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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Submit Your haircut Story.

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Hello Friends,

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Forced Haircut

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I was in class 7.Me and my mom went to get my regular haircut at the parlour .  As usual I will get a bob cut and mom would get her hair trimed.I got the seat first the salon lady caped me and started cutting my hair into a bob.She knew what haircut I get as we used to go there frequently.My haircut was completed and as the girl was uncapping me my mother came and told her if she could cut it shorter.I argued with my mom that please i don't want it shorter but she told little girl should not care about there haircut so much.

Don't worry the parlour lady said it won't be very short.She took the scissors combed it back section of my hair.She put the scissors very close to my scalp and schhhhhhhhhhh a big chunk of hair fell down.

She then combed once again and again cut it very close to the scalp she repeat this for some time until there cut be no more hair to cut with the scissor then she stated to do the sides of my head.tears were rolling down my eyes to my cheek and the fell down on the cape filled with dark black hair of my.My mother told it would grow back besides if you cut it short thick hair will grow on your head.

The parlour lady continued to cut my hair soon i saw in the mirror that very short spiky hair was left on the sides of my head..

My cape was full of black hair and there was only hair in my front part of my head.I kept crying.In my thoughts i was angry with my mother was did she do this to me.The parlour lady took a front section of my hair and schhhhhh.I realised that soon there ain't going to be and hair on my head.

I still couldn't understant why mom did this to me.The cutting stopped and my bob was converted into a spikey boy's haircut

That is when i thought the cut was over but....She asked my mom was that okay but my mom said shorter I thought was this even real I am nearly bald and mom wants my hair shorter.

The stylist got a machine from a drawer switched it on. I recognised it as it was used to shave my nape once but this time bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzand all my hair left in the left side right side and the back were being shaved i was crying and my tears were lost on the cape full of hair.

How only she can have long hair and I bald. why?Soon the noise stopped and I had a buzzcut only little hair was left on my head
I got out of the chair all my hair fell on the ground.I didn't even look towards my mom as she got in the chair.I decided not to talk to her all day.

Mom and the stylist talked to each other and the stylist got the clippers.I was looking in the comic book
when the clippers started buzz and it was placed in the middle of my mothers long hair.
I couldn't help it I had to look.The clipper left a clean path.I thought is she getting the same haircut as mine.

The clipper continued ti shave off moms long hair in the ground.I was sad but inside i was very happy to see my mom shaved her head.

The amount of hair my cape had while cutting was nothing compared to my moms thick dark hair.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSoon it looked like we both had the same buzzcut although moms was shorter.The clippers stopped and the cape was uncapped.I thought it was over bit the stylist got a towel which was dipped in warm water and wrapped it around my moms head.

She tucked a towel with my moms blouse and applied hair shaving cream which ladies used to shave their hair on legs the stylist told my mom that its going to be a long time even to hair to start growing.

My mother was very happy with the smile face.The cream was removed with a razor and the clean head got out.

The stylist was paid and we left the parlour we didn't talk all the way we were busy touching each others hair I hope I get the chance of getting shaved one day.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Haircut Story Idea Form

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Hello Friends.
                     i have created form for new idea about haircut story. i request you to all, please submit your idea in below from. i will write story on your idea.  thanks you all.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Roma's Haircut Story

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Hello Friends,

                      here  I am presenting  Roma's Haircut Story. Hope You like it.

Roma was Village girl who had recently got married to Siva ,Siva was manager in big Multinational company in the city and after marriage both of them had moved into flat in the city Roma was typical village girl who dressed like a villager her sari style was that of villager ,her hair was always plaited and she always looked like homely traditional girl .Siva had agreed to his parents' choice but he always wanted he wanted his wife to be modern since they lived in city and he was working in Multinational company but Roma never agreed to this and she continued to dress in traditional way.

One day in Siva `s office there was party and all office people were invited along with families .Roma  also went there along with Siva ,Therein party everyone spoke in English and Roma was not that fluent in English and was always feeling left out later on ladies in party gathered in one corner and
started discussing things like dress ,fashion etc but Roma  was always quite ,then time came for dinner and then Roma  didn't' know which dish to eat first and how to eat in spoon and fork and she suddenly made the food spill on her body and everyone looked around and saw mean in mess ,Siva also got very angry and took her back home and once they reached home he scolded her for not behaving properly n fro of others , Roma felt very bad and started to cry later on Siva don't worry from tomorrow star learning to behave like city lady .
Next day Siva went to his neighbor Preethi ,Preethi was a middle age lady living in city from log time but she was initially from same village of Siva so hence they had become friends ,he explained problem to her and Preethi said that within one month she will make mean modern and then Preethi came to meet Roma , mean was still upset and she said she will do anything to learn then from that day
everyday Preethi used to come to Roma's house and teach her various things like how to behave in parties how eat food in parties how to serve food to guests etc then Preethi told Roma next day they must go shopping and buy new clothes for Roma and she must get used to wearing clothes like kurthis ,tops trousers and jeans ,Roma agreed and they went and bought new clothes and slowly mean started to wear them and get adjusted now even Siva was happy but Preethi said one more thing is left ,Roma asked what and Preethi said her hairstyle needs to be changed as well and she needed to be in boy cut initially Roma was shocked but she remembred how angry Siva was in party and so agreed to it as well .
Next day Preethi and Roma went to parlour this was first time Roma had come to parlour first Preethi went inside and spoke to Hair advisor and later on called Roma inside , Roma was made to sit on chair and her plait was removed and her hair was wetted and cloth was put around her neck then Hair advisor told Roma tha she will cover mirror and she wil see herself only after haircut , then Roma felt sensation of scissors and her back side hair was cut off till  shoulder length and her hair was on ground she was now in bob cut Preethi who was sitting near her smiled at Roma  and told her everything will be fine later on beautifcian started cutting on the sides and her hair fell on her shoulder then Hair advisor further cut her hair short on her back and took machine and shaved her neck , only front side was left so Hair advisor asked Roma  to bend in front and then stated cutting until her hair was cropped then Hair advisor later on
combed her hair like boycut and now she saw herself in mirror she was shocked but happy then she and Preethi came back to their her flat and Siva was also happy to Roma  in new lok later on other people in flat also saw Vineetha and were surprised by her look .

After few weeks in Siva `s flat mean and Siva organized party for Siva `s office friends now Roma had become fully modern and Siva friends and wives were shocked to see transformation of Roma into total city girl now she had totally got adjusted into city clothes and boycut.

Hope you like Roma's Haircut Story. 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Friend Haircut Story

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My Friend  Haircut Story ( Sajeda's  Medium Boycut)


Hello friends . here i am posting haircut story of my friend's  haircut story. Hope you like it. 

Sajeda finished college 1st year few days back. In her home, they had to daily braid Sajeda in college days as she had long hair. So they planned within all members that Sajeda should be given short haircut.
Some suggested she can be given shoulder length haircut. But her aunt suggested she can be given be boy cut hairstyle so that we need not comb her long hair. They hinted at this idea to Sajeda who like her long hair very much. Sajeda argued she wont cut her hair. They scolded her for not agreeing for haircut. After a lot of arugments, her aunt told morning 10 am, we will be going to parlour for boy cut hair of yours. Sajeda saw her over mirror and seeing her long hair finally.

Sajeda went with her aunt to a ladies beauty parlour around 11 o clock. She didn’t speak to her aunt on that day as she was fed up of losing her long hair. When they went in, Sajeda hands were shivering thinking about haircut and how she will look after. Two seats were there. One girl was being given yebrow threading. Another girl was trimming her hair. Sajeda asked she too would trim and leave the parlour.By that time, threaded girl left the parlour and beautician asked what needs to be done for this girl.Her aunt said,cut it short like boy cut. Sajeda started to cry as she had no choice .Beautician asked very short  boy cut or medium boy cut. Her aunt said medium boy cut.
Sajeda with red churidar and inverted tupatta had tied her hair in ponytail.  She went and sat in the chair. Beautician put a white cloth and tied it at her neck. Sajeda had tears running down. She sprayed
 water on her thick and long hair. Her aunt said she should look like boy when she gets down.Beautician said dont worry she will be shortened as much as possible. Beautician made Sajeda neck to bend down.

 Sajeda was crying down with tears. Then she took scissors.chick..chick..chick..The sound of scissors heard by Sajeda was making her shivering. Beautician made her ponytail half the length. Within 2 minutes,She gave two ponytails cut from her long hair to aunt. Her aunt smiled and took it in her bag. Sajeda had her hair upto shoulder where she had her ponytail tied previously. She had her bob cut  hairstyle now .Sajeda said to beautician please leave like this, i am ok with bob cut, don’t cut it too short.

 Her aunt and beautician bended her head down and her loose bob hair was cut. As she had a deep neck cut in her chudi previously, now it became visible and neck is being shown now. Then beautician came 
 front and started to cut her front loose hair. Then Sajeda was made to turn left side and beautician clippered her side burns and her ears became visible. She was turned to right side and her hair was shortened around ears.Her aunt came near the chair and said it keep this thickness and trim it at ends.

Sajeda did not see her face in the mirror till then. Now when she saw, she started touching her hair back and checked her length and shocked to see no hair at her neck. Meanwhile beautician trimmed her back

 hair and made it straight like boys back hair. Then she came front and started combing her hair front and cut the length and made some hair to be shown in the front. Then she was shortened at her ears both left and right.  Her aunt came near the chair and asked could you remove the hair on her face? Beautician said, shall i do threading?  No, can you shave her side burns and face. Sajeda said please leave me, i don’t like  shaving my face. Her aunt said, if you don’t like shaving your face, she will shave your  head. Sajeda said please shave my face. Then beautician took a razor and started shaving her side burns around her ears. She made Sajeda head to lie on the chair head and started shaving her face. Sajeda  felt the pain of razor on her dry skin. She was totally humiliated in the process. Then beautician applied powder on her visible neck and shaved face. Sajeda finally got down and felt her short hair with her hands.  Her aunt paid 1000 rs to beautician and Sajeda's visible neck with boy cut was seen by everyone on the way to home. She started to enjoy her short haircut finally after few days.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

College Girl Shivani Hair cut Story

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Shivani is a a young girl with long and thick hair. She loves it lot. She studied in a college at Goa and she stayed in hostel room.  Sometime she is combing her hair with two side plait, she likes very much this hairstyle. Her roommate is Sheela she had mid-back hair, both of them schoolmates, she like Shivani’s beautiful hair, she also tried to grown longhair, but she couldn’t. In her college Shivani is the only longhair girl, so everybody surprisingly watch her long hair. She never cut or trim her hair for the past 2 years. But everything change final year of her college.

Because she got bored with longhair, she want to change her hairstyle. She inform the same to Sheela, she got surprised her decision. She said why you want to cut your hair, Shivani said, because of my longhair I can’t concentrate on my studies, it’s taking everyday 1 hour to maintain, also I want to score high marks this. So that only I have decided to cut my hair. Also I have informed to my mother, she also accept my decision. Then Sheela said, Shivani  your hair is very thick and long, it’s difficult to maintain I understand, but for the past 4 years you are growing your hair, but within 10 minutes decision you will lose your 10 years asset. Also nobody in our college don’t have this kind of long and thick hair. You won a beauty queen award for past 3 years because of your longhair. Shivani said everything is correct, but compare to my studies my longhair is very small, once i finish my studies then I can grow my hair long and thick, that’s not a problem , but this week I need to cit off my hair. So I want you to come with me parlor for my haircut, because I don’t much experience in parlor, every month you are going to parlor so pls help me. Finally Sheela agreed.
Weekend came, Shivani  got ready for her haircut, so she called Sheela. Then both of them started to parlor. On the way Sheela said so Shivani finally you are going to cut your hair, so say bye to your longhair. She smiled and yes, what you said is correct. They reach the parlor, Sheela speak to the parlor lady for Shivani’s haircut. Parlour lady asking what type of haircut you want, Shivani said I need really short it’s boy cut or bob-cut whatever it is if you can suggest my hairstyle?. The parlor lady said don’t cut very short, but you can go with short bob, that will very much suit your face. Then Shivani accept and she sat in the chair, and finally she touch her hair and she her face in the mirror. By the time the parlor lady, cover her body with cloth and remove the rubber band with her hair, and combed out neatly. Then she took the scissor and cut her hair upto her shoulder, her long hair is cit down now..ahhhh, she now has only a short hair, then she cut properly all the side. Another 15 mins she combed her hair and cut little pieces, finally she finished her work. And mam finished, she look her face in to mirror, she got smiled and enjoy her new look. And she paid the amount 150 for hair cut.
Then she went to hostel room everybody shock her new look and asking about her new look. She said the same thing to everybody. Also she said, she will maintain her short  for the next 1 or 2 years. Everybody praise her bold decision

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Anitha's Bold New Look

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This is one our friend's real life experience. His name is Gaurav (name changed for story) he is working in a private company. In his dept.  5 male employees and 2 female employees working with him. 1 female is not married her name is Nisha, other one got married her name Anita. Anita is very good looking housewife. Also she had a long hair. She maintain her hair very well, she evenly trimmed her long hair. And her hair is upto her knee. Some time she comes in loose hair she looks awesome.

Every year all of them planning their annual leave 1 week to 15 days. Except Anita everybody decided their leaves, she will decide her leave later in the month, because her child's tonsure will happen at tirumala next month. So she is plan to take that time. Everybody accepted, and took their leave with in that month except Anita.

Next month Anita also apply her leave for 10 days, and Nisha asking about Anitha's leave plan, she said, she is leaving tonight tirumala and comeback by day after tomorrow. And then she will leave her mother's house at coimbatore. She will be there at 1 week. Also she said that this is the first headshave for her child so we are planning this grand function in tirumala. Nisha asking what do you for grand function? she replied, head tonsure for child, and ear piercing and some special pooja.

After a week, Nisha called Anitha for some official clarification, she picked up, and said Hi Nisha How are you?, she said I am fine, and how about you and how the function happened?, she said  I am fine, everything went well, I am very happy now, also I will surprise you guys next week. Nisha got confused what surprise, she said, I will not tell you in telephone, I will tell you directly. After that she asking about the clarifications and she cut the call.

1 week later, everybody came, but Anitha is not yet come, Nisha thought she will join only tomorrow. by the time Anita came with big surprise….

Yes, she shaven her long hair, and she comes up with a bald head. Everybody got shocked, and asking about the reason, Anitha smiled and said, it's my long time wish, I want to shave my head at tirumala but it's not happened, when my child's tonsure we are going to tirumala I said my wish to my hubby, initially he refused, however I convince my hubby and I tonsure my head. This is my 1st headshave after 20 years. So I really enjoy myself when I am going bald. Nisha asking you are not feel bad when you lose your long hair. she said, yes, obviously, actually when the barber tonsure my head I literally cried a lot. But after my tonsure I touch my bald head and smile. It's gives me more confident. Any way I decided to shave my head every year tirumala.

Everybody appreciated Anitha's decision.