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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Aunt Haircut Due to Punishment

Hello Friends,

My name is Rohit. When I was small, my parents died in road accident. I am live my aunt. My aunt took care of me. My aunt like as my mom. My aunt took divorce form my uncle since many years. I and my aunt are alone in my family. My aunt’s name is Anjali and she is a Rapunzel. She loves her hair so much and takes care of it very well. She has knee length hair and her hair is dark black colour and is very very thick and her hair is in same thickness from her scalp to the ends.
I saw from many days my aunt was talking everyday with someone. First I think may be he is aunt friend. So I leave this topic. One day I saw aunt with someone in mall. Then when aunt returned home, I asked aunt about that man. Aunt didn’t answer my question. So I collected about information about that man. I also collected many details of this man with help of my friends.  That man is not good person, he takes just advantages of my aunt. I again talked about aunt related to this man. Again aunt told me she just met one time this man , nothing else with him. I have decided that I have to do something before anything wrong happened . one day I caught aunt with this man at mall. I stopped both of them that place. I showed all proofs of that man to aunt. Aunt checked all things and realised this man cheated her and wanted take advantages. Aunt slapped that man. Then I and aunt returned home.  I was very angry that time.  Aunt seated with me on sofa and told please forgive me . I did mistake. Give me any punishment for my mistake. That’s one idea came in my mind. As I am hair fetish, its my dream to cut aunt hair short  once in my life. I told aunt that I already forgave you . just one request  allow me for  cutting your hair to short. My aunt told me that you forgave me already for my mistake. I accepted your request. You allow for my haircut. I was very happy. I told aunt thanks and hugged my aunt.     

I asked aunt  can I explain you the hairstyle. She said ok. I said I want your hair to be loose to explain it so shall I remove the braid? She said to explain with braid itself. I said then I won’t. She smiled at me and said ok to remove her braid and turned and stood showing her back to me. I saw her gorgeous hip length braid with neatly cut ends. I pulled the rubber band out and then I slowly loosened her hair and then fully loosened her hair. Then I took her front of the mirror and then divided her hair and put on her front side. I caught aunt ’s hair till her shoulders and said that I want you to cut your hair this much aunt. Aunt was shocked seeing the length I asked to cut. She said that she will try hip length itself but I said to cut till her shoulders and to try layer cut for the remaining hair. She asked what layer cut is. Aunt  said that she don’t know that all and then started to braid her hair and went inside the kitchen to do her works. My cock was leaking badly but my heart wants a result for my talks till now.  
There is a mirror in the kitchen and aunt  stood front of that and have pulled her braid front side and caught her braid and using her fingers she was cutting her hair from her shoulders and was seeing. I was seeing from the kitchen door and was smiling at her. Once she noticed me standing she smiled back and said that you ready for the cut? She said she will think about it. I said ok. Next day morning me and aunt  had our breakfast and I was watching TV and aunt came to hall mirror with a bottle of hair oil and removed her hair bun and started to apply oil to her long hair. I asked aunt  what you have decided about the haircut. Aunt  said that she is scared that shoulder length haircut will suit her or not. I was happy hearing her reply. I said that surely layer cut will make you suit it. She said ok .She thought for a while and said that she is happy that first time in her life a boy is going to cut her hair. I smiled at her and asked when shall we cut? Aunt  smiled saying my boy wants to cut now itself eh? I smiled at her. She said that lets cut tomorrow as she will bath to her head. I too said ok that night I din sleep itself. I was thinking her itself and masturbated 3 times. Next day aunt  got up before me and for her surprise I got up at 6.30 itself and aunt  asked why I got up soon? I said I din feel sleepy. Then aunt  cooked breakfast for us and I noticed that her hair was in bun. Then we had our breakfast together and then she cleaned the kitchen and then said that she going to take bath. I said her to take bath for head. She asked why then she remembered about the haircut and said ok and smiled.
She came out taking bath after 15 minutes and she worshiped god for 15 minutes and then stood under the fan and removed her hair bun rolled with towel. Her hair was pulling me towards her to cut it. Her hair smelled beautifully and it was clinic plus shampoo she used. She wiped her hair nicely with towel and I was observing all what she was doing. When she saw me I suddenly turned watching TV as if I didn’t notice her. She called and turned and stood and asked is this wetness you need for cutting hair? I got up and touched her hair and I got shock in my body and my cock stood straight and I can’t control myself. I said the hair should be fully dried. She said then let’s cut after lunch and put a hair band in the centre length of her hair and went inside.
I went inside bathroom and masturbated 2 times and then came out. Noon we had our lunch and I noticed that her hair had dried completely. I was just waiting for her to call me. After cleaning the kitchen she said that she going to sleep. I said ok and she went to sleep. I was angry on her that why she can’t sacrifice her sleep for today still I didn’t show it out. By 4 evening she got up and there was only 2 hours left for 6 as my aunt  won’t cut her hair after 6 evening. Once she got up she brought a comb and stood front of me. Seeing her cock got erect. She said let’s cut my hair and where let’s cut nu. I said here it and I want you to sit in the chair. She asked why sitting all and she said she will stand and she said to cut like that itself. But I said that for cutting in layers I have to divide your hair so I want to see you top head so I want you to sit in the chair. She said ok and I kept the stool in the centre of the room and it doesn’t have back rest so it was nice to see her sitting in the chair. Then I removed the hair band in the center length of her hair. I got the comb from her said to aunt that “aunt  am going to cut you knee length hair short. Thank you for letting me to cut aunt”. Aunt  smiled and said you are my son and will do anything for your happiness. I asked her will you do anything for my happiness. She promised saying she will do it. I said ok and said that aunt  i want cut u r hair to short bob. She got confused.
I started to comb her hair. There were so many tangles in her hair after some 5 minutes of combing all her tangles was removed and now it was easy for me to comb her hair. I combed nicely and said to mom that her hair is very nice and I liked it very much and said it’s so soft like silk. She said that so only she is growing her hair long. I smiled at her and said in few minutes all these silk will be on the floor. She too said yes and said to cut soon as she wanted to see her new hair style. I combed her hair and make her hair braid loosely from shoulders. Aunt  asked why are u making braid.i said I want keep your braid.she smiled and said ok.mean while i complete braiding and put band just below her hips.and i take few snaps of her braid for last time and got the scissors  and started to snip her braid .aunt  closed her eyes.i felt entire length of her braid It was so soft but very thick i put scissors at base of her braid and started cutting im in heaven I took 13 snips to cut that  her braid.finally the braid came off. I dropped that hair on her lap and said it’s your hair aunt. Aunt  take her braid her cut-off braid in her hands.
I combed her remaining hair and asked her to touch her hair. She pulled her hair and said that she have only shoulder length hair and she said is the haircut done? I said no. she said not to reduce anymore length instead to add layers to her hair. I remained about the promise she made few minutes before. She said that surely she will do anything for my happiness and asked what she wanted to so? I said that I wanted to see you in short hair style. She said that now she has short hair style only. I said I want to see you in full short hair style. She asked what you mean by short hair style. I said I want to see you in chin length hair style? She felt worried and asked why I want to cut that much short? I said I always wanted to see you in boy cut but you won’t allow for that so only I wanted to cut in chin length and begged her. She at last said ok and said to cut like bore all at once.
I said ok and combed her hair nicely and place the scissors in her chin and then asked aunt shall I snip? Aunt  said yes. I started to snip and little by little her hair started to fall on her lap and in few minutes again her shoulder length hair came to chin length and once I finished I combed her short hair and said that she is looking cuter now. She smiled and went to the mirror and said it’s very new to her as she has not seen her like this. She then cleaned all her hair from the floor and throwed into the dust bin . Aunt  looks more beautiful than before now. Aunt give her beautiful braid to me and said son keep this thanks for new hairstyle.
Aunt  felt little convinced now and she seemed happy.

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