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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Ranjani long haircut story

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Ranjani long haircut story
Ranjani have long and straight hair, it’s up to her thigh. But she will cut her hair short today. She is not interested to cut her hair. But her situation she need to cut short, she don’t have any option. And she is waiting in the parlor for her haircut. And she is keeping on touch her long hair with nervous mind. Her friend mithra is sitting along with her and she is convincing Ranjani, but she cried all the way. Other girls also watch her tearful eyes and longhair.

Roopa is staying in hostel and she is working in pvt company. She is having gorgeous curly hair. She asks her roommate to cut her long hair upto her neck. Her roommate Banu shocked her decision, and she is asking the reason for her haircut. But she is not said anything, she said pls cut my hair, I will said the reason after sometime. Banu got confused her decision. So she asks once again to Roopa, is you kidding or really want to cut your hair? Roopa said really I want to cut my hair, so pls  cut my hair upto my neck, and she gave the scissor. She sat infront of the mirror. Banu confused and get the scissor from Roopa, and she comb Roopa’s hair properly, then she put the scissor in her neck and she starts cut her long hair. By the time Roopa starts crying. But her long hair is gone. She is now bob haircut.
Beautician called Ranjani for haircut, both of them went inside the room, and Ranjani sit the chair, her friend mithra inform to the beautician for her haircut. Beautician asks what kind of haircut she needs, her friend mithra said boycut. Then the beautician cover her body with white cloth, and she pour water in her long hair. Then she comb her long hair properly. She took the scissor and starts cutting Gomath’s hair. Her long hair is gone she is in bob haircut. Then she put machine cut in her head, cut it short. All of her hair is gone within 5 mins. She is in boycut. Ranjani watch her new look and cried again. Then both of them leave the place. Ranjani’s friend mithra is asking why you cut your hair short? What is the reason behind it.
Ranjani telling her haircut reason to her friend mithra. Ranjani and Roopa are working in same company they are in the same department. In their department other 3 girls are their, they put bet with Ranjani and Roopa, the bet is if Ranjani got promotion they will cut their hair short, if in their group if anybody got promotion Ranjani need to cut her hair short crop and Roopa need to cut her hair bob style. All of them agreed this bet, because Ranjani is the top performer so she thought she will surely get the promotion, but due to some problem Ranjani is not get the promotion. The other girl got the promotion. So that both of them done their haircut.
Next day Ranjani and Roopa reached their office with new look, the other girls are laughing and ragging both. They are not cried by the time, both of them smiled and said, we are now got new life because of your team, otherwise we both maintains longhair. But after our haircut only we realize our beauty. So thanks for your bet. All of them shocked and they don’t have any words.  After this incident, Ranjani and Roopa cut their hair frequently. They maintain boy and bobcut.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Revathi's Transformation Part2

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Revathi slowly started becoming more Confident after coming back, before she used to be shy now she
was more confident. She also started to enjoy her new haircut. She was spending less time on
maintaining her hair. She changed her DP on all social media with her new haircut and got lots of
compliments. The only thing which was troubling her was Mahesh was constantly trying to contact her
Through Calls and Whatsapp. When she changed her DP also he messaged her saying "how cute you
look now".She got annoyed and blocked him.
One day she meets Lata and was casually talking to her. Then she Told Lata"Hey now I am in short hair
but you are in medium length ".Even Lata got surprised. Lata again told, "Sorry ma Revathi, I am the
reason that you and Mahesh went on date and all this happened".Revathi said, "its ok not your
fault".Then Revathi told Lata "Once Mahesh told me that in college He used to like you because you had
boycut".Lata was shocked to know to hear this and told: "Revathi due to me only this happened so I will
also cut my hair".Revathi said "Hey nothing like that I am not blaming you" but still Lata did not listen.
The next day Lata went to the parlor and told Beautician she wants Pixie cut. Then Beautician slowly
started combing her hair and began wetting her hair. Then she put a towel around her neck and covered
her nape with a cloth. She then cut her hair length from Lata's ear. The cutting started Snip Snip Snip
and her length became till her ears and rest of the hair were in the beautician's hand. She showed the
hair to lata who was excited and so beautician continued to cut. Now she was cutting near Lata's head
and then trimming. Finally, Lata had a Pixie cut and was looking very smart.
The first thing after having Haircut was to go meet her boyfriend Rohit. She had told him there is going
to be surprise when she meets him today. Rohit could not believe it when he saw Lata in a pixie cut. Lata
was little tensed but Rohit told her she is looking very beautiful, only then Lata felt relieved.
After that, she meets Revathi who also surprised to see Lata. Lata told Revathi "Now I am feeling happy
and even Rohit likes my new haircut". Then Lata changed her DP on social media and got compliments
for her new look. Now even Mahesh was friends with Lata on Facebook and Instagram and he also saw
Lata's new look and remembered her look from college days but he did not comment or like the photos
since he thought Lata also might block him like Revathi. He Thought somehow he should contact Lata
and then through her Revathi.
Meanwhile, Revathi started liking her new look so one day she only went to the parlor and got her hair
trimmed for Bob cut. She now didn't like to grow her hair. When she came home her parents saw her
and asked where she had gone. She confidently replied that she had gone for a haircut. She told them
now she likes short hair only. Her parents were bit shocked and upset since she might not get good boys
for marriage but Revathi was not listening. She was keeping her short only. Some marriage Proposals
came but when they saw Revathi in short hair they were shocked and went away, So Revathi told her
parents that while showing photos only show my short haircut photo. Her parents agreed but then
proposals only stopped coming.
One day Mahesh meet Lata outside her PG and asked her to help him. Lata was angry "I only made you
both people meet and what you did to Revathi".Again Mahesh was sorry. Then Lata asked "What man
You have hair fetish eh? Now I have a pixie cut so you will again like me ?" Mahesh told, "Yes Lata I like

short hair woman but now I only Love Revathi".Somehow after some time, Lata felt like helping Mahesh.
Later she spoke to Revathi and told about Mahesh. Lata Said "I know ma, last time I only arranged for
you and Mahesh and then that thing happened, but again will you give Mahesh chance "
Revathi thought for some time and said ok. Later Mahesh and Revathi meet and Mahesh told Revathi
sorry but you look cute in short hair. Revathi felt nice when she heard that. Then slowly again they
started going out together. However, Revathi's parents were worried about her marriage so Revathi
finally had to tell them about Mahesh. Initially, they were upset but later they agreed. The only thing
they told was during marriage Revathi should be in long hair else their relatives will not like it. So they
decided that they will wait till Revathi's hair becomes long. So again Revathi started growing her hair.
Then after a few months, they fixed the date for the wedding. Revathi was in long hair, it was neatly
plaited and jasmine flowers on her hair, she was wearing silk saree. Then she and Mahesh got married.
Lata also came to the wedding. Now Lata was in a bob cut. She told that even She and Rohit will get
married soon. After the wedding, Revathi and Mahesh went on Honeymoon and came back.
One day when Revathi was in her new house with Mahesh, Then Mahesh told "Revathi today Amma told
me something"Revathi asked "What Auntyji said" Mahesh told, " As per our family traditions within the
first year of our marriage we both must go to Tirupathi and get our head tonsure ".Revathi was
surprised but she agreed. Mahesh asked, "Darling after tonsure also will you remain in short hair only ?"
Revathi replied "Yes Dear I had started to enjoy short hair only. Due to marriage, I grew my hair".Both of
them were happy.
Next week both of them went to Tirupathi and booked lodge. Then in the morning, Revathi took a head
bath and her hair was wet. She slowly dried her hair with a towel. Both Mahesh and Revathi smiled and
got ready. They bought tickets. First Mahesh sat in front of barber and bend his head down and his
headshave began. After some time Mahesh got up with full head bald and both of them smiled at each
other. Now Revathi sat down, He made her hair wet. Now slowly barber removed her and plaits and tied
her hair into two plaits. He asked her to bend down. Then suddenly she felt a strange sensation of her
head. The head-shaving had begun. Her hair started falling on her lap. Then after some time, she could
feel the cool air on her head as her center part of the head was now bald. Now she looked like sheep
with both side plaits but center bald. Next Barber asked her to move her head to left she moved it and
then from there also she could feel her hair being shaved and large hair fell on the ground. Then Barber
asked her to move her head to the right and she moved it and then from there also she could feel her
hair being shaved and then the hair fell. Then again barber made her bend straight and shaved the small
remaining part of her head. Then she got up and touched her head. It was fully bald. She looked at
Mahesh and both smiled. In her mobile, she saw herself bald
Then they had darshan of the god and then went back home. Then everyone was shocked in Revathi
office to see her bald but she never covered her head. Even she meets her parents and Lata also. Later
slowly her hair grew. Then she was in boycut, After that she maintained that style only. Both Mahesh
and Revathi were happy.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Revathi's Transformation Part 1

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There were two friends Revathi and Lata. Both of them from college days were friends and now had got
a job in different companies but still, they were good friends. However both of them ad different
attitudes towards life, Revathi was always very traditional since she always lived with her parents but
lata was very modern, even in college she lived in a hostel and now she was living in PG. Both of them
dressed differently also. Revathi was always dressing in a traditional dress like saree and salwar but lata
used to like jeans, tops, skirts, etc. Revathi always had long hair and put flowers but lata sometimes had
boy cut but recently she had grown to medium length hair.
Lata used to enjoy life like going to movies and parties, she had no restrictions and could reach her PG
by 10 PM, however, it was different for Revathi.Se had to keep updating her parents on where she was,
what she was doing, and what time she was going to come home. Revathi would sometimes feel jealous
looking at Lata.
Lata had a boyfriend whose name was Rohit and both used to like each other lot. Rohit always took lata
out for dinner and movies. There was another guy from college who used to like Lata but lata just
considered him as a good friend. His name was Mahesh. Even Revathi knew him.
One day Revathi told Lata"You are very lucky ma, you have nice BF. You can enjoy life ".Lata understood
how Revathi was feeling and thought she should try to get some guy for her. Then suddenly she asked,
"Hey Revathi what do you think about Mahesh".Revathi replied, "He is ok, I don't know him much".So
Lata Replied "Get to know him ".Later Lata asked Mahesh "You know Revathi from college".Mahesh
replied, "Yes I remember her she is your best friend".Then Lata asked, "What do you think about
her".Mahesh gave an interesting answer "She is not my type. I want someone modern like you" and he
laughed. Lata replied "Don't feel bad Mahesh I just never got feelings for you. I considered you always
an as good friend. Try and check how Revathi is if possible".One character of Mahesh which nobody
knew was that he was hair fetish and he liked short hair woman. That's why he liked Lata in college
when she was having a boycut.
Then Lata only arranged for a date for both of them. Both of them initially were not very serious with
each other but they started liking each other. Then they slowly started going to movies and hanging out.
For Revathi, it was a new experience when someone was liking her. The only problem was that she
stayed with her parents so she had to keep her parents informed what time she is coming home. She
had not told her parents about Mahesh.
Mahesh was still having hair fetish but now he started asking Revathi if she will agree to have a haircut.
Revathi thought Mahesh was joking and said no. Now Mahesh made a plan. One day he told Revathi
that let us go to Nearby hill station and enjoy and have fun. Revathi was initially shy but later agreed.
They went to Hill station in Mahesh bike. Revathi felt very nice. Then there they started kissing under a
tree, both of them felt nice but since it was not in room Mahesh felt a little disappointed that his plan
didn't work so again he told Revathi next time we will go to a far place.
Mahesh kept asking Revathi when and where they should go. Revathi told him that let us go to the
forest area and told the dates also. In her house, she told her parents that she is going out with her
friends. Then she came with Mahesh and both of them went near the forest area. There they checked

into the resort, initially, Revathi and Mahesh went into separate rooms. Later they went for sightseeing
and did slow kissing when no one saw them. Now Mahesh had bought all tools in his room so when they
came back he slowly got Revathi into his room. Then they both were in a romantic mood and again
started kissing but now slowly Mahesh lifted his clothes and removed Revathi's clothes also and started
removing plaits of Revathi's long hair. Revathi was feeling shy but enjoying it. Now Mahesh held up one
length of Revathi's hair and slowly removed scissors from his pillow and cut Revathi hair and pony like
hair was in Mahesh's hand. Revathi was shocked and started to shout but Mahesh held her mouth and
told that "if you shout now everyone will come to know that we are not husband and wife and it will be
a problem for you only."
Revathi was crying, Mahesh made sure she can't wear her clothes and leave the room. Now Mahesh was
very excited as for a very long time he was waiting for this moment so he pressed on Revathi and
hugged and kissed her. Then in the morning still Revathi was sad, she then took wore her clothes and
went to her room. Then even Mahesh got up and rushed to Revathi's room and started sorry to her but
Revathi was very upset. Then Mahesh only told Revathi to cover her head and leave the room since
haircut was not neat. Then Revathi did that and she sat behind Mahesh's bike. Then after some time
she called Lata and told her what happened and she was worried about how she will go home in this
haircut. Lata told her not to worry and asked her to come to her PG. Then Revathi told Mahesh to take
her to Lata's PG
Lata was feeling guilty that she only suggested Mahesh for Revathi.Then soon Revathi arrived with
Mahesh. Now Lata was also angry with Mahesh and told him to leave and took Revathi inside. After
consoling her, Lata told Revathi a plan .The plan was that now they will go to the parlor and get a neat
haircut for Revathi and later she can put some bandage on her head and tell her parents that she meet
with an accident so in the hospital while putting stitches they had to cut her hair. Revathi agreed to the
plan and they went to the parlor and there Lata told the beautician to give Revathi nice Lob cut i.e. Long
Bob. The beautician knew that it was not properly cut and started cutting Revathi's hair. Soon she had
cute Lo
b and was looking happy. They both went to a medicine shop and put a bandage to her head and
went home.
Once she went home her parents got worried and asked what happened she told her parents that she
meet with an accident so in the hospital they cut her hair. She told her parents at least nothing major
happened. Her parents agreed and let her inside
The next day she removed the bandage and in a full style, she went to the office. Many of her colleagues
were shocked to see her in a new hair cut. Some of them asked how come suddenly She replied just for
a change and she bored with her old look so she did haircut.
Now this concludes Part 1 of the story. In Part 2 there will be an interesting twist to the story. Please
wait and watch.


Monday, 20 April 2020

Supriya changes for her love

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Supriya was a tall and fair girl with long hair. She was sitting in the reception in the office waiting
for an interview for an accountant post. She was dressed in a traditional way wearing cream
salwar kameez. She was thinking about what had happened in her life. Few years ago she and
her husband Vikram were happily married and enjoying married life however one day suddenly
her husband met with an accident and passed away.
Supriya became a widow at a young age. Before marriage also she had not worked and after
she became a widow her relatives started troubling her that it was due to her bad horoscope
that her husband died. Her mother also felt very bad so they decided to leave the city and move
to another city.
Now suddenly her name was called and she went in and there she saw a young man sitting and
he asked her to sit down and started asking questions. Initially, he was very rude but when he
came to know about Supriya’s personal life and past his tone changed. Finally, he asked her
about the salary. She told as per company standards. So he agreed to give twenty thousand per
month. She thanked him for his offer. When she came out she saw one name on the door
Robert D’Souza. She thought that must be his name.
Supriya started going to the office and working sincerely and began to impress Robert.
Sometimes if there was work she would stay late and finish work and only leave. One day
during the month of March when there was a lot of work only Robert and Supriya were in the
office and it was late so Robert told Supriya “Its ok Supriya now its 8 pm lets go,I will drop
you”.Supriya felt nice but told Robert “it’s ok I have informed my mother”.Still, Robert did not
agree and waited for Supriya.
Then they got into Robert’s car and started driving. Supriya was feeling very shy so Robert only
started talking about various things. Supriya was saying “Ok Sir” “Nice sir” so Robert told
Supriya from today you need not call me sir but call me Robert. Supriya felt nice. Later Robert
told that even his wife died due to illness. Then Supriya’s house came and she thanked Robert
for dropping her and went inside. She told her mother that her boss Robert dropped her. Her
mother smiled
After some days when work decreased and it was  5 PM only Robert only asked Supriya about
dropping her home. Supriya smiled and said “Today I will go myself self ” but Robert didn’t
agree and again both went together but this time they stopped in a Coffee shop and had coffee
Slowly it became clear that both of them started liking each other Then Slowly Robert and
Supriya started kissing each other when they were inside the car. Sometimes they would
stayback in office to spend time with each other even if there was no work. One day Robert took
Supriya for lunch and gave her a rose and told her he loves her a lot. Supriya was shocked but
felt happy. She also was impressed with Robert’s qualities.  Then Robert asked Supriya for
marriage. Supriya could not believe that Robert was ready to marry her. She went and told her
mother about it . Her mother was a bit worried since they were from a Traditional family and
Robert was from a different religion. Supriya understood her mother’s difficulties but she also
liked Robert.
Next-Day was Sunday Robert and Supriya meet outside. Robert told Supriya “Darling I have
some expectations from you”.Supriya asked, “What do you want Dear”.Then Robert explained
how he is the owner of the company and that he and his wife need to look modern. So he asked

Supriya to start wearing Western Dresses like skirt, tops, jeans, and gown and also  be
comfortable in parties along with other people by starting to take drinks. Also, he asked Supriya
to have a haircut and keep her hair short. Supriya was very shy but she had developed feelings
for Robert. Then she agreed to start wearing western dresses but she told him that she needs
time to think about a haircut. Later they went shopping and bought a western dress. Then
whenever Supriya went with Robert she started wearing western dress. Supriya’s mother was
now getting worried, even though she was happy that after many years again her daughter was
happy but she was worried about tradition etc. Supriya told Robert that both should meet each
other parents before we finalize the marriage. Supriya told Robert that “ before marriage, my
mother will not agree for my haircut. Also after marriage, I want to keep giving money to my
mother. Robert Agreed and told his parents about Supriya. They told him to get both Supriya
and her mother to house.
So one day Car was sent to Supriya’s house to pick up. Supriya dressed in a Black skirt and
pink top exactly how Robert wanted her to be when she came home. Supriya’s mother was
feeling a little uncomfortable but she came along. Robert’s family house was big, they had a
garden in front. Then the car was parked and both Supriya and mother went inside.
They meet Robert’s parents. One thing that Supriya noticed was Robert mother Margaret was in
a pixie cut. Then they started talking about life. Finally, Margaret spoke  “We are happy with
Supriya” Already she has changed to western dressing.”Supriya smiled. Margaret continued
“We have two more conditions. I want my daughter in law to be like me and look modern so she
needs to have a haircut and second thing is not compulsory but we will be happy if Supriya
converts and become Christian. We don’t want to force “
Supriya was worried about what her mother will think and when she came back home she told:
“Amma I really love him” .Supriya’s mother knew that Robert and his family are very nice people
and Supriya will be happy but the only problem was religion. So she told Supriya “I will agree
only they do two weddings one our style in the temple and other in their style in church. First
Hindu wedding then you can have a haircut and do whatever they want. “
Supriya told Robert about it and Robert agreed. Also, Supriya’s mother told after Hindu style
wedding she can go and stay with Robert. Supriya was very happy. They fixed the date for both
weddings with 2 days gap. So for the Hindu wedding, Supriya bought Kancheepuram silk saree
and for the Christian wedding, she bought a white gown.
It was Friday for the Hindu wedding in the temple Supriya was beautifully dressed and had
plaited her long hair and her mother put jasmine flowers on it.then she put bindi  Then Robert
and his parents came. Robert was dressed in a lungi and even his parents were dressed in like
Hindus. Supriya’s mother was happy to see Robert family agree to Hindu style wedding . After
the wedding, Supriya’s mother told Robert and his parents that from today “My daughter is part
of your family ”

Then when they were coming to Robert’s house, Supriya asked Robert how she should dress
for the first night.Robert told that you dress in the traditional Hindu way only. Supriya felt
nice..Slowly Robert undressed Supriya and started removing her flowers and plait from her hair
.Her long hair came down and Robert started playing with her hair. Then Supriya asked “Darling
will I look nice in short hair ” .Then Robert replied “Yes dear don’t worry.”Then both enjoyed
their first night

Then on Saturday Supriya woke up and got ready to go to the parlor. Margaret came along with
her.In Parlour  the beautician asked them What type of haircut she wants . Supriya was feeling
a little nervous so asked Margaret “Aunty now can I have Bob cut only, after sometime time I will
do pixie cut” .Margaret understood and agreed .So n hairstylist removed her plaits and her long
hair came flowing down then she put a cloth around her neck and began to put water on her
head. Then she took supriya’s  hair in her hand, measured it showed it to Margaret and then
suddenly supriya felt her hair being cut snip snip snip the scissors sound was heard at the back
.Then she saw her hair falling and after some time she was given pony tail in her hand .She was
feeling very shy.After that hairstylist continued to trim her hair and finally supriya was given cute
looking bob.Supriya felt happy with her new look.Then they left the parlour.Supriya asked
Margaret “Aunty  is it fine that i didn't do pixie cut ” Margaret told its ok “I know you are nervous
slowly you get adjusted to our culture”
Supriya felt nice and after she came home she told robert “Darling i am ready to convert”.
Robert was surprised and told “No dear its ok Church has agreed to conduct our marriage
without you convert”.Supriya told “Darling i am part of your family now so it's better if i convert
only ”.Even Robert’s family was happy.
Next Day Supriya was dressed in white gown and Bob cut .She was happy to see her mom
come .Her mom told “Supriya you have taken good decision only”.Supriya felt very happy that
her mother was happy .Then she got married and even agreed to change her name to Sandra
Dsouza .
Then Robert and Supriya( now Sandra) went to honeymoon and enjoyed and after coming back
they started going to parties .There Sandra  was introduced to Robert Friends and wives ,slowly
she started getting adjusted to new lifestyle.Then one day she went to parlour and got pixie cut
.Now she has pixie cut and looks very modern ,robert is also happy .Sandra now grows hair till it
becomes bob cut then again cut to pixie.No on can believe about Sandra past and how she has

Credit : Sandeep Kumar...

Friday, 10 April 2020

Haircut Survey

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Haircut Survey

Hello guys, we conduct survey about haircut, please fill this survey,  below survey link .

Haircut survey link

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

One Night Stand Haircut

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My name is Hari and I am 20 years old. I’ve come for an campus interview in Mysore. As I didn’t have any relatives or friends living in Mysore, I chose to stay in a hotel. Not a five star hotel, but a normal one. Even though a normal one, the room was a deluxe type. It was very spacious and i loved the room. The hotel didn’t provide any meals except for breakfast and i had to but lunch and dinner from outside.
The interview was the next day and so I had to prepare for it. The hotel had  Wi-fi connection but I didn’t know the password. So I went to the reception in order to get the password. I saw a young lady at the reception whom I hadn’t seen when I checked in the hotel. She was dressed in hotel uniform: a plain full=sleeved blue shirt, navy blue pants. She applied red lipstick with slight make-up. But she looked hot. I saw her name written on the badge pinned on the side of her shirt. ‘Nalini.’
Nalini: (Getting up) Yes Sir!
Me: I want the Wi-fi password.
She said the password as I said ‘Thank you’ and I was turning to go. My room was close to the reception so I can get to see her anytime I want. When I reached the door, I looked at the reception and saw her coming from the desk and walking towards me. She looked at me smiling and passed by me. I looked at her and was stunned to see her hair.
It was in a pony which was upto her hip. It was swinging when she was walking. I was very happy to see that. Being a hair fetish, who wouldn’t be?
I was back in my room thinking of her hair. She was hot and I wanted her. But I controlled my feelings and focused for the time being. After the preparation, I watched some haircut videos to satisfy myself. I continued watching till late night. I decided to sleep but couldn’t because hair thoughts were coming in my mind. I decided to watch some more again, but my laptop needed charge and I had to charge it.
I decided to stroll out for some time and came out of my room. I slowly walked towards the entrance. The security wasn’t there and suddenly I heard some one calling me ‘Sir.’
i turned to the reception desk and saw Nalini standing and looking at me. I walked towards her smiling.
Me: You are busy?
Nalini: Not really. But what are you doing in this late night?
Me: Not feeling sleepy. Tomorrow interview maybe because of that.
Nalini: Don’t worry sir. Just relax.
Me: But you look disturbed. Why don’t you go home?
Nalini: I have night shifts Sir. I have for the next three days.
I was happy on hearing that she has night shifts and thought of having her one night. We engaged into a friendly chat and I invited her to my room. She refused but I insisted to which she agreed.
No one was around, and I invited her to my room. We continued chatting and I saw her setting her hair sometimes.
Nalini: Sir! I need to go.
Me: Why are you calling me Sir?
Nalini: Sir actually.
Me: From now onwards, you will call me Hari.
Nalini: I’ll call you when no one’s around.
I played some music, not loud enough for others to hear. I invited her to dance and she danced. I removed the pony letting it loose and said, ‘You are beautiful.’ She blushed. I got tempted to kiss her hot lips. I realised that she has got slight interest in me. Not in terms of haircut, which i have to plan.
She left the room and I went to sleep. The next day was my interview and it went well. I used to chat with her at the reception desk when no one’s around mainly at night.
I was to leave two days after the interview and I had to plan and act fast. The day before I was to leave, I approached her at the reception.
Nalini: Yes Hari. (she said my name softly)
Me: I am leaving tomorrow. You have night shift today right?
Nalini: My shift has been cancelled. I’ll leave in the evening.
I was pretty disappointed on hearing that. I shouldn’t lose the opportunity.
Me: I thought of meeting you for this one night. Two of us in my room.
Nalini: The security will be at night but I will manage. I’ll ask the one who took my shift to go home.
Me: Dinner? With me?
Nalini remained silent and nodded at last. she said she will be at ten. I was happy on hearing that and went to my room to do the preparation. I was already done with the packing and I also arranged for the comb and the scissors. i arranged the bed ready as well.
It was ten in  the night. I was eagerly waiting for Nalini to come. She didn’t show up. I waited for ten minutes still didn’t showed up. I became angry and walked towards the door to get mad on her.  I opened the door and saw Nalini in uniform standing before me.
Nalini: I’ve sent the security away. No one will be there for the next three hours. I walked towards the bed as she entered the closed the door. I then looked at her. Her hair was in a pony and she slowly walked towards me. She was elder than me but I didn’t care.
Within moments, we were close to each other. We were looking at each other as if no idea how to start. I placed my hand on her head and removed her pony. i never get to feel her hair till then but I will when having fun with her.
I slid my finger on her face as she felt the touch. I bent towards her and kissed her lips. We were kissing badly for sometime as I touched her hair and back.
She then removed my t-shirt and pushed me as i fell on the bed. I then got up walking towards her. I touched her name badge and removed it feeling her breast but I didn’t want to touch and feel it. I then removed her watch, and then her earrings, her shoes, socks and all her accessories she was wearing. I then pulled her by the collar of the shirt and then started unbuttoning it. She showed no sign of reaction.
I then removed her vest and then belt and then pants. I looked at her and now she was in purple coloured bra and panty. So hot and sexy! She looked at me smiling and then jumped over me as we fell on the bed. I got up and looked at her structured body. I placed my hands on her legs and slowly slid upwards as she started moaning.
When my hands reached her panty, I slid beneath the panty feeling her curves and ass. I turned her back and removed her panty a bit from the back showing her ass. I just pressed it and felt it as she was aroused. I put it back and turned towards me. My hands were sliding upwards again and it reached the navel. I dipped my finger into it and then kissed it. I felt her body and made her sit up.
She was looking at her damn hot figure through her mirror. I sat beside her. Her hair was covering her back.  I caught hold of her hair and kissed it passionately. I spread the hair at the backside sliding up and down. I then put her hair to the front as she looked at the mirror smiling. I made her stand up facing the mirror and felt her bare back. I kissed it and my hands caught hold of the hook of her bra. I sled my hands beneath the hook for sometime.
She turned towards me and we hugged each other feeling each other’s body. She was feeling my bare body and I was feeling hers. I unhooked her bra but didn’t remove it completely. I didn’t want to see her breasts and I don’t know why. I feel something strange on seeing breasts.
We let go off each other and she walked towards the glass which separated the wash basin and bed. I couldn’t see her clearly through the glass as it was blur. I saw her removing her bra and throwing to me. I caught hold of it and saw her coming from the glass. I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to see the breasts.
‘Look here,’ Nalini said and I slowly opened my eyes to check. Luckily for me, she has covered her breasts with her long hair. I walked towards her and turned her back towards me. I took her hair from the front and gave her the bra she wore it and and I hooked it.
i then touched her hair and cut with my fingers but she didn’t know of this. I was tired and lay on the bed putting on the soft blanket. she too lay beside me covering herself. Her hair was on my side and so I held it and played with it.
She was looking at me smiling and i was looking at her playing with her hair. I then kissed her hair as she liked it and smiled.
Nalini: Baby! I’ll miss you.
Me: I’ll be back if I am selected.
Nalini: Then give me something so that I might not miss you.
Me: (Moving towards her closely) My love is with you all the time. (I pecked on her lips and she did the same) But I want something so that I might not miss you.
Nalini: Anything for you baby.
Me: You don’t need to give it, I’ll just take it from you. Is that okay?
Nalini: You can just grab it from me.
Me: Is that a promise?
Nalini: Yes. It’s my promise.
She got up from the bed and started putting on her clothes. I got up and put on my shirt. She was buttoning her shirt and I caught hold of her hair and pulled it as she uttered a cry. I pulled her towards me, her shirt was unbuttoned from the top. I pulled the collar a little from the side saying, ‘Go out like this hottie.’
She smiled as I placed my hands on her head and seized her by the hair. It pained her a bit and she asked ‘What do you want?’
‘I want to comb your long hair darling,’ I replied as she agreed. I made her sit on the chair and started combing with a new comb which I had bought. I touched and felt the length and said, ‘Love your long hair baby.’
She replied, ‘It’s yours.’ I found that she hadn’t tucked in her shirt. I ran my hands beneath the short feeling her back again. I then pulled her shirt upwards removing and she was in bra again. I knelt in front of her taking the hair in the front and looking at her.
Nalini: Are you happy?
Me: I’ll be the happiest when I take that one more thing from you.
Nalini: Take it then. What are you waiting for?
I smiled at her and opened the drawer of the table next to me and slid my hand in it. She was curious to know what it was. I then took out something and hid it behind and walked behind her. I took her hair in the again.
Nalini: What is it baby?
I revealed out what I had taken… SCISSORS but I didn’t show her. I took a portion of her hair and then cut it. I then dropped in her lap.
Her face looked shocked on seeing the cut hair in her lap. She took the hair and looked at it shockingly. I cut another portion and dropped in her lap. She was trembling with fear on seeing the hair falling on her lap.
But I paid no heed to her reactions and continued with the cutting. The cut hair was in a pile and it fell on the floor. Her hair was now upto her neck and I trimmed at the ends and combed it again.
Nalini got up shocked. She turned to me and I noticed her crying. She walked towards me and slapped me saying, ‘You bitch!’
I was angry with the slap but controlled myself. When she raised her hand to hit me again, I blocked her and flung her around pulling towards me. I brought her to the mirror showing her new style. Our faces were touching each other’s faces. I pointed at the mirror.
Me: look at that. You look more hot with short hair unlike that long hair.
She stopped crying and looked at the mirror but her face showed no reaction. I kissed her neck and she pushed me away. I looked at her wondering what she’s gonna do. She walked towards me and her lips were on mine.
Nalini: Sorry baby! Thank you for the cut. I really looks good for me.
She spoke with no sign of happiness. It will take some time and then she will be happy. I wiped off her tears and then said ‘Thank you’. She smiled at last and then went to put her shirt. She collected her accessories and left the room without being noticed. I was very happy that this night was the best one ever. I put the cut hair in a packet and kept in my bag.
The next day, I was to leave and I noticed Nalini at the reception desk in short hair. She looked really hot. She smiled at me and said ‘Thank you.’ We exchanged our numbers promising that we would meet like the one night stand.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Mom and a Barber

09:03 0

Mom  walked in early on a Saturday afternoon. The morning rush over, the barber, a

youngish man, sat in the chair reading the newspaper. Perhaps, she thought

surveying the knotty-pine paneling barren except for a price list, a pinup calendar

and a few meeting notices, this will be easier than I thought.

The barber looked up from his paper. “The help wanted sign for a shampoo girl is

for the beauty shop next door,” he said. “Ask for Margaret.” Her heart sank. “Oh,

I’m not here for a job,” she said. “I’m here for a haircut.”

“Same place,” the barber said, turning now to look at her. “Next door, ask for

Margaret. We don’t cut ladies’ hair in here.  Her face flushed red, the adrenaline

of anger fuelling her next statement. “Look, pal, I said I want a haircut. In here.

Now you don’t want me to raise a stink. I have a right…”

He stammered, then smiled slightly. “Ok, Mam, have a seat. You’ll get a man’s

haircut.” Mom had challenged him and she could practically see the words “feminist

bitch” running through his brain. He thought he’d teach her a lesson.

Mom sat in the black leather chair with the white porcelain arms, the elaborate

metal footrest and the straight-backed headrest. He swung her around, stopping the

chair bluntly, then took a white strip of tissue to wrap around her neck under the

white striped barber’s cape. Turning her to face the mirror, he asked “what’ll it


Mom  paused, took a deep breath, her anger not subsiding in the least. It gave her

a certain reckless courage. “Well,” she said, the flat top seems like a good deal.

Give me one of those.“

The barber, grim, serious, burst out in a long, mocking laugh. "Mam,” he said,

“that’s a man’s flat top. A real one. Not just some short thing like that chick

Twiggy made famous back in the Sixties. Now a finely feminine thing like you don’t

want nothing like that. Why, all the boys’d look hard when you walked down the

street, then laugh. You’d turn heads, but that’s no way to get yourself a date


His patronizing tone only made her angrier. “I said a flat top,” Mom said, her

brown eyes flashing. “Is this a place where the customer doesn’t get what she


“Oh, ” he said smiling but serious, taken aback by her courage, “you’ll get just

what you asked for.” He walked over to the counter, took a big red pair of clippers

off a hook and flipped the switch. She stirred a little in the chair. Maybe she’d

been rash, foolish, to let her anger control her mouth.

He moved behind her as she watched in the mirror. “One real man’s flat top,” he

leered, emphasizing “man’s.” When he got behind her he roughly put his left hand on

her chestnut tresses and pushed her head forward. She could see nothing but the

striped sheet. The clippers chattered a high pitched, rumbling road behind her

ears. She swallowed hard but tried to disguise it. She was trembling but she

couldn’t let him feel the fear. He said nothing, just took the clippers and started

running up her nape. The steel teeth vibrated against the sensitive spot in the

center of her neck and she felt the air rush in behind them. A shudder ran from her

soft nape down to her loins, already moistened with terror, anticipation and sheer


He worked quickly, uttering a grunt of satisfaction as he finished the back and

moved to her right side. She still could see nothing. Hair fell in sheets over her

shoulders, tumbling down over her breasts and between her legs. With her chin on

her chest she watched her lap fill with limp, lank tresses, some sliding off and

down on to the linoleum floor.
Though she saw nothing of the result with her eyes focused so firmly upon her

knees, feet and floor, she could feel the liberating, arousing coolness grow. At

her right ear, he placed the clippers above her cheek and moved it straight up. She

watched now - her head freed to stare in the mirror - gasping in wonder, horror and

thrall as the chestnut beauty she’d had since she was 13 peeled away without a

complaint, revealing a startling nude whiteness. He was shaving her bald! She blew

an itchy, fuzzy hair off her cheek and it floated down onto the cape.

“Uhhh, ” she stammered, “that’s pretty short.”

“Too late to stop now,” he said crisply, smiling. “You wanted a real flat top. And

a real flat top means lowering your ears.” He stepped in front of her to the left

side, and soon cascades of chestnut were falling over her left ear. As she looked

in the mirror, her shoulders were covered in tresses, laying limply in gentle

waves. There was a stunning whiteness around her ears up to her crown, where the

chestnut waves remained, like some kind of bad mohawk.

A tear escaped her steely desire to remain tough, and she subtly reached up from

under the cape to wipe it away, sending a sheet of chestnut tresses a foot long

rolling down the cape and onto her jeans. Her panties were also soaked. The more

de-nuded he made her, the more turned on she became. She concentrated, storing

every detail to share with her lover, sure to be shocked when she walked in this

afternoon. But, oh, she would be pleased by how this haircut, this cool freedom,

made her feel. Oh the possibilities!

She came back to the barber shop from her erotic daydream with the click of the

clippers being turned off. “Now, ” he said, “you’re getting there.” He surveyed

her, noting the moistness around her eyes. “No complaints?”

“Well,” she stammered, “I didn’t think…”

She stopped as he roughly grabbed her chin with his left hand and threw the switch

once again. “Hold still!” he commanded. He took a big, oversized comb and, lifting

the long hair in front and with the clippers, sheared it off in on quick, brutal

stroke, sending it falling before her eyes and into her lap. The tears flowed now.

But her arousal only increased. She loved the feeling!

Working swiftly, he moved from front to back, practically mowing, passing the

clippers over the comb, a rasp as the silver teeth clacked against the plastic. And

with each pass, the outlines of her bare head emerged. She wanted to reach up and

run a hand, but she couldn’t just yet. He was still clippering, solemnly. As he

reached the back, she looked in the miror and saw an soft field of tan wheat,

uneven thanks to his roughness, but revealing. Sexy. She already imagined her

lover’s hands…And her nipples grew even harder, her arousal heightened…If he only

knew. A small smile escaped her lips.

“Short enough?” the barber mocked. Yes, she thought. Perfect.

Moving to the counter, he pushed a button and lather flowed onto his left hand. “A

man’s finish,” he cracked sarcastically, spreading the warm cream along her

hairline behind her ears and at the base of her nape. At the feel of the soothing

warmth, she practically lost it, pushing her head gently back into his hand.

Looking up from under moist eyelashes, she saw him pick up the straight razor,

deftly flick it open with one hand, then come beside her to strop it one, two,

three times with a loud whap, whap, whap. Moving behind her exposed neck he pecked

away at the lather. The raw rasp of the blade on her stubble sent shivers down her

back. And the meeting of cool air on her virgin skin as the warm lather was flicked

away was a feeling she wanted to savor forever. Then he was toweling off the excess

lather and sweeping the cape from her with a big self-satisfied, typically foolish

male smile that proclaimed he’s shown this feminist. He’d put one over on her. Or

so he thought.
She paused to stare in the mirror before dismounting. There was a different woman

there, one with a long slender neck, small fetching ears highlighted by a bare

whiteness and a soft, caressable field of auburn on her crown. She smiled. It was

sooo sexy. She could not believe it had taken months to work up her courage to walk

through the door. She ran her right hand over the top, left slightly uneven in his

rough haste, then down the stubble in back, a stubble she would learn later would

define this as a “high and tight” crewcut of the type favored by Marines.

“Don’t cry little girl, it will grow back nice and soft and wavy. In a year or so,”

the barber said, recklessly lording what he believed his triumph in what he saw -

wrongly and stupidly - as the struggle to preserve a man’s enclave.

She smiled broadly. “No,” she said, “it won’t. I’ll be back for a clean-up in three

weeks.” In the mirror, she saw for the first time a man, about fifty, watching and

waiting for his own haircut, a strange grin on his face. The barber said nothing,

his expression blank.