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Friday, 14 September 2018

ex-Hair model Sheena Part-I

It was late 11 O’ clock. Mr. Das was sitting in the chair behind his bed room, waiting anxiously for her wife. His 22 year old sister is in adjoining room, he knew it is the best time. He had planned for this for last couple of weeks, but today he knew he has to do it. He took out the pair of scissor and glanced at it. The door of the room suddenly opened, and entered Mrs. Das. She straight away went to the dressing, her long hair trailing behind her touching her waist. Sheena, as her hubby called her jerked her tresses and took out a comb from the drawer, ready to pamper her hair before going to bed, a habit which she retained from her job. Sheena separated her thick black hair in two parts bringing each part in front from two different sides. She checked the ends of her hair, trimmed a day ago the nearby parlor. She again checked the length and continued pampering it. The pampering would continue for about fifteen minutes which is very small if compared to her previous routine. Sheena  was a hair model, with hair up to her buttocks and sometimes touching her knee. She retired from the job after a month of marrying Mr. Das, a manager in a private shop during marriage and her classmate from school. It was well predicted that some day they would definitely knot ties and the day came when both of them were in pinnacle of the career. Sheena  left her job at the very first month on her wish, though never compelled by her husband or her in-law. She celebrated it by getting her knee length hair cut to a boyish style at the hands of Mr. Das.
The decision the cut the hair was sudden. They were in honeymoon, enjoying beautiful view of Kanchenjunga from balcony of their hotel in Darjeeling on a fine morning. Sheena  had sudden urge to do it and she gave a pair of scissor to Mr. Das, and turned her back towards him and pointed at the breast length. Mr. Das was taken aback, but he gently inserted the blades of the scissor in the mass and kaaaa….chchchch…….chchch, a long lock of her hair slides to the floor. Maya giggled at this, as Mr. Das continued cutting her hair, straight from left side to right, kaachch…chchchc…kachchch.chchch. He stopped only after a big mass of hair was collected in the floor. Sheena  immediately turned, chuckling, collected the mass and throw it in the air. Mr. Das was nervous. He then arranged a chair for Maya to sit. Mr. Das liked her in this hair, but he liked the cutting also. He then escorted her to bathroom with scissor in hand, and gently pulled the knot of her pajama, striping her of it, as she stood naked but covered by her Salwar. Mr. Das hand then moved to upper part, first pressing the hardened breasts and then removing her upper clothes too. The shower was switched on and they both shared a shower. After playing in shower for some time, Mr. Das took the scissor which he had bought and then turned Sheena  to opposite side. Sheena  curved her head forward, acknowledging the haircut. Mr. Das separated the wet strands with fingers, and then placed the scissors at the neck area slicing her hair in the bathroom. Sheena got Goosebumps as wet hair slide touching her bare body. Sheena’s hair was not looking something like bob, but he was not done yet. He kept on cutting at the back slicing and hacking, till he made the hair at backside little more than an inch. Mr. Das then left the bathroom, while Sheena started washing her hair to remove the chopped tresses. Mr. Das returned after a few minutes, with his safety razor. He switched off the shower, and pulled Sheena out of it. He then started ruining the razor at the back, removing the fuzzy hair. He cleaned his back, and reduced her hairline at the back. There excitement with hair came to end at afternoon after having a sissy sex. Mr. Das was missing something during the sex, but it was compensated with the feeling of her spiky hair.
Sheena  went to the parlor of the hotel that evening only, and got her hair cropped. She then started growing it but restricting it to waist length. They were having a good time in life till an accident in the shop where Mr. Das worked, a year ago. He was sacked and his career tainted leaving Mr. Das struggling for living, ending up in a low salary job in another company which gives the family barely something as savings.
Sheena stopped combing her hair, as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Mr. Das was standing behind her with a scissor in hand…

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