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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Priya Short Haircut

priya is a beautiful young lady with long beautiful hair.She is from middle class family and she lives with her mom susheela in small house .She is working in primary school as maths teacher .She is very proud of her long hair and every sunday she takes head oil bath to maintain her hair .Her mom also very happy for priya but is worried that she needs to get her married soon.Also since her mom is traditional she wants horoscope to be matched .Now susheela is trying to get good family boy for priya but sometimes horoscope is not matching and if it matches then boy family asking for dowry which they are not able to give .

Priya is happy and content with her job in school where she has a friend who teaches english called Daisy,Daisy is slighty older and is married and has one kid .Main difference between priya and daisy is their hairstyle ,priya has long hair but daisy has short hair .Daisy likes to keep her hair in bob cut style,many times daisy asked priya how you to maintain your hair so long priya says since she likes her hair she maintain it .

One day one proposal came from rich family .The family name is bagree family they are very big industrialist .Priya's mom consulted astrologer and astrologer told both boy and girl horoscope match ,Then susheela invited the family to their house on sunday to see priya .Also she was informed that they are not interested in dowry by boy family

On Sunday susheela was very excited that rich family had agreed to visit their house and was very busy in making priya look beautiful .After priya took head oil bath susheela only neatly plaited priya hair and put flowers into her hair and she also helped her tie saree .She told priya that if this family agrees then it will be good.Priya was very nervous and just nodded her head and then door bell rang.Susheela told priya to be inside and when she calls her to come outside with sweets .

Priya could hear people talking to her mom ,after some time her mom asked her to come ,so very feeling very shy priya took sweet tray and started walking towards guests .she first looked at the boy ,his name was rishi he looked very handsome and priya smiled next to him his father was seated and next to father his wife and then elder brother and his wife .Priya gave sweets to all of them but she noticed one thing and felt strange ,both boy's mother and sister in law i.e elder brother wife were in boy cut hairstyle .She quietly sat down .Then boy father spoke saying we like the girl but i have one condition and my wife has one condition .Now both susheela and priya were slightly tensed but then boy father smiled and told "No dont worry we are not asking for dowry god has given us wealth we don't want our future daughter in law to work outside if she wants she can join our business only ".Priya told that since she is educated she wants to work but she is ready to quit her job and join family business but after marriage also she wants to  support her mother .Boy’s family agrees .Everyone was happy .Next Rishi's mother mani spoke  she told "Long time ago our family had some trouble in business then we went to tirupathi  for headshave after that business improved but that i have maintained my hair as boy cut only to look different since i am owner wife .I don't want to look like common ladies .The worker and their family should respect me so i decided to have boy cut style.When we decided to get our first son married we told archana who is our first daughter in law also to be boy cut she agreed" .Archana  who was sitting next to her mom in law smiled ."Now we want to maintain this tradition " said boy's mother mani.Now priya was feeling very sad she didn't know what to say .But susheela spoke nicely and told guests we will confirm in some days.

After the guests left priya told her mom she is not agreeing to their condition ,she is fine to quit her job and work in family business but not cut her hair ,Susheela tried to convince her daughter but priya was angry she didn't talk .

After few days priya was walking to school when she heard some one  call her name she turned around and saw one lady sitting in car calling her .First she could not see properly after that lady removed her shades she could make out it was archana who had come to their house few days back .Archana asked priya where she was going and offered to drop her .First priya didnt agree but when archana asked again few times she agree to sit in car .Then both started talking Archana asked priya "Do you go walking everyday to school ?" priya replied yes Then archana told she has come for shopping in mall ,Then priya asked "oh your in laws gave you car and driver for shopping " Archana replied yes since marriage when ever i need to go for shopping i have driver and car .Then archana went on to say how happy she is after marriage since life is very comfortable and even she can take good care of her son .Then priya asked but what about your hairstyle did you have long hair before marriage .Archana replied "Yes  dear even i had long hair before marriage but since mani aunty put condition i agreed my parents also happy i have nice husband nice family and i now enjoy boycut style since i don't need to maintain it .Then archana asked if she will come with her to mall where she will introduce her hairstylist to priya ,but priya was not interested .When school came priya asked to stop and got down .Then daisy the english teacher who was standing nearby asked "What priya today you came in car ?" Priya just smiled and went inside .

Later in evening priya was thinking and finally told her mom she is agreeing to bagree family marriage proposal .Susheela felt very happy but priya was sad susheela told her not to worry she will look good even in boycut and hugged priya .Later on she called mani and informed her that we are agreeing and asked if priya should have haircut before marriage or after ,mani told before only .Again priya felt sad since she thought  at least till marriage she can have long hair .after few days she resigned from her school job but she didn't tell anyone about haircut condition only told she is joining family business

Then one day archana came to priya house and took her to parlour and told hairstylist to giver priya our family hairstyle ,both archana and hairstylist smiled at each other and made priya to sit on chair .Then hairstylist removed her plaits and her long hair came flowing down then she put cloth around her neck and began to put water on her head then archana told hairstylist to cover mirror so that priya gets surprise with her new look .once her hair was wet again hairstylist combed her hair and suddenly  near her neck she could feel scissors ,her hair was being cut it was strange sound then right to left scissors was moved and her long hair was now gone then priya asked is it over ,so archana replied "no dear now you are in bob cu still need to cut to make you to boycut" so hairstylist  continued to do her work and hair was falling then hairstylist put machine on her head finally she could see herself in mirror and she looked very different .she put her fingers on her head and sensed how short her hair had become .Then archana gave money and thanked hairstylist and told priya now one more surprise is there .priya asked what archana told now we are going to our house not your house then when she went to bagree family house she saw her mom susheela also there and mani aunty and rishi and other members of family were also there .Everyone saw priya's new look .Priya asked her mom how you came here ,susheela your future in laws only sent car and i came her and told her you look very beautiful .Then mani aunty also approved and asked rishi to give priya gift ,priya was surprised and what gift aunty ,then rishi opened and she saw diamond ring rishi put on her finger and everyone clapped .later on she spoke alone to rishi and he was very nice guy .

Later on she got married her school friends like daisy teacher were surprised to see her in new look ,After marriage she changed her name to priya rishi bagree and one day her father in law and hubby took her to their office and introduced all that from today priya will take care of accounts,priya felt very happy she got separate cabin and outside her name was written as priya rishi bagree -accounts manager .

Credit-  Sandeep Kumar  for this haircut story. If you have send haircut story, then mail me story.i will post that story in this blog.

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