One fine Saturday evening, my Mom and I went for a walk as she was feeling restless and I had to accompany her. She was enjoying the weather but I was bored and didn’t want to come out at all. But later felt good that I was able to forget whatever happened before.
Might be wondering what happened right? I will tell you. I am an 18-year old guy, who has fetish for cutting hair and satisfy it only by seeing videos or real maybe. I really wanted to cut hair, at least see one proper cut and enjoy it to my heart’s content.

My Mom is a 42-year-old working women, and my best friend. She looked really beautiful and the most attractive part is her black hair which is till her butt. She loved her hair and considered it as her prized possession. She took extra care of it and I loved to see her combing her hair but secretly, because I didn’t want her to know my fetish. I have to feel her hair on certain occasions but never a proper one. She normally wears her hair in a bun, even in occasions and all. She opens her hair only at home for combing and all that.
Believe me! She has never let scissors touch even the tip of her hair for the past 20 years even for trimming. Perfectly maintained. I would love to run scissors through that long hair of hers, which fetishers wouldn’t want to? I was desperate to see her haircut and then I thought of telling her, since she is like my best friend she will consider my wish. My Dad was abroad for a business tour, and if he hadn’t been there, he would’ve killed me because he loved Mom’s beautiful long hair.
So, all this happened today. I went to her while she was making food for dinner. She noticed that something’s troubling my mind and asked the matter. I denied the fact and left the kitchen because I didn’t feel like saying it. She insisted me asking what the problem is. I requested her not to scold me or be mad on me. She said she wouldn’t and asked me to tell her without any hesitation. I mustered up some courage to tell her what I wanted. I told her that I have a desire to cut her beautiful long hair or watch her haircut. I didn’t reveal my fetish but only the desire to cut her hair.