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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

College Girl Shivani Hair cut Story

Shivani is a a young girl with long and thick hair. She loves it lot. She studied in a college at Goa and she stayed in hostel room.  Sometime she is combing her hair with two side plait, she likes very much this hairstyle. Her roommate is Sheela she had mid-back hair, both of them schoolmates, she like Shivani’s beautiful hair, she also tried to grown longhair, but she couldn’t. In her college Shivani is the only longhair girl, so everybody surprisingly watch her long hair. She never cut or trim her hair for the past 2 years. But everything change final year of her college.

Because she got bored with longhair, she want to change her hairstyle. She inform the same to Sheela, she got surprised her decision. She said why you want to cut your hair, Shivani said, because of my longhair I can’t concentrate on my studies, it’s taking everyday 1 hour to maintain, also I want to score high marks this. So that only I have decided to cut my hair. Also I have informed to my mother, she also accept my decision. Then Sheela said, Shivani  your hair is very thick and long, it’s difficult to maintain I understand, but for the past 4 years you are growing your hair, but within 10 minutes decision you will lose your 10 years asset. Also nobody in our college don’t have this kind of long and thick hair. You won a beauty queen award for past 3 years because of your longhair. Shivani said everything is correct, but compare to my studies my longhair is very small, once i finish my studies then I can grow my hair long and thick, that’s not a problem , but this week I need to cit off my hair. So I want you to come with me parlor for my haircut, because I don’t much experience in parlor, every month you are going to parlor so pls help me. Finally Sheela agreed.
Weekend came, Shivani  got ready for her haircut, so she called Sheela. Then both of them started to parlor. On the way Sheela said so Shivani finally you are going to cut your hair, so say bye to your longhair. She smiled and yes, what you said is correct. They reach the parlor, Sheela speak to the parlor lady for Shivani’s haircut. Parlour lady asking what type of haircut you want, Shivani said I need really short it’s boy cut or bob-cut whatever it is if you can suggest my hairstyle?. The parlor lady said don’t cut very short, but you can go with short bob, that will very much suit your face. Then Shivani accept and she sat in the chair, and finally she touch her hair and she her face in the mirror. By the time the parlor lady, cover her body with cloth and remove the rubber band with her hair, and combed out neatly. Then she took the scissor and cut her hair upto her shoulder, her long hair is cit down now..ahhhh, she now has only a short hair, then she cut properly all the side. Another 15 mins she combed her hair and cut little pieces, finally she finished her work. And mam finished, she look her face in to mirror, she got smiled and enjoy her new look. And she paid the amount 150 for hair cut.
Then she went to hostel room everybody shock her new look and asking about her new look. She said the same thing to everybody. Also she said, she will maintain her short  for the next 1 or 2 years. Everybody praise her bold decision

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