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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Roma's Haircut Story

Hello Friends,

                      here  I am presenting  Roma's Haircut Story. Hope You like it.

Roma was Village girl who had recently got married to Siva ,Siva was manager in big Multinational company in the city and after marriage both of them had moved into flat in the city Roma was typical village girl who dressed like a villager her sari style was that of villager ,her hair was always plaited and she always looked like homely traditional girl .Siva had agreed to his parents' choice but he always wanted he wanted his wife to be modern since they lived in city and he was working in Multinational company but Roma never agreed to this and she continued to dress in traditional way.

One day in Siva `s office there was party and all office people were invited along with families .Roma  also went there along with Siva ,Therein party everyone spoke in English and Roma was not that fluent in English and was always feeling left out later on ladies in party gathered in one corner and
started discussing things like dress ,fashion etc but Roma  was always quite ,then time came for dinner and then Roma  didn't' know which dish to eat first and how to eat in spoon and fork and she suddenly made the food spill on her body and everyone looked around and saw mean in mess ,Siva also got very angry and took her back home and once they reached home he scolded her for not behaving properly n fro of others , Roma felt very bad and started to cry later on Siva don't worry from tomorrow star learning to behave like city lady .
Next day Siva went to his neighbor Preethi ,Preethi was a middle age lady living in city from log time but she was initially from same village of Siva so hence they had become friends ,he explained problem to her and Preethi said that within one month she will make mean modern and then Preethi came to meet Roma , mean was still upset and she said she will do anything to learn then from that day
everyday Preethi used to come to Roma's house and teach her various things like how to behave in parties how eat food in parties how to serve food to guests etc then Preethi told Roma next day they must go shopping and buy new clothes for Roma and she must get used to wearing clothes like kurthis ,tops trousers and jeans ,Roma agreed and they went and bought new clothes and slowly mean started to wear them and get adjusted now even Siva was happy but Preethi said one more thing is left ,Roma asked what and Preethi said her hairstyle needs to be changed as well and she needed to be in boy cut initially Roma was shocked but she remembred how angry Siva was in party and so agreed to it as well .
Next day Preethi and Roma went to parlour this was first time Roma had come to parlour first Preethi went inside and spoke to Hair advisor and later on called Roma inside , Roma was made to sit on chair and her plait was removed and her hair was wetted and cloth was put around her neck then Hair advisor told Roma tha she will cover mirror and she wil see herself only after haircut , then Roma felt sensation of scissors and her back side hair was cut off till  shoulder length and her hair was on ground she was now in bob cut Preethi who was sitting near her smiled at Roma  and told her everything will be fine later on beautifcian started cutting on the sides and her hair fell on her shoulder then Hair advisor further cut her hair short on her back and took machine and shaved her neck , only front side was left so Hair advisor asked Roma  to bend in front and then stated cutting until her hair was cropped then Hair advisor later on
combed her hair like boycut and now she saw herself in mirror she was shocked but happy then she and Preethi came back to their her flat and Siva was also happy to Roma  in new lok later on other people in flat also saw Vineetha and were surprised by her look .

After few weeks in Siva `s flat mean and Siva organized party for Siva `s office friends now Roma had become fully modern and Siva friends and wives were shocked to see transformation of Roma into total city girl now she had totally got adjusted into city clothes and boycut.

Hope you like Roma's Haircut Story. 

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