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Saturday, 23 June 2018


Hi friends… this is my mom's haircut story.
My mother’s name is Rekha and she is 44 years old, fair skin with medium body figure . She loves her hair so much and takes care of it very well. She has hip length hair and her hair is dark black color and is very very thick and her hair is in same thickness from her scalp to the ends.Her hair is so silky . 

It was one Monday as my mom took head bath . I was in home as it was my sem vacation. My mom asked am I not going anywhere outside? I asked why she said that usually I will go so asked. When I came I saw my mom combing her hair and just put a hair clip in the center of the whole length of her hair .She left her hair loose and i bravily decided to ask mom for her short haircut.So i asked mom why you don't go for short hairstyle. she asked why she change her hairstyle. i said mom you have same hairstyle since my chidhood. i said mom you look typical indain woman in this hairstyle. u have to change your hairstyle. my mom and i like friend. i shared all things with mom.so no more mom was suprised. i told mom new hairstyle give new look like young college girl. i showed haircut photos and haircut video on net to mom. i seen that time mom has been exicted for new haircut.mom asked which haircut u talk about. i said shoulder length haircut. i told mom u have to cut her hair upto shoulders.
i asked mom can i explain you the hairstyle.mom said ok.i tool mirror. mom sat infront of mirror. mom hair was in bun. i open her bun.open her hair properly. yhen i divided her hair and pur on her front side. i caught mom's hair till her shoulders and tick maked in hair for showing her cutting length. i said i will cut her hair upto tick mark and will five front bangs. mom said ok. i said mom when she want haircut. mom said u will give me new haircut on tomorrow. 

In evening when me and mom was watching tv. suddent mom came onto her bedroom. slowly i went to my mom bedroom for what mom doing in her room. mom stood of mirror. she was seeing her cutting length . she was very exicted for new haircut. Next day morning me and mom had our breakfast .Mom said that she is happy that first time in her life a boy is going to cut her hair. I smiled at her. then she cleaned the kitchen and then said that she going to take bath. I said her to take bath for head. She asked me what she wear. i told mom to wear top and jeans. mom smiled and said ok son. She came out taking bath after 15 minutes . Her hair was pulling me towards her to cut it. She took head bath and her hair was wet and tied in loose bun. I went inside the house closed the main door and took mom to the bed room. I brought one stool made her sit on that and brought dryer and started to dry her hair, next i placed a big cloth on the floor and kept table on that and made mom to sit on it. When she sat her hair was touching the floor it was awesome to see that hair. I went to dressing table and collected the comb and scissors and came to my mom. I went near her and combed her long hair. Mom: Cut the hair what u r waiting for? I said ok mom. Mom: son but do it quick even i am waiting to see my new hairstyle after many years i combed and took the hair upto mid back and snipped it cruck cruck cruk it took five minutes to cut her hair u can imagine how thick it was and how I was feeling while cutting.
Now the hip length hair which is touching the ground was cut to her mid length and fallen on floor. Again i combed her hair and made into two partitions and told her to cut one partition of how much length she want to cut and gave scissor to her. She took her left hair bunch and cut her hair till shoulder level and dropped it on her lap. Now it is super to see mom left hair cut to shoulder length and right side it was till mid length. It was an awesome feeling at that time now i combed the right side and cut it till shoulder length and dropped it on her lap. Now her lap is full of hair. Now mom said are u satisfied son.
Then i combed my mom shoulder length hair for some time and made some hair to front to cut bangs and cut her hair just above her eyebrows and gave front bangs. Then slowly i trimmed some more to give some short bangs till fore head. Then made her hair even and trimmed it to get a classic bob. I told to sit her and i went to bathroom and brought the razor. She saw it and asked for what? I told to wait and see. She was trying to get up from stool but i stopped and asked why? Mom: First tell me why you brought razor then only i will allow u to do any thing. Then i said i want to shave ur neck which has some extra hair plz allow she said ok and told me to be careful son. I applied some water at neck area and shaved her neck by giving a good sensation to mom. then i combed her hair and trimmed at ends and said to mom your haircut is finished now you can get up and see in mirror. She was very happy and hugged me with that excitation.
Mom got up and all her hair falling from her lap that total bottom cloth is covered with her hair. That was an awesome seen. She saw in the mirror came to me and hugged me. Mom: You gave me a beautiful experience son thank you sooooo much. You made me so beautiful I liked the hair style I am looking so cute than before. I cant recognize myself my age is reduced like a college going girl. after haircut mom look so sexy with shoulder length haircut in top and jeans.

after haircut mom asekd me some questions. mom asked me can she make braid and pony. i told mom forget braid and bun. i told mom u keep her hair in pony and open hair. them i told mom i show you which hairstyle u make. then i made pony and center clip hairstyle on mom. she smiled . afterthat she took bath. then she dried her hair . and made clip ponytail. i told mom u look sexy like young girl in new hairstyle. she shyed and smiled. 
Now at present my mom hair grown back to butt length and I am waiting to give a boy cut to her next .Hope you all will like it.. Do comment on this…

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