the shearing the hairdresser  was administering enthusiastically. After many passes of the machine, her nape was now neatly buzzed down .She opened her eyes when the clippers switched off. The hairdresser smiled and playfully ran his fingers through her freshly clipped hair. Then he vigorously combed her short hair into style.Raj asked for permission to take a picture, then proceeded to do so, capturing  hava , caped in the salon chair with her short wedge bob haircut and colossal piles of auburn hair all over the cape and floor. Her picture joined with other clients as memories of the women who got shorn in the hair salon.

Raj  dusted the excess hair of her face and neck, and spun her around to face the mirror. Hava squealed in delight. Mom loved her short hair. The hairdresser  removed the cape allowing lots more clipped off hair to join the rest of auburn hair on the ground.. After her neck strip was removed, mom dismounted from the salon chair, still grinning.“What do you think of my new haircut, sweetie?” mom asked me.“It looks amazing mom. Then  we left hair salon. Then we went to mall for shopping. Mom bought new makeup things and also bought some accessories. Mom also bought modern clothes like top, jeans, mini skirt and mini dresses. Then we returned was so happy that day and thanks to me. I told mom , mom enjoy life with fullest.

On next day, mom started applies for jobs again. mom also gave many interviews.  Luckily one day  mom got offer latter from one reputed company.  Mom was so happy after receiving letter. Mom got quite good  salary package. On next day, mom was ready for joins new job .  Mom did make up for office. Mom wore  blue top and black skirts. Mom made perfect  office hair look. I told mom ,mom your looks so beautiful. Then mom went to office and joined company. Mom returned home after competing her first day job. Mom talked with me so many things. Mom told me, in office all are appreciated my haircut look, even mom’s boss also appreciated mom new haircut look. I was very happy . all my problems solved  and life goes on again right track.

Mom Haircut Story Part-1

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Hello Friends,
              I am posting here my mom haircut's stories.  Stories are   three parts. No more time wasting, I am coming in story.  My name is Rahul.  My mother’s name is Hava and she is a housewife.  She has waist length hair and her hair is dark black colour and thick and her hair is in same thickness from her scalp to the ends and till up to her butts. Her hair is also silky. She is not modern type , she always wear sari  and sometimes salwar kameez  dress.

When I was 17 years old, I was studying in college. I took admission in dual mba course. That time I lost my father . my father  died due to cancer.  That time me and mom in my family. Suddenly  problems started  from that time.  All saving we spend on my father’s treatment. We are struggling  with financial problems.  We took home loan and education loan for my study. That time mom decided  to do job for earning.  Mom already completed her graduate degree.  Mom also had completed  some computer course also had management skills.  So mom had started applied for  jobs. But unfortunately  mom didn’t get any job.  But mom was a very  enthusiastic  person.  One day mom talked with me about job and interviews.  I gave advices to mom.  Please mom change your looks also so that’s very helpful to you. Mom also agreed with my opinion . then mom asked me which looks her for best and where  place she did look change. I told mom don’t worry. I will manage all thing. 

One of my friends was hairdresser. His name Raj .  he was my good friend. I contacted him. We got hair salon appointment for next Sunday. I informed mom about salon appointment. Moms become nervous because it’s her first haircut in hair salon. I told mom don’t worry. Everything will be good. On Sunday mom is  ready for going to salon. Mom wore sari and made ponytail. I took photos of mom long hair for memory. we reached my friend salon. My friend welcomed me and mom.

” How short are we going?” asked  Raj( hair dresser) , Hava(mom))  still in the waiting area.

“I want to go pretty short but I don’t have a style in mind,” mom said.

Raj Shows  Haircut photo book  to mom. Hava saw photo book. Hava selected one haircut. Hava thought it looked very cute. “Thats perfect!” she exclaimed. She was actually excited. However, her excitement was surpassed by that of Raj , as he grinned widely. Raj  accompanied Hava  back to the big salon chair and sat her down. Her high heels rested on the footrest and her hands gripped the armrests tightly as he produced a strip of tissue and placed the neck strip around her neck snugly. 

To Be Continued........

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Renuka newsreader haircut

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Renuka newsreader haircut Renuka is a TV journalist and is very famous for her shows .She is serious type journalist who does programs on real issues like farmers ,woman issues etc not film gossip etc .She has been working as TV journalist since her 20’s and now completed decade as Host .She looks average and has longhair .

One day her producer called her for meeting and told her that channel needs to increase their viewership and so some changes are being planned .Renuka wanted to know what are changes .Producer told that we are going to increase our film based programs more since people like to watch such programs and so renuka’s show will be cut down .Renuka was very disappointed hearing that ,she told that news channels also need to show serious programs which affect real people .Producer agreed and asked her to wait for some time . Next week again producer called renuka for meeting .Producer told renuka that channel management has decided to continue with her show but one condition .Renuka was surprised and asked what is condition .Producer told you need to give some “Surprise” to viewers to attract them to your show .Renuka didn’t understand what he meant .Producer told that if you should cut your hair so then people will watch your show out of curiosity for your new look .Renuka felt very sad and didn’t agree .Producer got angry and told then fine we will remove your show and put film gossip program . Renuka went back to her house and was very sad .Her friend Ria who stays with her asked what is matter .Renuka explained her problem .Ria asked renuka what is more important for you ,your long hair or your show .Renuka told her that show only is important ,since she feels happy with her job .Then Ria told be ready lets go to parlor on Sunday .That night renuka could not sleep properly thinking what to do .Then morning she woke up and went to work and told her producer that she is ready to change her look .Producer felt happy and promised that he will advertise her show more . On Sunday Ria took renuka to parlor and told her about renuka .Lady suggested boy cut for renuka ,initially renuka was shocked but agreed .She sat on chair and her hair started getting wet .Then hair partion was done .Then mirror was closed since she wanted to see fresh look Then suddenly screech sound and cutting started .Then her pony was in her hand .She asked if its over lady replied “No dear now you are in bob cut but you need to be pixie cut ”.So still cutting resumed .Her hair was made into several partions and each layer was cut .Hair was falling down and renuka was nervous .Then suddenly machine was put on her head .After some time she could feel her neck and beautician started combing her head .Finally renuka saw her new look and she liked what she saw .In front of her was nice young lady .Renuka got up and kept putting her fingers through her hair to feel how short it was .Ria also smiled at her and she gave money to beautician and came home . When next day when she took bath she again felt her short hair .After getting ready she went to office and people were surprised to see her in pixie cut and gave her compliments .She only confidently walked into her boss cabin and when her boss saw her he stood up and told her you have taken very good decision .After that shooting for next episode began and when show was aired people were surprised to see renuka new look and more people started watching her show for her new look but renuka never lowered quality of her program . Then renuka slowly started seeing advantages of her new hairstyle ,she could spend less time in maintain it ,she now had image of serious senior lady not a college girl so she decided to maintain same haircut .

Credit-  Sandeep Kumar  for this haircut story. If you have send haircut story, then mail me story.i will post that story in this blog

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Priya Short Haircut

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priya is a beautiful young lady with long beautiful hair.She is from middle class family and she lives with her mom susheela in small house .She is working in primary school as maths teacher .She is very proud of her long hair and every sunday she takes head oil bath to maintain her hair .Her mom also very happy for priya but is worried that she needs to get her married soon.Also since her mom is traditional she wants horoscope to be matched .Now susheela is trying to get good family boy for priya but sometimes horoscope is not matching and if it matches then boy family asking for dowry which they are not able to give .

Priya is happy and content with her job in school where she has a friend who teaches english called Daisy,Daisy is slighty older and is married and has one kid .Main difference between priya and daisy is their hairstyle ,priya has long hair but daisy has short hair .Daisy likes to keep her hair in bob cut style,many times daisy asked priya how you to maintain your hair so long priya says since she likes her hair she maintain it .

One day one proposal came from rich family .The family name is bagree family they are very big industrialist .Priya's mom consulted astrologer and astrologer told both boy and girl horoscope match ,Then susheela invited the family to their house on sunday to see priya .Also she was informed that they are not interested in dowry by boy family

On Sunday susheela was very excited that rich family had agreed to visit their house and was very busy in making priya look beautiful .After priya took head oil bath susheela only neatly plaited priya hair and put flowers into her hair and she also helped her tie saree .She told priya that if this family agrees then it will be good.Priya was very nervous and just nodded her head and then door bell rang.Susheela told priya to be inside and when she calls her to come outside with sweets .

Priya could hear people talking to her mom ,after some time her mom asked her to come ,so very feeling very shy priya took sweet tray and started walking towards guests .she first looked at the boy ,his name was rishi he looked very handsome and priya smiled next to him his father was seated and next to father his wife and then elder brother and his wife .Priya gave sweets to all of them but she noticed one thing and felt strange ,both boy's mother and sister in law i.e elder brother wife were in boy cut hairstyle .She quietly sat down .Then boy father spoke saying we like the girl but i have one condition and my wife has one condition .Now both susheela and priya were slightly tensed but then boy father smiled and told "No dont worry we are not asking for dowry god has given us wealth we don't want our future daughter in law to work outside if she wants she can join our business only ".Priya told that since she is educated she wants to work but she is ready to quit her job and join family business but after marriage also she wants to  support her mother .Boy’s family agrees .Everyone was happy .Next Rishi's mother mani spoke  she told "Long time ago our family had some trouble in business then we went to tirupathi  for headshave after that business improved but that i have maintained my hair as boy cut only to look different since i am owner wife .I don't want to look like common ladies .The worker and their family should respect me so i decided to have boy cut style.When we decided to get our first son married we told archana who is our first daughter in law also to be boy cut she agreed" .Archana  who was sitting next to her mom in law smiled ."Now we want to maintain this tradition " said boy's mother mani.Now priya was feeling very sad she didn't know what to say .But susheela spoke nicely and told guests we will confirm in some days.

After the guests left priya told her mom she is not agreeing to their condition ,she is fine to quit her job and work in family business but not cut her hair ,Susheela tried to convince her daughter but priya was angry she didn't talk .

After few days priya was walking to school when she heard some one  call her name she turned around and saw one lady sitting in car calling her .First she could not see properly after that lady removed her shades she could make out it was archana who had come to their house few days back .Archana asked priya where she was going and offered to drop her .First priya didnt agree but when archana asked again few times she agree to sit in car .Then both started talking Archana asked priya "Do you go walking everyday to school ?" priya replied yes Then archana told she has come for shopping in mall ,Then priya asked "oh your in laws gave you car and driver for shopping " Archana replied yes since marriage when ever i need to go for shopping i have driver and car .Then archana went on to say how happy she is after marriage since life is very comfortable and even she can take good care of her son .Then priya asked but what about your hairstyle did you have long hair before marriage .Archana replied "Yes  dear even i had long hair before marriage but since mani aunty put condition i agreed my parents also happy i have nice husband nice family and i now enjoy boycut style since i don't need to maintain it .Then archana asked if she will come with her to mall where she will introduce her hairstylist to priya ,but priya was not interested .When school came priya asked to stop and got down .Then daisy the english teacher who was standing nearby asked "What priya today you came in car ?" Priya just smiled and went inside .

Later in evening priya was thinking and finally told her mom she is agreeing to bagree family marriage proposal .Susheela felt very happy but priya was sad susheela told her not to worry she will look good even in boycut and hugged priya .Later on she called mani and informed her that we are agreeing and asked if priya should have haircut before marriage or after ,mani told before only .Again priya felt sad since she thought  at least till marriage she can have long hair .after few days she resigned from her school job but she didn't tell anyone about haircut condition only told she is joining family business

Then one day archana came to priya house and took her to parlour and told hairstylist to giver priya our family hairstyle ,both archana and hairstylist smiled at each other and made priya to sit on chair .Then hairstylist removed her plaits and her long hair came flowing down then she put cloth around her neck and began to put water on her head then archana told hairstylist to cover mirror so that priya gets surprise with her new look .once her hair was wet again hairstylist combed her hair and suddenly  near her neck she could feel scissors ,her hair was being cut it was strange sound then right to left scissors was moved and her long hair was now gone then priya asked is it over ,so archana replied "no dear now you are in bob cu still need to cut to make you to boycut" so hairstylist  continued to do her work and hair was falling then hairstylist put machine on her head finally she could see herself in mirror and she looked very different .she put her fingers on her head and sensed how short her hair had become .Then archana gave money and thanked hairstylist and told priya now one more surprise is there .priya asked what archana told now we are going to our house not your house then when she went to bagree family house she saw her mom susheela also there and mani aunty and rishi and other members of family were also there .Everyone saw priya's new look .Priya asked her mom how you came here ,susheela your future in laws only sent car and i came her and told her you look very beautiful .Then mani aunty also approved and asked rishi to give priya gift ,priya was surprised and what gift aunty ,then rishi opened and she saw diamond ring rishi put on her finger and everyone clapped .later on she spoke alone to rishi and he was very nice guy .

Later on she got married her school friends like daisy teacher were surprised to see her in new look ,After marriage she changed her name to priya rishi bagree and one day her father in law and hubby took her to their office and introduced all that from today priya will take care of accounts,priya felt very happy she got separate cabin and outside her name was written as priya rishi bagree -accounts manager .

Credit-  Sandeep Kumar  for this haircut story. If you have send haircut story, then mail me story.i will post that story in this blog.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

My Aunt Sara Short Haircut At BarberShop

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My aunt Sara entered the quaint little barbershop and had a seat in the waiting area as all three of us followed. Aunt Sara had brought me and my two cousins (her sons) for a trim in the local barbershop. It was a tiny shop, tiled, with only about 5 seats as well as the gigantic barber chair that stood in the centre of the room. The shop was empty except for us.

“Who’s first?” called the barber from behind the chair.

An hour later all three of us had been trimmed ( nothing much).

“That’ll be Fifty dollars,” said the barber as he finished sweeping away the hair on the ground, expecting us to be getting ready to leave.

“Actually I’d like to get a haircut too,” said my aunty. A tad surprised, the barber agreed.

Aunty Sara was by far one of the most beautiful women i knew. Though she was forty years old, you’d easily mistake her for being in her twenties. Her luscious hair was thick, jet black and quite voluminous. The length of Aunty Sara’s hair was quite inconsistent as she would wait for it to grow past her shoulders, then go by the hairdresser and have it cut short, a little under her chin. She would often take me by surprise as this short haircut always happened so suddenly, and today seemed to be one of those days. At the moment, her luxuriant bushy black hair reached about mid back and had lots of volume. She was in desperate need of a haircut, one that was manageable. She didnt know when was the next time she would be able to  visit the hairdresser so a barbershop haircut right now would probably be her best bet.

After gingely making her way to the centre of the room, the barber sat Aunty Sara down in his chair. Her brown sandals rested on the footrest and her hands gripped the armrests as he produced a strip of tissue and placed the neckstrip around her neck snugly. After pinning up her hair, the barber pulled out a clean white cape and draped it around her body, fastening it around her neck. As he unpinned the long thick, black hair and let it lay on the cape, i couldnt help but think about how beautiful her hair was, contrasting with the cape. It was almost a shame that most of this hair was going to be clipped off and on the floor. The barber pumped up the barber chair about 4 clicks and using a big comb, combed out my aunt’s thick mass of hair, past her shoulders.

“Just a trim?” asked the barber casually as he finished combing her hair.

“Actually I’d like you to cut my hair very short. I’m always busy… I don’t know when I’ll be able to get my hair cut again,”remarked my Aunt.

“So exactly how short do you want me to cut it?” asked the barber.

“I want you to cut my hair into a chin length bob. And clean up my nape please,” instructed aunty Sara.

“Thats fine… but im going to have to use the clippers to cut your hair because of the amount i need to shear off.”  he said flatly. Aunty Dondie honestly didnt mind, she was just grateful that the barber was willing to clip her hair into that short haircut she desired.

Comb in hand, the barber picked up his clippers and turned them on. The sudden buzzing sound made my aunt jump. The barber smirked, stifling a laugh and combed out a large section of her hair on the left side of her head. He bent her head down so that her chin was nestled above her breasts, her eyes fixed on her shoes. Aunty Sara was now ready to be shorn in the barbershop. With his comb holding the hair in place, using the clippers over comb technique, he viciously clipped off a large chunk of my aunt’s hair. Aunty Sara watched as the mass of what used to be her gorgeous black hair slide off the cape and on to the ground. Her youngest son began to cry, clearly uncomfortable seeing his mother sitting on a barber chair having her lustrous locks barbered off, but he was reasurred by his mothers smile.

“It doesnt hurt, see?”said his mom as the barber cut off another large chunk from the left side of her head with the clippers and it fell on the cape.

” Mom what is he doing to your hair. I like when your hair gets long and thick,” lamented her youngest son, still perturbed .

“Don’t worry sweetie… the barber is just giving mommy a nice short haircut. I know you like it when its long, but you know how big and unmanageable it gets. And im sure hell be done clippering me soon. Right?” said Aunty Sara optimistically.

The barber explained to the son that his mother would have her short crop completed within a short while. He then continued to repeatedly comb and clip sections of her long black hair until the bulk of her hair was now gone. At this point, Aunty Sara’s cape was now more black than white. The barber used a very low guard as he passed the clippers up and down the back of her head and cleaned up her nape. Then, working around her head, he clipped my aunt’s hair closely to her chin. Upon glancing upward, Aunty Sara smiled. The length was now very short and in fact similar to her husband’s haircut. She thought it would be interesting to see what he thought if she got a haircut that was even shorter than his.

“Do you think you could take it shorter… Maybe ear’s length?” she asked. The barber obliged and with a smile on his face he began to work, once again combing and clipping until she had a nice short ear length bob haircut with a low nape. He then used the clippers to clean up, trimmimg off bits of hair from all around her head. My aunt now had a fresh, short wedge bob haircut instead of the huge mass of black hair that she used to have. I wondered what my uncle would think when she came home that evening sporting her ultra short haircut.

“Mom are you done yet?” called the eldest son.

“One sec again sweetie! But do you like my new haircut?”

“Its too short. I kinda miss your long black hair!” he answered.

“Well i love my ultra short bob!” exclaimed his mom, as the barber finally put down the clippers, dusted the excess hair off her face and began combing aunty Dondie’s hair into a style.

Personally i thought aunty Sara looked ravishing in her new ear length bob. The scene was majestic. My aunt, caped and sitting down in the barber chair with her new short hair. What used to be big thick gorgeous hair now lay in big black curly piles all over the barbershop floor as well as on the cape.

After inspecting the final do, aunty Sara smiled, satisfied. She loved it and couldnt stop playing with it. The barber, also satisfied with clipping my aunt’s hair off, uncaped her, allowing masses of black hair cascade to the floor. He removed the necktissue and dropped it to the floor where it joined all the hair he had relentlessly removed from my aunt’s head. She then brushed a tuft of her hair of her sandal and got off the barber chair. She paid the barber handsomely, thanked him profusely for relieving her of that bulk of long hair and left happily with us, a persistent smile adorning her face all the way home.

That was not the last time Aunty Sara visited that barbershop. I myself have witnessed a few great and thorough shearings of her at that same barbershop. In fact, whenever her hair grows out too much and becomes a thick black, heavy mass, she opts to return to that very barbershop with us, (which her sons have made peace with) and has her hair clipped short by the barber.