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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Renuka newsreader haircut

Renuka newsreader haircut Renuka is a TV journalist and is very famous for her shows .She is serious type journalist who does programs on real issues like farmers ,woman issues etc not film gossip etc .She has been working as TV journalist since her 20’s and now completed decade as Host .She looks average and has longhair .

One day her producer called her for meeting and told her that channel needs to increase their viewership and so some changes are being planned .Renuka wanted to know what are changes .Producer told that we are going to increase our film based programs more since people like to watch such programs and so renuka’s show will be cut down .Renuka was very disappointed hearing that ,she told that news channels also need to show serious programs which affect real people .Producer agreed and asked her to wait for some time . Next week again producer called renuka for meeting .Producer told renuka that channel management has decided to continue with her show but one condition .Renuka was surprised and asked what is condition .Producer told you need to give some “Surprise” to viewers to attract them to your show .Renuka didn’t understand what he meant .Producer told that if you should cut your hair so then people will watch your show out of curiosity for your new look .Renuka felt very sad and didn’t agree .Producer got angry and told then fine we will remove your show and put film gossip program . Renuka went back to her house and was very sad .Her friend Ria who stays with her asked what is matter .Renuka explained her problem .Ria asked renuka what is more important for you ,your long hair or your show .Renuka told her that show only is important ,since she feels happy with her job .Then Ria told be ready lets go to parlor on Sunday .That night renuka could not sleep properly thinking what to do .Then morning she woke up and went to work and told her producer that she is ready to change her look .Producer felt happy and promised that he will advertise her show more . On Sunday Ria took renuka to parlor and told her about renuka .Lady suggested boy cut for renuka ,initially renuka was shocked but agreed .She sat on chair and her hair started getting wet .Then hair partion was done .Then mirror was closed since she wanted to see fresh look Then suddenly screech sound and cutting started .Then her pony was in her hand .She asked if its over lady replied “No dear now you are in bob cut but you need to be pixie cut ”.So still cutting resumed .Her hair was made into several partions and each layer was cut .Hair was falling down and renuka was nervous .Then suddenly machine was put on her head .After some time she could feel her neck and beautician started combing her head .Finally renuka saw her new look and she liked what she saw .In front of her was nice young lady .Renuka got up and kept putting her fingers through her hair to feel how short it was .Ria also smiled at her and she gave money to beautician and came home . When next day when she took bath she again felt her short hair .After getting ready she went to office and people were surprised to see her in pixie cut and gave her compliments .She only confidently walked into her boss cabin and when her boss saw her he stood up and told her you have taken very good decision .After that shooting for next episode began and when show was aired people were surprised to see renuka new look and more people started watching her show for her new look but renuka never lowered quality of her program . Then renuka slowly started seeing advantages of her new hairstyle ,she could spend less time in maintain it ,she now had image of serious senior lady not a college girl so she decided to maintain same haircut .

Credit-  Sandeep Kumar  for this haircut story. If you have send haircut story, then mail me story.i will post that story in this blog

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