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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Divya's Haircut

Hi guys. This is my 10th story. Hope you all enjoy reading all my haircut and hair job stories. Keep reading all my stories. This is the story about my aunt’s daughter’s haircut for the second time.   today am going to say how I cut the hair of the sister I have cut the hair on that story for the second time in her home. Enjoy this guy.

Her name is divya which I forgot to specify in that story. She had returned from abroad. My mom and me went to visit her and she said she have come for a week vacation and she will be alone in the home so she asked permission to leave me in her home till she return to abroad. She have returned from abroad after 4yrs. I was happy to see her and her structure. Now she had a perfect boobs hanging on the chest. I was feeling to press her breast badly and pinch her nipples nicely and wanted her to cry in pain. Once I saw her I remembered her haircut day alone. The hay I combed her hair did hair job, she sucked my **** and I cut all her hip length hair to shoulder length hair. I was very eager to look at her hair length now. But she have folded her hair and put a clip over it to the head itself so I couldn’t even guess the length of her hair. We all had our lunch together. Then mom said that sister want me to stay with her till she go to abroad and can I stay with her. I said I will the next second she stopped. Then mom left to our home by 3.40 p.m and she rang us saying she reached home safely and warned me saying should not trouble sister all and should adjust and should not get angry on her. I said ok for everything and hanged up.
It was evening 5 and she bought coffee for us and we both were talking for a while. I asked about aunt and she said she is happy in sisters home and I asked about her husband she said that he have go promotion to assistant manager in a hotel naming something she said but I don’t remember. I asked about her daughter and she said that she is doing well over there. And I asked about her profession and she said that its great but it’s a night duty for her. I forgot to say guys. She is working as a nurse. Till now I don’t know how to start about hair talks and she not removing her hairclip too. 
After finishing drinking the coffee she got the coffee mug from my hand and took it to wash. I just closed the main door and without knowing to her I followed her slowly. She entered the kitchen and started to wash the tumbler. I hugged her from back and holded her breast tightly and pressed her breast nicely. At once I caught her breast she dropped the mug in the basin and was enjoying what I was doing. Since I got green signal I was happy and was pressing her breast for some time and after sometime she just pushed my hand from her breast and smiled at me and again started to wash the mug. I was happy that she was ok with her breast got pressed by me. I just asked how her hair is. While asking I just went behind her and removed the hairclip of her. at once her hair rolled down and god it was kissing her butt. It was shinning in the tube light brightness.
She was stunned seeing her hair and she asked how it is? I said its awesome and inserted my finger inside her hair and spread her hair all over back and she was enjoying this. I was combing her hair with my fingers itself and she asked did I like it? I said yes I love and like your hair. She said “this hair is not mine” I was confused hearing that and asked what she was saying. She said “yes this hair I growed only for you” god hearing that I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips badly and she too responded back. I was biting her lips with mine. Then I pulled her tongue and I was sucking her tongue inside mine and we both enjoyed French kiss for a long time.
Then she said it’s enough and we both went to hall and she put her hair in huge bun and once she did I removed and she stared and sad ram keep quite. Then she came near me and I leaned on the wall and she came very close to me and said for my pleasure and to satisfy my fetish only she came to India itself. I was happy hearing this and my down was hard and she slowly caught my down and said “I want this pleasure from you. Will you **** me? I want you to **** me very badly. I want you to pour your ***** over me and make me fully wet.” I couldn’t control myself. I just want to take her to bed room and **** her badly but I asked what I will get in return? She said I will give what you want and she pulled all her hair front side and said this long hair in only for you. You can do whatever you want and if want you can cut it till my chin length. I was stunned hearing all her talks. I just caught all her hair and just kissed her lips badly and we were kissing for a long time.
Suddenly we heard a calling bell and she took the lips from mine and made her hair in a bun and went to look who it was. To our shock it was her husband’s sister and her kids. Divya’s hubby has sent her sister to spent time with divya. She said she will stay with her itself till she leave from here. We both were worried hearing this. Since we both know she spoke well to me. Seeing her bag’s we were clear that there was no chance of doing anything what we want. Days went on and she was sleeping with divya itself and I can’t even speak to divya itself she was always with her itself. It was 13th day for divya’s vacation and on 15th day morning for her flight by 2.30p.m. Still that lady was not leaving divya.
It was 14th day. Tomorrow she will be leaving back India I don’t know what to do itself. divya said that she having flight tomorrow by noon 2.30 for that that lady said that sending her to flight she will go to her home. I was fully disappointed. It was noon we all had our lunch and aunt was talking to neighbor out and I ran to kitchen. Divya was washing all the vessels and I hugged her from back and caught her breast firmly. She called my name. I asked what? She asked me to press her breast badly and pinch her nipples. For 2 minutes I got mad and she was moaning softly. When I heard that aunt coming I moved away leaving her and she too continued to wash the vessels. It was 3 that time that aunt got a call from her hubby that he is not feeling well and asked to come immediately so she said to divya that she is moving and said me to take care of divya. I smiled looking at divya and she too smiled looking at me. She moved with her kids by 3.30.
At once she moved we both got bonded each other and kissed badly. Divya asked can we go to bed room. I said sure. There we made love till 11.30p.m. I was all tired and divya was fully satisfied by me. We both were lying naked in bed and divya said she was happy this day and this sex are very much worth and she got all pleasure what she wants. I said but still am not satisfied. She smiled at me and went out and bought a comb and a scissors. I smiled at her and asked her to sit on the chair and then pulled her hair back. Then I kissed her top head and pressed her breast nicely. Then I inserted my hand inside her hair and touched her scalp and pulled her hair from her hair and she was enjoying that even though it was paining her.
I combed her hair with my fingers and she was totally aroused now. Her nipples were very erect and I could see her moaning. So I again left my hand inside her hair and was pulling her hair and slowly went near her neck and was licking her neck. She was fully aroused and she was rubbing her *****. I was pulling her hair badly and she was totally out of control. God she was moaning badly now and she said ‘ram please cut my hair fully now itself and drop it on my lap ram please soon cut my hair I don’t want my hair its all yours ram make it fall on the floor soon’. I said I want to *** on your hair. She smiled and turned and sucked my down in her mouth and gave a hand job. It was nice to see my big **** going fully inside her mouth and she sucking it badly. I was about to *** I just pulled it from her mouth and turned her and poured a load of *** on her hair and she turned and licked my **** to take the *** from the tip. Then I again turned and combed her hair with a comb and made my *** all over her hair. I combed her hair and the time was 12.45a.m. I said it’s enough to her. 
She asked what next plan is. I said hair wash. I smiled and hold her hand and took her to the bathroom and on the shower and us both got wet under the shower and made love for an hour under the shower. There I washed her hair thrice with shampoo. At last the water in the tank got over so we both came out wiping each other’s body and her hair was still dripping with water. I made her to sit on the chair and rubbed her hair with towel. Still her hair was wet. She was not having bangs. I went front side and took some hair and took the scissors and started to snip her hair to eyes length. Her eyes were seeing the hair being cut and her eyes were waiting to see her in short style. 
Divya asked that can she cut some of her hair. I said sure and gave her the scissors and pulled a big bunch of her hair and said her to cut how she likes. She combed that bunch of hair and started to snip from her chin and dropped on her lap. I couldn’t control myself. I went behind her and combed her long hair for some time and kept the scissor on her shoulder. Since we both were nude she could feel the chillness of the scissors in her shoulder. She said that ram I want my hair on my chin and not on my shoulders. I said we shall reduce again later and she smiled at me. I started to snip her hair from her shoulders and like rain little by little her long hair started to fall on the floor. I finished cutting half amount of her long hair and it was nice to see her hair now. 
One side was till her butt and the other side was till her shoulders only. Then I went front of her and rubbed my **** in her face and she slowly pulled it inside her mouth and was sucking my **** madly for 5 minutes and I said her am going to ***. She asked me to *** on her face and moved my **** inside her mouth very fastly. In fraction of seconds I cummed all my ***** on her face. All her face was covered with my *** and then I started to fall on her breast and I pressed it badly. She wiped all my face to her mouth and I was pinching her nipples. Due to my bites and pinches her breast was full of black blood clots and she was smiling seeing that. 
Then I went behind her and combed her hair nicely and pulled her hair front side and it covered one side of her breast. I started to snip her hair from shoulders. Now it was very nice to see her long hair falling on her lap itself. In few seconds her long hair was till her shoulders. Then I bought a mug of water and made her hair wet again by spraying water on her hair. Again combed her hair for some time and started to snip her hair again and now some 7 to 10 inches of her hair started to fall on her lap and at last I corrected her hair by neatly cutting it. The time was 3.20a.m. 
She hugged me seeing her hair on the floor and on her lap and seeing her new style in the mirror. Then I spread all her cut hair in the bed and asked to ly on that hair and we both again made love till 7 o clock. Then we both went to take bath and there again we made love for an hour and at last came out of bathroom by8.30 and then prepared our breakfast and had and by 10 we moved to airport and she promised that she will come back again growing her hair to get pleasure and she moved. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this incident... 

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