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Friday, 13 July 2018

Friend's Mom Haircut

Hello friends,
                      My name reny . first I give introduction of my family. Me , my younger brother and my mom in my family. My father died when I am 6 years old. Recently I completed graduation and got job. My younger brother studies in 10  standard. we face financial problem from many years. My mostly salary spend on household expenses and brother’s study.  My mom knows some tailoring work. So some time mom got some tailoring work. So mom has  some contacts with clothes vendors.
Reema is mom  friend. Reema has own boutique.one day reema told  mom she has one offer for mom. Mom asked her what is offer ? reema told mom she has modelling offer for mom.  Offer is modelling for photo-shoot of ethnic  wear and western wear for magazines and e-commerce website. Reema told mom she will get good money for that . mom told reema she has no experience of modelling and doesn’t know about modelling. Reema told mom no need any experience ,its just simple photo-shoot. Mom thinks  that time if she get money from modelling then she will use this money for home and brother further study. Mom told reema she is ready for photo-shoot. Reema took mom photos and told mom she will come home after two days. That yesterday I came home after returning from office. Mom told me this thing. I told mom if she is happy then I have no problem. Mom discuss about modelling with me. Mom has some fear about modelling. I told mom don’t worry its easy. I saw photo-shoot video on youtube to mom. So mom got idea about photo-shoot modelling . then mom got confidence about photo-shoot.  I cleared doubt about modelling of mom.

After two days reema came my home. I was also present at home. Reema told she gave photos and bio data of mom to garment company . company selected to mom for photo-shoot.  Reema gave photo-shoot form to me. I read photo-shoot terms and conditions. Friends I give you introduction of mom. Mom age is 40 years old. Mom name is dipti. Mom has medium type figure. Mom has hip length long black shiny hair. Mom has long hair from childhood. Mom do only trim, mom never cut hair short. In terms and conditions , need short hair for photo-shoot. I told mom about that. First mom felt shocked. But mom told she is ready for short hair because she get money from photo-shoot. Mom spend that money on home expenses and brother study. Mom sacrifice her long hair for us. I am proud of my mom. I hug to mom that time. Then mom filled up form and signed agreement. Reema told don’t worry about haircut money. company pays money for haircut and beauty treatment . reema told you will call from company within 2 days. That night I could not sleep because first time mom get haircut and I can see mom in short hair first time in my life. I  am so excited .

After two day mom got call from saloon for haircut and beauty treatment. I came salon with mom. We reached salon . hairstylist welcomed us.  Hairstylist is very helpful and ambitious. Mom has some fear but she is confident. Hairstylist discussed about haircut with mom. Hairstylist wore cape to mom. Hairstylist open mom bun . hairstylist comb mom hair properly .then hairstylist showed mom to cutting length mark.then hairstlist took scissors and started cutting mom hair. Snip….crunch…crunch.i saw mom reaction. Hairstylist cut mom hair upto shoulder .then hairstylist spread water spray on mom hair and mom hair become wet.then again hairstylist comb mom hair and took clippers. Then hairstylist made four section on mom hair. Divide four section with help of clippers.then hairstylist started cutting back lower part hair, cut in 360 angle and layer shape. Again hair on floor. Snip….snip…hairstylist cut upper part of hair in layer shape. Again snip….snip…..then hairstylist came front side. Hairstylist cut front side hair upto ear length and layer shape.then hairstylist cut side back hair upto neck length. Then  hairstylist hold mom hair and by using razor cleaned neck area, totally cleaned nape shave.then hairstylist completed mom haircut, mom was so happy . mom got shoulder length layer haircut with front bangs. New haircut looks good on mom hair. I saw all haircut procedure .then other hairstylist came and completed other beauty treatment. Mom looks  good in new makeover. Mom looks totally changed in makeover. I first time saw mom in short hair .then we went home.
Next day mom got call from company. Then we reached studio. There was good arrangement there. Company welcomed us. Photo-shoot director came. Photo-shoot director discussed about photo-shoot with mom. Then make up artist came and did mom make up. Finally mom is ready for photo-shoot. First mom wore different type ethnic dress. Then did photo-shoot and took video of mom. Then in next turn mom wore different type western dress. Then did photo-shoot and  took video of mom. Photo-shoot director is happy with photo-shoot. He appreciate mom haircut and look. Then producer of photo-shoot gave payment to mom. Mom is happy with payment. I can see happiness in mom eyes that time. Then we returned home. I appreciate mom new haircut and look. That’s was such great makeover of mom.

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