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Saturday, 27 April 2019

My Aunty Got Haircut Due To Landlord

My Aunty  Got Haircut  Due To Landlord

When I was one year old , my parents died in accident. Then after my aunt raised and care of me. I lived with my aunt and uncle. When I was 17 year old, my uncle died due to illness.  Me and my aunt lived alone.  No relatives helped us.  We faced financial problem. That time I was in college.  In night I did job in BPO Company. My aunt was housewife.  We lived at rented house.  I paid rent every month. In mean time I took loan for three month for some emergency reason. That’s time I had no money even I had no money for rent.  So I had to talk with my landlord with this matter. My  landlord is single person .  he was unmarried . he was older that me but we was good friend, age no matter in friendship. 

One day I talked my landlord related to  rent payment problem.my landlord  was hairdresser and hair fetish also. So landlord tool advantage of  situation.  Actually my aunt has waist length long hair with good thickness. My aunt proper maintains her long hair. My landlord told me that he didn’t take three month rents on one condition. I told which condition. He said your aunt allow him for her haircut . I told him give me sometime.  Then after I discussed with my aunt. My aunt told me you had any other options for payment. I told aunty that sorry I have no any options. My aunt told me that don’t worry son, I am ready for haircut.  Hair will grow again. I am happy due to my haircut we solved our financial problem.  Then I told landlord my aunty ready for haircut.

  On Next Sunday, my landlord came with his bags. Then we went to go our balcony.
Then aunty sat down in a stool. Landlord takes a scissor and a comb.
Landlord started pulling the long strands and started snipping them till her chin length.
As Landlord finished cutting the length off, I wrapped her in a long white cape and sprayed water on her hair.
“Are you sure? You want it that short? Landlord asked her softly.
“Yes I am”, she said closing her eyes.

Landlord  combed her hair left parted and bending her head I started cutting her hair, Sniiick sniiipppp,snippp,her left ear gets exposed. Landlord  go on cutting the hair dragging with comb, as Landlord liked her face shape and size I made the sideburn extremely short and small with a 'V' shape. Folding her small ear Landlord made the hairline behind her left ear. Slowly and surely Landlord cut off her right side hair same way as her left side.

During the cut Landlord  noticed she was crying really like a child and was very helpless.
Landlord  bend her head forward, and started sniping the back hair really very short.
Suddenly aunty cried loudly as said "Please Please don't make me look ugly"
“No mam I will not, and you have said me to cut your hair like this" landlord  said her
Landlord go on cutting her back hair till it becomes really short and flat on back. Aunty  was feeling very shy and Landlord also noticed as short as her is getting her face is looking very cute. So Landlord  decided He 'll not keep her bangs long as well.

Landlord  sprayed more water on her top hair, and he  started sniping them off keeping only 1.5inch. As hair falls to her face, Aunty  was feeling more self conscious.
Landlord  combed her bangs forward as He told her close her eyes.Snipppp snipppp snipppp snippp snippppp,and the bangs falls showing her half forehead.
“How I am looking?", Aunty  said
“Stunning, like a young school girl”, Landlord said her
“Nooooo", Aunty  cried
Landlord  dab some water below her hairlines on back and sides and also below those small and cute sideburns. He  take out my straight razor and folding her ears He shave all the fuzzes below the hairlines off.
He  also shaved her neck as Aunty  cried more when she felt how high it is .IHe shaved her cheeks below her sideburns.
As Landlord  finish the haircut. He advised her to get her eyebrows shaped properly.
“Do you do brows? Aunty asked Landlord  with choking voice.
“Yes he does"-Landlord  replied.
“Please do mine"-Aunty  said
Landlord  uncaped her and took her to bed room and laid her in the bed as suddenly Aunty  cried like a child as she felt her neck is clean shaved till her hairlines and her hair on back is extremely short.

“Close your eyes please”, Landlord  said her
Aunty  closed her eyes as He started trimming her brows and shaping them and He  shaped the extra fuzzes below the thin sharp hairlines He made to her brows.
He shaved her facial hairs also .He  took her near a mirror and He said look at you. She looked at her and felt really shy and embarrassed. Aunt holds her so short haired head and started crying as she feels very shy.
Aunty moved his fingers in her very short haired head, as she started feeling more shy. After Haircut,Landlord going away. Aunty was sitting helpless in the sofa as I came and I  got surprised looking her.

I told Aunty that your short haircut looks so good. Aunty thanks to me. Finally we solved our financial problem.  My again start grow her hair to long hair.

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