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Sunday, 28 January 2018

My Mom's First Haircut

My Mom's First Haircut 

Hello friends,
My mom name is Nimisha. Her hairlength is below waist length. Mom’s hair is black , good volume, shiny and good thickness. She cares lots of her long hair. Her figure is good. Her body size is medium. She like pony with clip and rubber band. She mostly makes braid and bun.

I like mom long hair from childhood. When mom combing her hair, I always eagerly to see her combing. That’s time I wish to comb mom’s long hair. Also wish to cut mom long hair. Once I asked mom to do combing her hair but mom didn’t allow me. I decided I will cut mom hair one time. I am always waiting for chances to cut mom hair.
When I was in 10 standard, exam is over , have two month vacation . i was at home that vacation. I was at home whole day. My father went out of city for one week. So me and mom was alone at home. One day it was Friday. Mom always washed her hair on Friday. Mom washed her long hair. After she did household work. Me and mom took lunch. Then she went for sleep in afternoon. I decide plan for cutting mom hair. I saw mom in deep sleep. I came with scissors. That’s day mom kept her hair open for drying. So its was easy thing for me. I sat near to mom long hair. Then I kept mom long hair on floors. Slowly did combing. First I cut end part of mom long hair. I cut small small part of hair . Mom was deep sleep she did know about that. Then I started cut mom long hair line. I cut 12 mom long hair line. So mom hair became uneven length. Then I put that hair in plastic bag. Then I went to my bedroom. After 2 hours, mom woke up . then she put her arm in back hair. She felt cutting of cutting her hair. Mom became angry. She shouted and called me. Then she was so angry on me. She slapped on my face . then I said sorry mom and told didn’t do this again. Then she went her room. She saw her hair in mirror and cried. Her hair was uneven. Next day mom went to salon. Mom got new haircut there. She got shoulder length layer haircut . I was so happy when I saw mom new haircut. Mom kept pony and open hair in new haircut.
Friends, its was my first haircutting experience, its was awesome experience. Hope u will like this haircutting experience.

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  1. Hair fetish become from home. Generally seeing sister hair or mother hair. It's common. Rarely people express truth.