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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Haircut on Birthday

I would share how I received a haircut on my 24th birthday on 2ndjuly,2018 as a surprise from my boyfriend(bf) in a barbershop. I wokeup with a message from my bf to be ready by1P.Mand he would be

coming to pick me up. I became nervous as on every birthday of mine hewould have a surprise for me. I dressed up in blue top and white jeansand put on a little makeup. I kept my waist length hair open,as it was wetafter the shower.
I met him at1.05p.mnear my building. He asked me tosit on his bike and started to drive it at full speed. Suddenly hestopped his bike and we were in middle of a rural place. He got down onhis knees and proposed me for marrying him. I accepted his proposaland we hugged and kissed each other. Then he said he had a surprise forme. He would be getting my haircut and changing my way of dressing. Westarted on bike again and after going three or four kilometers hestopped in front of a barbershop.It was strange for me as here in Indiagirls usually get theirhair cut in parlours by female barbers.
It wasmy first time I was there to hae my hair cut. The shop was prettysmall with a glass on one side and a door. My bf opened the door for meand we both entered the shop. There were two barbers in their late 50’sand one was busy buzzing the hairs of a man and the other was occupiedby a barber reading a newspaper. Both of them looked up as we enteredthe shop. The unoccupied barber got out of his chair and greeted us. Hewas confused when I started walking towards the barber chair and my bfheaded to the waiting chair. I could clearly smell the lotion which mybf used after shaves. There were mirrors on every wall of the shopexcept the one which consisted of posters of different haircuts ofmales. There were different scissors, clippers and combs and a watersprayer on my station.
Then he asked me again “ are you here for ahaircut ? “,I said," yes “ and he started to raise the chair. He thengathered all my hairs and made a bun and then put a tissue around myneck and then draped the cape over me and fastened it back. He thenopened my bunn and started combing and asked me," madam kaise katwanahai ?“(how do you you want your hairs to be cut?). My bf said cut herhairs into a bob. Then the barber took the sprayer and started sprayingwater and combing it. Finally he bought scissors and then I could hearsnip ! snip and I could feel my head lighter. He completed cutting myhair into a bob within six or seven snips. Then the barber started torun his hands through my hairs. Then my bf said to cut my hairs fromsides and top and make them short to 1 inches with bangs over myeyebrows. He then bended my head front, my chin touch touching mybreast. He then started cutting my back hairs by scissor over combtechnique. I could only hear snip snip and could see my hairs fallingover my cape. I started crying. Then he tilted my head towards left andstarted cutting my right side hairs and then he tilted my hairstowards right and started cutting my left side hairs.
The barbercompleted witin ten minutes and my bf came again and ran his fingersf rom my hair and said ,"upar ke baal thoda aur chote kar dijiye"(makethe top hairs more shorter"), this time the barber took another comb and spreyed water over the top and again started cutting my tophairs. This time I could feel the cool breeze over my head. Then he made my head tilt backwards and started to comb my hair forward. Then he cutout bangs till my eyebrows and then my bf signaled him to make thebangs more shorter and he reduced the length of my bangs by one inch. Bythis time I dared to look myself into the mirror and found out my look totally transformed that too of a boy. Then my bf asked the barber to have my nape and make my sides look like “v". Then the barber daped his hands in water and put th water on perimeter of my hair.Then he took a straight razor and started to shave me. The movement of the razor caused a sensation in my stomach and I could feel goosebumps. Hedid shaving my nape and I could feel the passing of cool breeze.Then the barber started to put powder on my back and brush me. Then he uncapped me and stared I stepped out of the chairs finally after 20mins and I could see the hairs which I lost just now .My boyfriend paid and we left the shop. It was my first experience in a barbershop and I really enjoyed my haircut and the shave and hope again I will step into the barbershop to have my hairs cut.

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