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Friday, 11 May 2018

My Wife Haircut Story (Long Braid Lost Due To Bet)

Hai I am pradeep. My wife name is bhanu , she has very long hair that reaches bottom of her butt and it so thick that is if she make a bun means she don’t need the pillow for bed that much thick and long. I am a hair fetish and my dream is to see my wife with short hair like boys hairstyle. But I didn’t said this dream to her, usually she allows me to trim her hair for six months once that also less than one inch. But I often ask bhanu to cut her hair short but she refuses that. This hurts me a lot. I thought my dream would not come true.
After some weeks later bhanu sister-in-law came to our home and said she has some project work and she needs to stay in our house for one month, hearing this I and bhanu accepted that happily. Her name was seema. Seema was a young girl with slim figure and her attracted things are especially her hair that reaches top of her butt. Two days later bhanu and seema had a small fight in political news and they both planned to ask me the correct answer. Before that they both bet themselves, the bet is the loser wants to do the thing s that the winner says for one week. Finally they both asked me the question and I said the correct answer.

Unfortunately seema had lost the bet so seema wants to obey bhanu whatever she says for one week. At that night I got an idea and said to bhanu that I want to cut a long hair but you refuse that, so I want to cut seema hair for short. On hearing this bhanu asked how seema will accept for that, I said to bhanu about the bet. By a long thinking bhanu accepted my idea. On next morning as holiday bhanu called seema and said that her husband will cut her long hair for losing the bet. Seema thought that bhanu is saying that just for fun so she accepted that and came nearer to me and asks me to cut small amount of hair.

Then I removed the jasmine flowers seema long braid and also removed her hair band and opened the braid. It looks in wavy pattern because of braid, and then I brush her hair thoroughly and took he scissors and just trimmed the ends. By seeing this bhanu said to me that she asks cut and not to trim. Hearing this seema got angered with bhanu but she can’t do anything because she lost the bet. So I am happily took a mass of seema hair and chopped at her bra level. Seeing this bhanu got another idea that is if she fulfill my wishes of short hair with seema means then she will be free for whole life, so bhanu asks me to cut seema hair at above shoulder level. Hearing this seema got tears on her eyes, but I felt very happy and I took more hair and chopped at above shoulder level, then bhanu asks seema to double her hair for next one week because bhanu thought that seema will look small girl on that style. After that I looked at my floor it is full of long hair. Seeing this seema cried a lot and took all her hair from the floor and went to her room with tears.

Then seema made revenge with my wife bhanu. On next day when bhanu was not in home, I said to seema that my wife want to learn a lesson to treat you this (as I acted as a good guy in front of seema but in my mind I want to see my wife with short hair, so I used this situation), hearing this seema too enjoyed and asked me a plan. After a long thinking I said to seema that my wife has not much knowledge in sports, so you talk to her about sports, and then she will definitely fall in your net. Seema accepted my plan. Then after two days when I was not in home, they both again got a small fight and again they bet the same thing. After the bet bhanu said to seema that this time your braids will no more. But seema didn’t bother because she knew very well that she is correct. When I came inside my house they both came nearer to me and ask the correct answer. Hearing that question itself I guessed that seema had executed our plan then I answered the correct one.

Hearing my answer bhanu got shocked and as our wish bhanu had lost the bet and seema had won. Then seema came nearer and handed a scissor to me. Seeing that I felt happy because my dream was going to be true. But bhanu got afraid that how much seema going to say for a cut. On that time my wife had a single braid and made a small ponytail at the end using hair band. Seema asked me to cut above the hair band, which the hair band touches on her top of the butt. As I obeyed seema order I went back to bhanu and scrunched the braid at the hair band, within a minute a bunch of hair falls in the floor with blue colored hair band. Secretly I took that hair and kept in my pocket. Then seema said to bhanu to make double braid at next morning and ordered her to put the hair band at breast level. Then they went to their rooms, in our room bhanu got relaxed as she thought that the bet had been over. On next day as seema order bhanu made a double braids and placed her hair band on breast level. Seeing this seema said to me to cut bhanu hair at hair band level. I got enjoyed on hearing that, but bhanu got tears on her eyes. Then I took bhanu left braid and scrunched at her hair band level that came free from the braid. Now bhanu double braid looks one with butt long and another with above breast level. Seeing this seema said that, it’s enough for today and we will do the rest at tomorrow, by saying this she went to her room. But bhanu cried for an hour because she can’t do anything with half cuts hair, that is she can’t braid or bun it. So she removed her right braid and using hair clip she made a ponytail at the base of her neck. On third day seema said to me to cut bhanu’s hair in equal level, now I took the scissor and scrunched bhanu’s hair at above bra level. Seeing this bhanu cries a lot and went nearer to seema and asks her to leave her. But seema said that the bet is not over and also she remains to bhanu that she had done for her. Hearing that bhanu felt sorry to seema for that event and also she begs to seema to leave her. Then seema said to bhanu that she will not cut her hair anymore. But she ordered bhanu to make a bun on next morning, as bhanu accepted that. On fourth day bhanu styled her hair in a bun, before a week her bun looks like a pillow but now it just looks like a tennis ball. Seeing her bun seema went nearer to bhanu and removed her bun and she took a comb and brushes bhanu ‘s hair for ten minutes, but bhanu didn’t worried about anything because she thought that seema will not cut her hair anymore and also she didn’t had any scissor in her hand. Then after ten minutes seema removed a rubber band from her braid, using that rubber band seema made a ponytail to bhanu at her crown. Then she secretly took a scissor from her saree and scrunched the ponytail, hearing the scissors sound bhanu got afraid and moves a little but seema pulls her and finished her work. Now seema gave the ponytail to bhanu, receiving her ponytail bhanu cries louder and went to her room. While my wife was going with that short hair she looks like shreya in kandasamy film. Then seema came nearer to me and said thanks for that plan to fulfill her revenge, after that she also gone to her room. But in my mind I thanked her to fulfill my dream (i.e.) for a long time I am going to see my wife with men hair style. And also I felt very happy because I had witnessed two girls with butt long hair to short hair, so I think I am the luckiest man in the world

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