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Friday, 10 April 2020

Haircut Survey

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Haircut Survey

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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Friend Mom Haircut Story

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Friend Mom Haircut Story
Mom mostly kept her hair in a short bob cut. But for last 1 year,she grew her hair and it was till waist. One day, mom said at morning that she will be going to parlour at afternoon for haircut. Deepika came at 3 and mom was going. Deepika asked her and when she heard that she was going to parlour, she said mom to wait and after study finishes, they will go together. After 1 and a half hours, they were ready to go. My sister went to play outside. I said that I will get bored alone so I will also join them. We reached to the parlour. All chairs were full. Beautician told us to wait. We waited in the waiting room. After some time, she called us and we went inside. Mom first sat in the chair. Stylist asked what to do. The regular cut you used to wear or a trim. Mom said short, like chin length . Stylist put on a cape on her and then opened her bun. After combing, she started chopping off hair from shoulder length. Then she divided hair in 3 sections and started cutting. After 5 minutes, her hair was in short chin length bob. Then she asked deepika to come. She said on the chair. Stylist opened her hair and it was very long. Longer than hip. She said only a trim. But stylist said that your hair is getting a bit damaged. I suggest to cut at least 7 inches. Mom said that you are keeping hair like this for a long  time. Now it's time to change. She hesitated a bit but then she agreed. Then stylist caped her and then sprayed her hair. She removed the tangles of her hair by combing for 10 minutes. Then she took scissor and then cut almost 5 inches. She combed again and cut 2 more inches. Her hair was in mid back now. She tried to get up but said that it doesn't match you. I told stylist to cut more short. Deppika again tried to get up but we made her sit. She started cutting hair up shoulders. Deepika was shocked and tears were getting down through her cheeks. Stylist then sprayed and combed hair again. She took a clipper and cutoff hairs and then shaved her nape by razor. Then she reduced length from front and then combed nicely. Her cut was done and she was looking great. She was a bit sad but then she liked it and started to continue this style. This was the first time I witnessed such a big haircut transformation. I was very happy.


Monday, 25 November 2019

Mom haircut by her Son

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This story was about a hairfetish son  rahul and her beautiful mom
Neha .

Rahul was a tall,handsome guy with gud personality.Neha was slim,beautiful
having big eyes but she was known for her thick,long,beautiful,silky,smooth,jet black hair till her knees. .His fetishness getting stronger day by day as he daily watches

his mom combing her beautiful long hair in front of him .Sound of combing made him excited those times.As day passes he planned travel  trip to shimla.They packed their  luggage. and started their journey to shimla. Neha  has made her hair in a bun which was getting looser and looser on every bump on the road.Suddenly again bump came and her bun opened and her hair opened in less than a
second.Rahul  couldnt control hinself and get off the car by taking
excuse to drink water.well by the night they reached hotel and rested
whole night.

Next day both were planned to go out and watch beautiful places of
shimla.Rahul  wore jeans,t-shirt and jacket and Neha wore jeans,top
and kardigen and kept her hair open.she is looking very hot and

sexy.Rahul  callled a taxi and both had gone for seeing beautiful
destinations.The day passed,it was around 7  pm and dark.suddenly
their taxi broke down.they waited for the driver to make it work.the
driver tried his best but he couldnt do he said to Rahul  that
he had to go to hotel by walking with his mom.Rahul got angry but
Neha kept him calm..both were started to walk towards the hotel..

They have gone just around 100 meters. suddenly from behind someone
attacked them.They both got unconscious.When they got their
consciousness,they found themselves in some old house.both were tied
with chairs and their face was infront of each other and a tv screen
was before them.Neha  was shocked that what was happening…then their
some person appeared on screen hiding her face..he said “welcome Neha
and Rahul both were thinking that what is happening..let me tell
you,as you put first foot on shimla you got our attention due to your
long lustrous hair…i belong to a group of hairtraders who sell now you have to forget your long locks since you are goin to

loose very soon none other than by your son ….yes Neha  you will
get haircut by your son,he repeated…if you denied then you will
watch your son  die as we cant afford to lose such lustrous long
locks…now Rahul,all material related with hairdressing and cutting
just behind you.after 10 min you both would be made free to start the
process…i will come back again as you finished haircutting…till
njoy and give your mom as short hair as possible since if you hadnt
done so then you will watch Neha  die….bbye”.

After that both were free as the person said.Rahul was so happy
internally that finally she is getting chance to fulfill her
fetishness..while Neha was in the sea of tears….Rahul  watched at
back side..he found a haircutting chair as in salon,a white large
cape,shampooo,sink for shampooing hair,conditioner,blow dryer and a
box which contains various scissors and combs….Neha couldnt think
what to do ….then again person appears on the screen…he said
“Rahul,you have to cut your mom hair as it was being cut in the video
which was goin to play as i gone and Neha ,dont try to be smart and
unsupportive as your son  life depends on you….so Rahul watch
the video…the person was gone and then the video started to
play…in the video some indian barber first shampoo the hair then
blowdry and then cutting the hair..his speed and collaboration with
scissor and comb was incredible….Rahul controllled himself
anyhow…video stopped and now it was Rahul turn….he asked Neha  to
sit on the chair..Neha  sat on the chair…Rahul take all her hair in
both hands and put in sink..then he put water and shampoo on her hair
and gently massaged her hair…Neha  was feeling so relaxed that she
forget about losing her hair…after massage Rahul washed her hair
thouroughly and put hair into towel after washing…he gently dried
her hair and then started blow drying…he did it for around half an
hour….now Neha  hair was so smooth and silky that he can hear the
sound of waving hair….Rahul was becoming so excited….now he asked
Neha  to sit on the chair…Neha  who was denying before to cut hair
now started to njoying it….Rahul put cape around her and gently
combed her hair thoroughly around 5 times….then he did extreme left
partition of Neha’s hair…Neha  hair was so smooth so that they
couldnt carried in comb…so Rahul  gathered all her hair between
fingers and move the scissor….scruuuuuch scruuuuch
scrruuuuuch…whole room was filled with this sound and pile of Neha
hair  were on floor…then Rahul did extreme right side partition and
again hacks off her hair….now Neha  hair which was flowing like air

some time before now reduced to bob style…after such big mass
cutting of hair Rahul started to cut her hair with scissor over comb
method as shown in video….he definitely dont want to miss this
chance…he just left some half inch hair on top of Neha  head….he
then used clipper to shape Neha ’s nape in v shape…he then remove
the cape and hugged Nehal so deliberately that she forgot all this
mess…there were huge masses of hair on floor….after cutting, Neha
and Rahul were again sat on chair and person again apppeared on tv and
praised Rahul and Neha  for their contribution…he said that whatever
amount he get by selling Neha  hair,he will give twenty percent to
Neha and Rahul…after that he gone and Neha and Rahul were made
free…they saw a taxi with all their luggage…they sat in the taxi and
returned to their home….Rahul was still enjoying the moments of
cutting Neha ’s hair while Neha  was thinking what would she say to
family members about losing her hair…….

They reached home ….alll family members were shocked to see Neha
cropped hair…Rahul said that her hair got stuck in a lift in
hotel….so cutting her hair was the only way….his family started
consoling Neha on her loss and Neha was thanking Rahul to save her

Time passed,….Rahul got some thousand amount submitted in his bank
account and also the phone calll from that person that he has
fulfilled his promise….while Neha  got a envelope having a
c.d….when she put the c.d and put the earphone,she was shocked to
hear that her son Rahul  was making the plan of cutting her hair
with someone and all that kidnapping,transfer of amount was his
plan…she got real angry and shouted on Rahul….Rahul made her calm
and told her about his hairfetishness….Neha  got calm after hearing
his fetishness and both were lived happily thereafter as Neha  grow
her hair long again and now she gave chances to Rahul to play with her
hair and do the trimming too……..

Thursday, 21 November 2019

My Maid Haircut and Headshave

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My Maid Headshave

My mom went to my native house & I was all alone for 20 days.

      Sajeda  our house maid was there to take care of me, she cleaned our house, cooked the meals did my laundry and all other daily stuff. Sajeda  is in her early thirties dark sexy & tall around 5-8" with jet black hair which seemed to be quiet long, but I could never guess the length because she always oiled her hair well and but them in a bun, I always dreamt about having sex with her and as I am a hair fetish shaving her head and I thought this was the right time to play the cards.


One night when I came back from office Sajeda was cooking dinner for me, I silently came behind her and hugged her from behind she was surprised with this behaviour of mine, she asked me what was I up to I told her that I always admired her beauty but was now in love with her as she took so good care of me in absence of my mom.

      That night we had dinner together and after that she was about to leave, I offered her to stay with me and sleep in my bedroom. She was afraid what would happen if my mom comes to know about this but I convinced her nothing will go wrong.

      I took her to my bedroom we had some chat when she told me about her problems in life & started crying. I told her to relax and take hot water shower, she went to the bathroom I followed her and started to remove her clothes one by one damn she was sexy and had a great figure, I opened her bun and was surprised to see that her hair reached her knees by the time even she was getting hot she removed my clothes and we had shower enjoying each other’s hot body, I shaved her armpits & her pussy with my straight razor &washed her hair with an imported shampoo of great fragrance.

      We finished off with our bath and came to bed she was great on bed she started to suck my huge cock she licked it like a lollypop then she told me  to lick her pussy which was now clean shaved I took her on top of me & we had 69 oral sex she got  the organism & I exploded in her mouth which she sucked without wasting a single drop. She told it was her first sex after her husband died in an accident 5 years back & she was willing to do anything for me.

      I thought that it was the right time to tell her about my fetish & told her that I would be obliged only if she would let me shave her head & have sex with me, I even offered her some money so that she could send it to her village, she agreed and now the night was mine. I told her to sit on the dressing chair, she told me to massage her hair before shaving it, I massaged her hair with oil for some time then took her for hair wash.

      After washing her hair I asked her how she wanted to shave, directly or in stages she left it on me.I decided to shave her in stages first I combed her hair and then took scissors and cut her hair till waist length she was breathless as she had never had a haircut before, then cut her hair to mid back with some layers she was getting horny she got down from the chair and started sucking my cock getting on her knees,  she told me to shave her hair while she was sucking me, she wanted to feel the razor play on her head, I removed my razor and placed it on her forehead & started shaving her head she was moaning, I told her to sit back on chair as she would get hurt by razor.

      I then put some water on her head and massaged for a while & again started to shave I combed her hair in front & shaved from middle of her hair to her forehead long hair falling on her naked body front was done then I shaved  her sides and back , she was totally bald but was not done yet.I took some shaving gel an applied on her head and again shaved her head in opposite direction leaving it smooooooooth .She took me to bed and played  with my penis making me hard I put it in her and gave her the best pleasure of her life we had sex till early morning.

      This was my best of life experience.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Mom's first short haircut

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It is the story of my mom's first short haircut of which she had never thought. I am 16 years old and my mother's name is Sunita and she is a 42 years old beautiful, modern woman who loves her long hair a lot and loves do some small changes in her hairstyle like coloring them brown from red and trying curls and wearing short dresses. Her long hairs were about 5 inches more than mid back length,her hairs were very smooth, and attractive. I always wanted to see her in a short hair cut like bob.Some of our relatives and her friends were jealous of her hairs. One day she helded a small kitty party at her home which was one month before her friend Sakshi's birthday party and 4 other friends of my mother were also there in the kitty party and before ending the kitty party they played a game of chits which was related to the Sakshi's bday parties wardrobe 1 she maded 5 chits in 4 chits western dress was written and in last indian traditional dress was written after tossing mom picked out the first chit, in which Indian traditional dress was written so have to wear an Indian dress in the party. 2 then round was of type of clotting in which 2 chits were written simple and 3 were written completely modern and mom got the completely modern. And in last it was said by Sakshi that everything should be done according to this and change should be maded. When mom asked them what she would wear they all answered the same "a complete backless blouse on net saree with low waist. My mother said no for it but after their requests mom agreed. And finally Sakshi's bday came. Mom was ready with everything specially her completely backless saree in which she was not going to wear even bra and about her full body would be visible in that except her sexy legs. And from here the twist came. The only thing which was left was a haircut. In afternoon she went to the salon and came with a beautiful haircut at that time she was wearing a tight jeans with a t-shirt and she was looking like a young college girl. This time hairs were about 3 inches more than mid back length and her were in a u shape it was a layered haircut with side bangs After some time she sat in front of her dressing table on a stool and started seeing her hairs where she found that hairs below her left ear were not cutted properly in the shape so she took a scissors in order to correct her hairs but when she was going to cut her hairs when my younger brother who was 4 years old arrived and gave a tight hug to mom with huge jurk to her and by mistake she cutted her long  hairs from above the neck after it her neck behind got visible and a small mistake turned in to a huge problem. She frequently rushed the the salon to fix the problem. Mom said to the stylist "Please cut them as long as possible" . He answered "that no long haircut could be done now". Mom's eye were full tears then she said "that cut them into a short Bob. Then he said there only one way either she go for boy cut or a pixie cut and no Bob haircut is possible then mom ordered him to cut her hairs into a volumous long pixie cut. When she arrived home only 2 hours were left from the party.She was looking really nice and attractive in that new haircut. She was confused about the next step because she had promised Sakshi and if she wear the saree her whole bady shoulders, complete back as her blouse would be tied only on two threads and stomach would be visible to everyone and now she doesn't have long hair to caver her body. She cried very much for a hour. But after all she wore that saree in which her complete upper body was visible. When she entered the party she became attraction to every eye to all men and women her friends who were jealous laughed at her but Sakshi was completely shocked to see mom's haircut because she was also wearing a completely backless net saree with no bra inside the blouse to accompany mom. But when mom told her the whole story she tied all her hairs on her head to accompany mom. After some time they both enjoyed a lot in the party where a men who drunked touched mom from her back and she she looks sexy in front everyone, mom gave tight slap to him and he was beaten by every one in the party for this action at last when mom arrived back to home and she was very happy with Sakshi's behavior but sad of that compliment and touch from that man. After it it took more than 1 year  for mom to grow back her favourate length. To be continued for the next parts of mom's short haircut.

Credit- Arun Kumar

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Haircut By Mom's Mistake

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My mom cuts my siblings and my hair. Well, with five kids it’s a huge money saver. I was second oldest and the only daughter. She used to give buzz cuts to my brothers and my dad. It was quick easy. Then she’d give me a one length cut and let me grow mine as long as I wanted. But going into high school she got lazy (or just overwhelmed with having seven people in the house) and she let my brothers grow it out over the school year and then she’d shave their heads completely for the hot summer months.

I was eighteen and had just graduated high school about to start college the day came for her to cut every ones hair. My brothers had accumulated a good seven inches of growth after going a year without haircuts, and mine was down to my shoulder blades. She called us all into the kitchen and began the cutting.

My youngest brother, Dave, went first. The unguarded clipper left a huge pale white streak of scalp where once his dark brown hair had been. And pass after pass removed the hair from his head. I always had liked watching this. I never understood why.

My brother Scott was next followed by my oldest brother, Will. About half way through Will’s hair cut the phone rang and my mom answered. It was her sister, and she kept on talking as she cut all of my brother’s hair off. My other brother Dan, who was closet to my age and the only other sibling that shared our dad’s blonde hair said he had to go to the bathroom. He left and my mom finished with Will.

She was still on the phone when I sat down in the chair, and she put the towel around my neck. Then a heard a pop sound and a buzzing noise, but before I could turn around to see what was happening my mom had pushed the clippers down the middle of my head! I jumped out of the chair screaming and my mom jumped realizing her mistake and yelled the only obscenity I had ever heard her say and she hung up the phone.

“What the hell?!” I yelled.

“Oh my God, Katie. I’m so sorry I thought you were your brother! I was on the phone. I was distracted I’m so sorry.”

By now I was crying. A huge chunk of my hair lay on the ground and a strip of hair was missing from the top of my head. I ran into my room, locked the door and continued to cry. After about an hour I worked up the courage to look in the mirror. It was not a pretty sight. There would be no hiding this. I would have to shave all of my hair off. So, I went back into the kitchen where every thing had been cleaned up and my mother sat alone at the table.

“I’m so sorry Katie.” She said.

“I know mom, everyone makes mistakes. And now I need you to fix it. You have to shave off the rest.”

“Are you sure,” she asked “maybe you can hide it?”

“Nope,” I said “it’s too far gone.”

So I sat back in the chair and my mom plugged in the clippers and flipped them on. The pop sound wasn’t startling at all this time. They got louder as my mom put them at my hair line and brought them backward. Fourteen inches of my beautiful blond hair slid down onto the floor. Then again and again. Then she shaved the back of my head leaving me completely bald. I had come to terms with it after she had finished and I made her promise that she would never do this to me again.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Haircut Due to Company Policy

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Few people tend to tend to pay attention to the things they sign when they enter a new work assignment. Most are thrilled to be beginning a new job and anxious to get to work. Meena  shoved a stack of documents to Rina , and quickly described them. Rina  began skimming through and signing them one by one. The final page was to agree to follow the company policies that were outlined in the employee handbook. Rina  pushed back her long blonde hair as she quickly signed the document acknowledging receipt and understanding of the rules in the company handbook. She was happy to have been called back to this company to back to one of the best paying companies in the area. Manufacturing jobs were hard to come by, and it paid twice as much as the waitressing jobs she had worked in the past. Rina was put in a rigorous training program to learn how to operate the machinery that would be daily responsibility. Rina  was then paired with experienced operator, and she quickly had learned to operate the equipment in the factory.

Rahul was one of the supervisors and had worked closely with Human Resources while they were developing the latest revision of the employee handbook. It was his suggested that another sentence was added to the personal appearance section of the book. Since there were many rapidly moving parts on the machines, and many of the employees in the manufacturing department were woman, and, it was logical that hair should be no longer than shoulder length or pulled up while in the manufacturing department. This area was often overlooked, and many of the women with longer hair either left it down or wore a long braid while doing their daily assignments.

Safety has always been a priority in the facility, but recently there had been many close calls that could have lead to serious accidents and personal injury. Management decided that something must be done to
increase awareness of safety. This was just the opportunity that Rahul had been looking for. He had the perfect plan to bring awareness to safety as management directed, and to fulfill his dreams at the same time. Rahul  had long been obsessed with thoughts of haircutting and head shaving. He was thrilled when he discovered the Internet and found that there were others that shared his interest, and even videos
catering to that very thing. He couldn’t wait to find the next worker who forgot to put their hair up.

Anjali was running late, and threw her wavy dark hair back in a loose ponytail as she walked to her car that morning. Traffic was worse than normal on the way to work, and she thought what else could go wrong. She barely made it inside the building and to the time clock when the whistle blew. ” Wow, I made it”, she thought to herself as she began her workday. Ted was making his rounds, and as a he approached Anjali’s station he saw her hair falling to the center of her back. “Today is the day”, Ted thought and he could barely contain his excitement. “Anjali, I will need to see you in the Office at 10 o’clock” Anjali mind quickly began questioning what this could be about.

Rahul quickly walked back to his office and phone HR to arrange to have a second person present when Anjali arrived in the Office. Anjali arrived in Rahul’s office and Meena from HR was already there. “Rahul, what’s the
problem?” Anjali asked. “You were given a copy of the employee handbook and agreed to follow the rules contained therein.” Rahul began explaining the new safety initiative, and Anjali was unfortunately the
first one to be affected by it. Meena has your file here that contains your signed acknowledgement of receipt and understanding. “Let me point out section
8.2.14 to you.”

8.2.14 – Hair shall not be fall below the shoulders while in the manufacturing areas. Violations of this section will be punished as deemed appropriate by the area manager.

This section exists to insure the safety of our employees, and you have violated it. Anjali said, “I’m sorry, I was running late today, it won’t happen again.” “You are absolutely right about that Anjali. In order to provide a clear message that safety is paramount, we have to be harsh with this punishment. You have two choices. The first is that you are immediately relieved of your position for violation of company policy.” Anjali  couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “The second choice is that you will allow us to cut your hair while we make a safety video that all employees will be required to view. You have to the end of the day to make your decision.” Anjali quickly knew that she had no option. She could not afford to give up her job, and after all it was only a haircut. She agreed and then put her hair up in a bun as she walked back to her station. Rahul said we will arrange the time and location before the end of the day, so plan on staying late tonight.

Rahul was excited that Anjali agreed, and Rahul and Meena how to proceed with the video, and agreed that they really need a second participant to make an effective video. Meena said, “I know the perfect person to
complete our video.” Meena’s own hair was thin and fine, so she always wore a short-cropped haircut. She had never been able to grow her own hair long, so Meena had been envious of Rina’s long thick hair since the day she met Rina to process the new employee paperwork. When Meena mentioned Rina’s name, Rahul knew exactly who she was. The shimmering gold hair that Rina frequently left down fascinated Rahul. He knew she would be easy to trap into cooperating with the video shoot. Rahul quickly walked out of his office to the manufacturing floor and toward Rina’s machine. Sure enough, today Rina’s hair was French-braided and hanging down her back. “Rina, I need to see you in the office, Manoj will cover your machine.” Rahul escorted Rina back to his office. “Rina, wait here while ask Meena to join us. Meena was waiting in her office when Rahul came in and said, ” I knew this would be easy, she is waiting in my office now.” When they reached Rahul’s office, they closed the door behind them. “Rina, do you know why you are here?” Rina’s mind had been racing trying to figure out that exact question while Rahul had been gone. “No Rahul, I really have on idea.” “I am sure you have heard that there have been several close calls here lately, and employees attention to safety has become very laxed. We have rules here that are meant to protect our employees from injury, as well as the company from incurring liability. You have routinely violated a very serious one.” With this he pointed out section 8.2.14 to Rina. You have violated this rule several times since you have begun working here. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that it was an issue”, she said, as no one had mentioned her hair before, and she routinely left it hanging down. “It is a very important rule, as there are many place where long hair can be caught in moving equipment which could then pull the careless individual into the machine.” With the recent close calls we have experience, we have no choice but to begin enforce this rule vigorously. You are unfortunately one of the first people to be affected by this new directive. As you can see from section 8.2.14, the punishment is at the discretion of the area manager, and unfortunately in this situation it must be severe to provide the proper message to the other employees. Rahul continued to offer Rina the same options as he had previously laid out to Anjali. “You have two choices. The first is that you are immediately relieved of your position for violation of company policy. The second choice is that you help us produce a safety video that all employees will be required to view which will demonstrate the proper respect for safety rules.” Cathy thought, wow, there is no question, why would I give up this job when all I have to do is a little acting in a cheesy safety video. OK, Rina quickly agreed. Rahul continued, “Since your violation involved the improper restraint of hair that is longer than shoulder length, we must make an example of you. Your long blonde hair will be cut off as part of the video.” Rina pleaded that she would never let her hair at work again. Rahul agreed, that is true, you will never let your hair hang below your shoulders here again, you will either have it cut for the filming of the safety video, or you will not be returning to work here again, it’s that simple. Rina loved her hair, but knew she would have to let it go, this job was just too important. Reluctantly, she agreed, and Rahul instructed here to return here at the end of your shift.

USE YOUR HEAD, DON’T LOSE IT appeared at the opening of the video. The title screen fades away to a manufacturing floor where two women are shown operating their stations. The young blonde drops one her tools, and bends over to retrieve it, as her blond braid swings over her shoulder and gets caught in the machine. The next operator down see this as it happens, and quickly rushes to stop the moving equipment before the blonde get pulled further into the machine. The blonde’s hair has been pulled very tight, and the blond struggles to maintain her balance in the awkward position she is confined to. Help arrives, but there is no way to extract her from the machine. We won’t be able to remove your hair from the machine with you standing there she is told. There is no choice but to cut her free from the machine. Her thick blonde braid is cut at the base of her neck, and she is relieved to be free from the captivity of the machine. The scene cuts to her looking in the mirror and she can’t believe she was so stupid as to have her hair hanging loose around the moving equipment. She is trying to make the rough cut look better by trimming the uneven cut into a very short bob about chin length. The back is angled up because of the rough cut from the machine. A coworker comes in to talk to her, and the blonde describes the terror she experience while being pulled by the machine. The blonde suggests the coworker get her hair cut off to be safe while at work. The brunette looks at here hair in the mirror and says, you know I have been thinking about going shorter, you are absolutely right, if I cut my hair, I won’t take the chance that I will get it cut off and look as bad as yours is. As soon as she said that, the blonde says I can help you do it right now, and promptly cuts a long section wavy brown hair. There, now sit down on the bench and I can fix it. The camera pans to the floor and we see lock after lock falling down to the floor. Soon the camera returns to the coworker, who now has a very short pixie style cut that shows her perfectly shaped ears. The picture fades to the closing screen showing the words: DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD, LOSE YOUR HAIR.

Rahul thought this was actually going to work great. I have gotten to cut he hair of two beautiful women during the filming of the raw footage. He was the hands of the maintenance man who cut Rina’s braid free from the machine in the first scene, and after Rina made the first cut on Anjali, he was the one doing the cutting and dropping of the hair in the second scene. Now, he not only had the experience of the haircuts, but he had the raw footage of all the cameras to relive the event any time he wanted. He also had the braid of Rina’s thick blonde hair, and all of the cuttings from Anjali once gorgeous mane. The next part of his plan would be almost as good.

The new safety video was rolled out and shown to all employees. Most had already seen Rina and Anjali’s new looks, but neither would elaborate to why they decide to cut there hair, so as they watched the video, they were surprised to see the stars getting there new looks. As the video concluded, Ted explained company’s position on safety and the new enforcement of section 8.2.14. He went on say that the company was committed to it’s employee safety as well as philanthropy. He went on say that company will be bringing in a hairstylist who will cut your hair for free if you decide you don’t want the hassle of securing it every workday. Your hair, and a monetary donation in your name, will be made by the company to Hair for Hope. Ted couldn’t wait to see the number of participants to sign up for the charity event, and was ready to break out the cameras again to capture the removal of all that hair.