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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shalini's Haircut

"Leela, would you please come to our house tomorrow?" my senior Shalini asked me over phone. "What's the matter?" I asked with a little surprise.
"I am going to celebrate my birthday day after tomorrow. For that occasion I want to appear with a new hairstyle. Actually I am fed up with my long braid. If you come to my house tomorrow, I will get my hair cut", she said.
I was thrilled on hearing that. Shalini is one year senior to me. I like her very long braid which danaces on her butts. She never even trimmed it. It is very thick and jet black in color. I tempted many a time to trim her hair. But now opportunity came to me.

"Ok. I will come to your house. But I dont know your address" I told her.
"No problem. My friend Sunanda will come to the hostel to pick you up. She will come to you by 10 next morning. OK." said Shalini.

I agreed. I could not sleep that night with excitement. I thought of many hairstyles for Shalini.
Exactly at 10 am Sunanda came on her scooty. We both moved towards Chirala. In twenty minutes we reached Shalini's house. Shalini's mother welcomed us warmly. She said Shalini was washing her hair. We sat on the waiting for our friend. In ten minutes Shalini came out. She was wearing white nighty. her  hair spread on her entire back.
Her mother combed her hair last time. I then took a hair brush and brushed her hair. Then Shalini asked what type of haircut suits her. Actually hers is semi ovel shaped face. Short haircuts suit her very much. I told her the same. She said she wanted to forego atleast half of her hair.
Then I suggested her to maintain shoulder-length hare with short bangs on either side of her face. She accepted. I took our the scissors from my handbag . Shalini stood before the mirror fitted to the cup-board. I brushed her hair once again and make her hair pony tail at shoulder level and put scissors in bse of ponytail. and slowly started cut her verylong ponytail.schikkk schikkk schikk.the room echoed with scissors sound.slowly the pony came off.very big gasp from her mother .I handed that hair to Shalini. Then I separated small sections of hair on the either sides.
Then I cut them short to just fall on her shoulders. Then I brushed again. Shalini's friend Sunanda was fascinated very much at the appearance of her friend. Shalini's face was very attractive.
She thanked me. i ask her to keep her hair she accepted.a put that monster pony in my bag . I said I should thank her for giving me such a great opportunity.

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