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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Anitha's Bold New Look

This is one our friend's real life experience. His name is Gaurav (name changed for story) he is working in a private company. In his dept.  5 male employees and 2 female employees working with him. 1 female is not married her name is Nisha, other one got married her name Anita. Anita is very good looking housewife. Also she had a long hair. She maintain her hair very well, she evenly trimmed her long hair. And her hair is upto her knee. Some time she comes in loose hair she looks awesome.

Every year all of them planning their annual leave 1 week to 15 days. Except Anita everybody decided their leaves, she will decide her leave later in the month, because her child's tonsure will happen at tirumala next month. So she is plan to take that time. Everybody accepted, and took their leave with in that month except Anita.

Next month Anita also apply her leave for 10 days, and Nisha asking about Anitha's leave plan, she said, she is leaving tonight tirumala and comeback by day after tomorrow. And then she will leave her mother's house at coimbatore. She will be there at 1 week. Also she said that this is the first headshave for her child so we are planning this grand function in tirumala. Nisha asking what do you for grand function? she replied, head tonsure for child, and ear piercing and some special pooja.

After a week, Nisha called Anitha for some official clarification, she picked up, and said Hi Nisha How are you?, she said I am fine, and how about you and how the function happened?, she said  I am fine, everything went well, I am very happy now, also I will surprise you guys next week. Nisha got confused what surprise, she said, I will not tell you in telephone, I will tell you directly. After that she asking about the clarifications and she cut the call.

1 week later, everybody came, but Anitha is not yet come, Nisha thought she will join only tomorrow. by the time Anita came with big surprise….

Yes, she shaven her long hair, and she comes up with a bald head. Everybody got shocked, and asking about the reason, Anitha smiled and said, it's my long time wish, I want to shave my head at tirumala but it's not happened, when my child's tonsure we are going to tirumala I said my wish to my hubby, initially he refused, however I convince my hubby and I tonsure my head. This is my 1st headshave after 20 years. So I really enjoy myself when I am going bald. Nisha asking you are not feel bad when you lose your long hair. she said, yes, obviously, actually when the barber tonsure my head I literally cried a lot. But after my tonsure I touch my bald head and smile. It's gives me more confident. Any way I decided to shave my head every year tirumala.

Everybody appreciated Anitha's decision.

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