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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Mom Haircut Story Part-1

Hello Friends,
              I am posting here my mom haircut's stories.  Stories are   three parts. No more time wasting, I am coming in story.  My name is Rahul.  My mother’s name is Hava and she is a housewife.  She has waist length hair and her hair is dark black colour and thick and her hair is in same thickness from her scalp to the ends and till up to her butts. Her hair is also silky. She is not modern type , she always wear sari  and sometimes salwar kameez  dress.

When I was 17 years old, I was studying in college. I took admission in dual mba course. That time I lost my father . my father  died due to cancer.  That time me and mom in my family. Suddenly  problems started  from that time.  All saving we spend on my father’s treatment. We are struggling  with financial problems.  We took home loan and education loan for my study. That time mom decided  to do job for earning.  Mom already completed her graduate degree.  Mom also had completed  some computer course also had management skills.  So mom had started applied for  jobs. But unfortunately  mom didn’t get any job.  But mom was a very  enthusiastic  person.  One day mom talked with me about job and interviews.  I gave advices to mom.  Please mom change your looks also so that’s very helpful to you. Mom also agreed with my opinion . then mom asked me which looks her for best and where  place she did look change. I told mom don’t worry. I will manage all thing. 

One of my friends was hairdresser. His name Raj .  he was my good friend. I contacted him. We got hair salon appointment for next Sunday. I informed mom about salon appointment. Moms become nervous because it’s her first haircut in hair salon. I told mom don’t worry. Everything will be good. On Sunday mom is  ready for going to salon. Mom wore sari and made ponytail. I took photos of mom long hair for memory. we reached my friend salon. My friend welcomed me and mom.

” How short are we going?” asked  Raj( hair dresser) , Hava(mom))  still in the waiting area.

“I want to go pretty short but I don’t have a style in mind,” mom said.

Raj Shows  Haircut photo book  to mom. Hava saw photo book. Hava selected one haircut. Hava thought it looked very cute. “Thats perfect!” she exclaimed. She was actually excited. However, her excitement was surpassed by that of Raj , as he grinned widely. Raj  accompanied Hava  back to the big salon chair and sat her down. Her high heels rested on the footrest and her hands gripped the armrests tightly as he produced a strip of tissue and placed the neck strip around her neck snugly. 

To Be Continued........

Please Friends gives comments related to this story,  next part come soon....

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