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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Bhabhis Hair cut

I am hair festic  I am hair fetish and I always want to cut grils hair . I  like girl in short hair or no hair .My Bhabhi  (sister In law ) her name is pooja having  medium hair and I always want to cut her hair and she always wants long hair .But she is not taking care of it means not using hair oil regularly no wash regularly and not using good conditioner . result of it is hair loss and if she wash it then she  comb it roughly which makes damage to her hair  like split ends and break of hair and seeing that she get upset .when some ladies come to our house and chatting with her on various topic about relatives and other things its ok. But when the subject come to her hair she doesn’t like  it because other ladies having good hair my Bhabhi also have good volume of hair on her top head but its thin when it grows .
So all ladies suggest her to cut her hair so hairstyle look good on her but she refuse to cut her hair. 
 After going all ladies Pooja get in front of mirror and looking her self in mirror and getting more upset seeing her self in mirror  and thinking lots of ladies worlds she finally decide to cut her hair . Next day she went to parlor for hair trim and told beautician to just trim her hair but looking at  her hair beautician suggest her to cut at list 6 inch  of hair  she agreed for it but beautician cut more then 6 inch it may be 9 or 11 inch
Which makes pooja very upset. When she come to home I get shocked looking at her she is looking very beautiful a modern girl and the real story start from that point  now I want to see my Bhabhi in to short boob or boy cut . Every body appreciate her look but she gets angry on them who talks about her hair because she is not happy on beauticians work she like long and beautician cut it short from there she decide that she will never go to parlor  for hair cut or trim. 
After two years she gets her original length which she lots .but the problem is same .One day my Bhabhis sister come our house after long time both sister are meeting each other and they share there old memories bhabhis sister gets attention on her hair and after seeing such bad  and ugly hair she ask why not you are keeping your hair good its looks very ugly hearing that bhabhi gets anger on her after leaving some day bahbhis sister went to her home and bhabhi is thinking on her sister world but also scared to cut her hair . I know she is thinking for hair cut  and I know my dream to cut her hair is near  so 
I: I talk her why are you looking your hair so much today ? 
Bhabhi: she reply my sister say its not looking good and cut it . 
I: so what are you thinking 
Bhabhi: no I don’t want to cut it 
I: then go for trim 
Bhabhi : no I don’t trust on beautician last time I have lose lots of my hair 
I: so trim it at home
Bhabhi : but why your telling me to cut it she shouted on me 
I: only for you  you want long hair so its given in many articles and on internet that split hair reduce your hair growth or if they grow the split also grow ( I lie her )
Bhabhi : but hair grows from the root so cutting it at bottom its not use ful
I : I know but if you cut split ends the protein required to end get it and hair grow well
Bhabhi: how much time it takes to grow ? And who will cut it at home?
I: I will search on net and I will tell you ( and I search only those articles in which hair cut is mention and I got  articles in which that mention your hair grow 1 inch every month)
And show her you tube video but she is not satisfied  because its layer cut
Bhabhi : it is layer cut
I : if you  trust any person on our home you said to him to cut it
And she asked my mother to cut it . I am get upset because I want to cut her hair
Bhabhi : Mumi (MIL) will you cut my hair
MIL: ok but I  will do my level best
Bhabhi : Ok
 And she bring a scissors and comb and sat on ground my mother cut her hair. I am looking all the cinema and I told my mother you are doing wrong  then she replayed so you do it . I am get happy and I take  scissors in my hand I cut littlie bit and told my Bhabhi its not conformable on ground so please sit on chair
 Bhabhi brings the chair and sit on it and I ask my mother (in  eye contact should I cut it ear level ) she said no. I continue to my work  my bhabhi had not wet her hair so its get difficult to cut it. So I told her to wet her hair she do it because this is my first time to cut girls hair I cut her hair  6 inch  which is just below her shoulder and give massage to her head  and told her anger is also bad for hair growth and give suggestions for head massage which will beneficial for hair growth   by seeing that my mumi appreciate on my work . I know my Bhabhi doesn’t like it but  no I wads wrong she also appreciate my work  and said I am not getting angry .now she is not getting angry whenever we talk about her hair .
 after 6 month she is combing her hair I looked at her and
I : Bhabhi you gain which you lost 6 month ago
Bhabhi: she smile and said yes
I: you want really long hair?.
Bhabh: yes
I: then do one thing
Bhabhi : What ?
I : go for short hair for one year like boob or boy cut
Bhabhi : she get shocked and said what?

I: yes because now you massage your head one in weak  which result is in front of you .
Bhabhi: but its to short
I : I know but if you keep short you will get two or three massage in weak which good for your hair growth
That time she refuse it but she is thinking on it. And I am hitting every time on that I know one day she will be agree for it

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