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Friday, 14 September 2018

ex-Hair model Sheena Part-II

Sheena turned around to find that Mr. Das is standing there with scissors in hand. Sheena smiled, and then adjusting her strap turned around lifting her hair toward Mr. Das. Mr. Das put away the mass and sighed. He said,
“Sheena, I am really going to give you a haircut”
“Yeah, I am waiting”
“Honey, am serious, this scissor is new and sharp”
The statement didn’t alert Sheena, but the voice did. Still now she was acting according to playoff every night, where she gets a role play haircut with a blunt scissors. Hair has a special role in both of theirs life. She replied,
“Ah! I told you, am not getting haircut. I am supporting with every possible way, I fail to understand why you are after my hair? We discussed this last week”
“Sheena, your hair has expenses you know that, it has to go”
“Oh! Why don’t you try to get a job, instead of dreaming about my hair? I have already reduced the amount of oil, conditioner, and shampoo”
“I am trying my best you know. Leave it. Who cares about savings?”
“You complain to me about hair cost, did you ever tell this to your sister? Huh? No, no because you love her, but not me. You bear her study cost, you bear her everything.  You want your wife hair buzzed. But don’t have guts to get your sister a haircut”
“Why are you dragging her to it? She gets scholarship and is not dependent on me”
“But, you take care of her; she doesn’t spend a single penny in this household…”
“It’s not possible, she is my little sister, I will take care of her. Infect she offered her portion in household which I refused, it’s not her fault. And regarding her hair, well she has her hair much shorter than yours, and I don’t think she uses so much hair product as you…”
“As I am an ex-model?”
“Huh, yeah because you were a model”
“Great! Anything else you have against me?”
“You are getting me wrong”
“I don’t care. You want my hair short. I will have it short only if Nita get a short haircut too”
Mr. Das didn’t reply for a few minutes, then he said, “okay Maya, be prepared, you are getting a very, very, very short haircut tomorrow morning and then left the room.
Mr. Das straightaway went to his 22 year old sister’s room.  Nita, academically talented has little interest of fashion and just keeps her hair in a simple style in simple length which is up to her mid back.
Mr. Das knocked at her room and gently entered it. Nita was studying then. He went near her and started hesitantly,
“Nita, ah I have to say…ah something…ah you will have to…ah…”
“Get a haircut?”
Mr. Das was surprised, he stammered, “yes”
“Yeah, I overheard the conversation between you and Sheena, sorry about that, but it is justified when you are talking about such a topic” Mr. Das was silent. Nita then brought her braid forward and then pointed towards the table near her bed and said, “I kept the scissor and comb there, let end this”
Then they set the study chair in the middle of the room. Nita sat on the chair with a big towel on her backside, which Mr. Das immediately removed. Mr. Das gentle pulled out the clip which held her braid and opened it, spreading her hair, reaching her breast length, with a little brownish tint. The hair is not of that quality as Sheena’s, it is thick but dry.
He started sprinkling water on her head, wetting her hair from scalp to ends. He then separated her hair in two parts with fingers and moved it to her front from two different sides. He started from left.
He picked up the left mass, clutched it at base and took scissor. He inserted it barely some inches above head, and kachchchch…chchch…chch, locks of her hair fell to floor through her sides. He did the same to right, snipping at the right. The hair spread in floor now gave an appearance as Nita had pigtails which were cut.
Mr. Das then took comb, and started combing her hair. The hair at front and back were long, but the hair at the top side, were too short, giving her appearance as if there are two bald patches on her head. After combing her hair and distributing it in all her sides, he bent her head forward, and started cutting her hair collecting with a comb. Hair rained at back, as her hair was cut in irregular length at back, from zero inches to one.
After that, he made a mark at length in side where the top of ear touches her head, and then went round, snipping hair below it. Hair fell to her lap when he was doing in front giving her a bang look, but the bang is too short.
Mr. Das then stopped, and went away. Meanwhile Nita started dusting the hairs from her cloth and face, but he returned with his safety razor. She didn’t say a thing but again sat on the chair. He then changed the blades at sprinkled water on her back and sides. He started with left sides, bending her head in opposite direction, placed the blades at part where her top of ear touch her head and pulled it, scratching the hair off. He ran it few more time. Then he moved to other side, did the same.
Now it was time for the back. He drenched it heavily, then kept the razor at top of her head, and ran it seven to eight times continuously. Nita moved in uneasiness due to scratching. Her head was completely white now. He then removed the hair in nape region making it complete clean.
Mr. Das then told Nita to get up, and helped her to dust herself. He then told her to have a shower, and started cleaning the mess.
Nita checked her new look in bathroom mirror. She couldn’t believe it is her. The hairstyle is making her look like she is employed in military. Tears came out as she thought about her hair, her pony which used to hang like that right from her primary school, but then she remembered the quarrel.
Mr. Das collected all the hair, and filled a plastic bag. It was only filled three fourth, but he knew the rest would be filled tomorrow morning only.
Next Morning
Sheena was shocked as the first view she got after opening her eyes is the shaved side of Nita’s head. She couldn’t recognize her for a few moments. She recognized her only when she said, “Brother is waiting for you at living room with scissor and comb…”

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