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Monday, 21 May 2018

Vasundara's Bobcut

Vasundara is studying in 12th std. She had a gorgeous long hair, up to hair thigh. She maintains very well.  Once the examinations got over she starts enjoying her summer holidays.  Her parents want to going to their native. Vasundara also accept this. On the same day her friend sheela came to her house, she had midlength hair. She is going to parlor for her haircut; she asks vasundara to giving company.  Vasundara asks what type of haircut you going this time; she said I am going to cut my hair like boy. Vasundara surprised why you want to cut your hair short, she replied, due to summer I can’t manage my hair, so I really need a short haircut. Then she asks how do you maintains your long hair, vasundara said, what I can do, I like my hair, my mother also told me cut my hair, but I won’t done that.

Sheela asks why you want to grow your hair? She said because I am a young girl, she smiled and replied me too madam, but I am going to cut my hair short. Why this time you are not trying new look, anyways we finished our schooling and we will join any college. So we are going to college with new haircut. But vasundara said no I can’t do that because for the past 4 yrs I used care my hair, every month I will trim my hair not cut. This is my asset. Then sheela said ok, this is your opinion, I don’t want to compel you. All this discussions Vasundara’s mother watch and she is asking, to her daughter, hey vasu if you want cut your hair, this is the time to change your hairstyle, if you want cut it upto your midlength. But she is not accept for this. Then both of them went to parlor, Sheela cut her hair short, she is look like boy, because she is wearing jeans and t shirt with short crop hair. She is feeling happy about her haircut. Vasundara also impress about her haircut.
After 2 days, before starting their native, Vasundara called sheela to her home, she also came. Then vasundara said I am also going to cut my hair, but not short crop, it’s only bobcut. Sheela got surprised this time, what happened to you? She said, it’s really difficult to maintains in this summer, hair loss, dandruff, irritation, itching. But sheela won’t accept no way vasu, because for the past 4 yrs you are facing the same problem, but suddenly this year you want to cut your hair, tell me the correct reason, her mother also happy about her decision, and she is also asking the correct reason. Then Vasundara said, main reason is I am impressed your new look, after your haircut I am double minded for my haircut, but yesterday night only I decided to cut my hair, also the other reasons. Then sheela bring vasundara to the parlor, and she informed the beautician for her bobcut.After ½ an hour vasundara came with new haircut, she is in chic with new haircut. Once she came to her house, her father got surprised her bobcut and he also appreciate her daughter bold decision.
After the summer holidays both of them joined same college. After 2 months sheela went for another haircut. But vasundara not cut her hair she had shoulder length hair. She is planning to cut her hair after 1 or two month. Also she said she want to maintains not more than shoulder length.

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