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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Mom Haircut Story Part-2

After pinning up her hair, the hairdresser pulled out a clean white cape and draped it around her body, fastening it around her neck. As he unpinned the long thick, auburn hair and let it lay on the cape, her hair looked astonishing, contrasting with the cape. It was almost a shame that most of this hair was going to be clipped off and on the floor. The hairdresser pumped up the chair about 4 clicks and using a big comb, combed out the thick mass of hair, past her shoulders and down her back. Hava felt a pang of anxiety. i looked on at  mom, caped and in the complete control of the hairdresser.

“Wow that’s very thick and big. I’m going to use the clippers on you; it will make life a lot easier.” he said as he resumed combing  Hava’s gorgeous mane.“It wont hurt right?”mom asked. Raj reassured her, after which she complied. Raj  spun the chair around so that she was now facing the waiting area, I am  getting a full view of the shearing her mother was about to receive. Raj pushed her head downward gently so that her chin was nestled on her breasts and her eyes were fixed downwards on her high heel shoes. Hair dresser combed out a large section of her hair on the right side of her head, the comb holding the bulk of hair in place. Hava  jumped when she heard the ominous sound of clippers roaring to life behind her.  Never in a million years did she imagine her own precious locks being cropped with clippers. Using the clippers over comb,  the barber quickly passed the machine along the length of the comb. It hungrily devoured her luscious copper coloured locks. Hava watched as the chunk of hair fell onto the cape and slid off onto the floor.

“Wow” exclaimed I , as her eyes lingered on her mother’s butchered hair. mom looked up at me but the hairdresser  pushed her head back down and continued his work.For the next few minutes she sat in the salon chair anxiously as the hairdresser  repeatedly combed and clipped her tresses off. It was raining hair. Hava  winced everytime a clump of auburn hair slid onto her lap. Hair dresser cleaned up the edges so that they were no longer than the chin. Now it was time for him to buzz her nape.The hairdresser  placed his hand on the top of her head, gently forcing her chin down toward her collar bone.  She felt the clippers on her bare neck, and then heard their deepening growl as they marched up the back of her head.  Hava desperately tried thinking of something other than the amount of hair the hairdresser  was removing, but the evidence was all around her; there was nowhere in her field of vision that she wouldn’t see large clumps of shorn, black-brown hair.  She closed her eyes and stoically endured the shearing the hairdresser  was administering enthusiastically. After many passes of the machine, her nape was now neatly buzzed down .She opened her eyes when the clippers switched off. The hairdresser smiled and playfully ran his fingers through her freshly clipped hair. Then he vigorously combed her short hair into style.Raj asked for permission to take a picture, then proceeded to do so, capturing  hava , caped in the salon chair with her short wedge bob haircut and colossal piles of auburn hair all over the cape and floor. Her picture joined with other clients as memories of the women who got shorn in the hair salon.

Raj  dusted the excess hair of her face and neck, and spun her around to face the mirror. Hava squealed in delight. Mom loved her short hair. The hairdresser  removed the cape allowing lots more clipped off hair to join the rest of auburn hair on the ground.. After her neck strip was removed, mom dismounted from the salon chair, still grinning.“What do you think of my new haircut, sweetie?” mom asked me.“It looks amazing mom. Then  we left hair salon. Then we went to mall for shopping. Mom bought new makeup things and also bought some accessories. Mom also bought modern clothes like top, jeans, mini skirt and mini dresses. Then we returned home.mom was so happy that day and thanks to me. I told mom , mom enjoy life with fullest.

On next day, mom started applies for jobs again. mom also gave many interviews.  Luckily one day  mom got offer latter from one reputed company.  Mom was so happy after receiving letter. Mom got quite good  salary package. On next day, mom was ready for joins new job .  Mom did make up for office. Mom wore  blue top and black skirts. Mom made perfect  office hair look. I told mom ,mom your looks so beautiful. Then mom went to office and joined company. Mom returned home after competing her first day job. Mom talked with me so many things. Mom told me, in office all are appreciated my haircut look, even mom’s boss also appreciated mom new haircut look. I was very happy . all my problems solved  and life goes on again right track.

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