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Friday, 18 May 2018

Sandhya's New Look

This is one of my friends real experience, he is not a hairfetish, but he likes girls with long hair. He told me this story to me. I have changed the name of the characters.

Victor joined a new company 3 years back at bangalore. In his team 2 girls and 1 guy. 1 of the girl had a waist length long shiny hair. He like the girl very much. So he have a good chance for spending more time with this girl. Her name is Sandhya. He also ask about her hair secret, she said she is maintain her long hair for past 5 years. Most of the time she comes up with long braid, but every friday she comes up with free hair. She looks gorgeous in her loose hair. Victor also likes very much. She trimmed her long hair little bit. So nice to see with long hair.

But victor is not love Sandhya, he likes her hair only. But both are very good friends. Both of them shared their personal matters to each other. After 6 months she moved from his office to other office. He missed her lot. But both of them chat with each other frequently like weekly twice or thrice. After 6 months victor wants to meet Sandhya to giving his marriage invitation. So he fixed a time with her. She ask him to come her new office in the lunch time. He also went with his invitation and he called sandhya and informed he is waiting in the reception area. She replied will be come in 5 mins.

Exactly 5 mins she came. She had a loose hair but not her waist length. She chopped her half of the hair to mid length. He gave the invitation and he also noticed her haircut. She also invite for lunch. He accept and both of them went to food court. They ordered their lunch and come back to the table with their food. She is asking and "Congrats, and what's up, how is going on life and our office?" he replied "thanks sandy, everything going well", and he asking about her haircut,  "hey why you cut your hair?" she replied, due to work pressure my hair is falling also I am difficult to maintains such long hair. So I cut it. He asked when you done this?, she replied last week, actually I am planning more short but this is my first haircut after 6 years. so I have little bit of nervous, so I cut unto mid back, but anyway i will cut my hair more short with in this month. Victor got shocked, and hey, "you are not feel bad when you cut your long hair", she said, "yes, I am very sad, but I don't have choice, because, everyday I spending in office for more than 12 hours, so it's difficult to maintain such long hair". After the long conversation both of them left the place and Victor also left from her office.

Victor's marriage is after 2 months, so he very busy for purchasing and other things. After a month he went to a shopping mall  in the weekend for some purchase, once he finish his purchase, he pay the bill, behind him, one girl is calling his name, he suddenly turn back to look who is she. He surprised, yes, it's Sandhya, she is with shoulder length haircut, she called victor and how are you man, how is your marriage works are going, he replied it's good sandhya, and he said, you finally did it, sandhya smiled and asking what you mean? he replied your haircut, again she smiles and said, yes, he said, so you want short your hair more?, she said no way, this is my final haircut, I want to maintain this level, not very short, and she asking how is my new look, he replied good, but I like your long hair, anyway I hope you will  back to your trendy long hair, she smiles sure, victor, this is like just a change not permanent look. Any way I am also miss my long hair, whenever I seen girl with long hair, I want to say them mine is very long compared to yours, but now I chop it all. He smiles, but she continues, and said, well once again congrats for your marriage I will come and meet you in your marriage hall.

After this she came in his marriage with same length of hair. After a year he met sandhya once again, this time she comes up with mid back hair, she grow her hair. After a couple of year once again he met yes, this times she comes up with her trademark longhair, but this time it's knee length. Victor got so excited, and said, hey sandhya you are cool with this long hair, she replied, thanks vicky, I don't want to cut my hair anymore, I am settled this hairstyle. After this she sports only knee length hair, but she trimmed her hair evenly in the bottom, she looks very gorgeous with this hairstyle.

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