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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Mom Haircut Due to Wrong Bet

Hello Friends,
My name is Ashish.  I am studying engineering.  I am a last year student.  When I was 2 years old, My father gave divorce to my mom. From That time  I and mom live alone at our home. My mom has friendly nature.  I give you introduction about my mom . My Mom name is Neha. My mom is 43 years old , with beautiful white complexion and a lovely face. . Her most beautiful asset was though her hair, thick, black and touched her waist, covering her entire back when kept open. Mom most of time makes pony of her hair. She trims once in two months.
In my college ,  Placement season started. My mom asked me about my study and placement. That time I play so much computer online games and watch YouTube video.So mom  feels like that I don’t concentrate on study.  I tells mom that I will get placed in good company. mom laughed and told you are kidding. Mom tells me that I see u , you always play games and wasting time on internet. Mom don’t take me serious.  So I tell my  mom .  Can we bet on my placement? mom smiled and tell she is ready for bet. As I hair fetish, one idea come in my mind that time.  I tell mom that  if I will get placed in good company , I will cut your hair short.  If I will not get placed in good company I do shaved my head.  Mom tells me she agree on bet. Mom thinks that she already win bet and I never win bet.

From next day, I do proper planning for studying.  Now my goal is place in good company. i read for many hours and do more hard work for placement.  On placement day,  one MNC company come at my college.  First I cleared written exam. Now turn for interview.  By god of grace, I cleared interview. Next day on placement board,  my name on top in that MNC company. first I can’t believe it. I was so happy. I also get 12 lakhs annual salary package. I returned home from college. I told news to my mom.  Mom was so surprised.  Mom hugged me and was very happy for my placement. Mom told me you won bet son. Mom told  me she happily allow me cut her hair . mom told me when you want cut my hair, son? I told mom that I will tell you mom. Mom told ok son.i  told mom that I will do next Sunday your haircut. Mom told ok son.

On Next Sunday, Mom woke up early. Me and mom took breakfast and tea. Then mom went bathroom for washing her hair. Then mom ready for haircut. Mom wore pink saree.  Then mom combed her wet hair. Then I went to market. I bought  cape,  haircutting tools from market. Then I arranged chair in front of mirror. Mom seated on chair. I wore  new white cape and gently wrapped it around her and then pulled out her mass from it, and secured it at her back. I gripped the hair at her neck like a pony and slowly ran his hands all the way to her tips .Then i holding the hair at her neck with his two fingers he took the scissors and placed them below his fingers.I pushed her head downward and started running the scissor from left to right…
Kaachchchch…chchch…chch…her first lock tumbled and hanged from my grip. I adjusted his grip and again cut it kaachchchch…all her locks started falling. At last the final lock was snipped. Her whole hair mass was now in my hand.
I waved it around her face, “look mom! Your hair, it’s really awesome” her eyes were watery but I didn’t heeded any attention to it.
I  gently adjusted the cape and straightened her head. Her hair now clipped at shoulder length looked rather odd. i started spreading it with my  finger then with comb.  then I kept the comb in the table and took the scissors.
Holding chunks of hair with fingers I  started snipping them at the back. Locks of her beautiful black hair started falling on floor, covering her too. After doing the back, i combed all her hair into two sides, and then keeping the scissor at her top ear level snipped right across. Her lap got covered with her hair.
now  I done with scissors. I  kept it in the table, and then took out electric
Mom  was shocked seeing this. I  changed the guard to number 2. I  tilted her head backward, and touched the clipper right in front of her head, raining her hair on her face and then depositing on her lap.
I  again ran it in her front, thus widening the bald layer on her head. I  stopped to adjust the plug of the clipper. Mom  straightened her head, and got the view of her head. It was very different, her virgin scalp was appearing whitish black. I never imagined seeing her scalp with so long hair of hers. i continued my  work, till the front was all cleared.
 Then i  moved to sides, buzzing off all her strands and letting it fall to floor. At last the back was left. The appearance imitated as him she has a tuft at her back. I  hold the hair with fingers and pulled them as I  ran the clippers, thus removing all her long hair.
I ran the clipper over all the head again to confirm, and the switched it off.  Theni  took out a razor from drawer and inserted new blades in it.
I  followed, bending Mom ’s head forward, placing the razor little below top of head then scraping all the hair to her back. Her white scalp emerged. I repeated it again and again, till the back was cleared.
 Then i bent her head in one side and did the same to her sides.
The only hair left were few millimetre in length that too just in her front.  Then I  dusted her and slowly pulled away the cape, dropping the tresses collected in the cape in the floor. The whole floor was covered with her hair on which she stepped when getting down from chair.

Mom  started checking her hair at mirror, reached for her back to feel the hair but it was not there. Her eyes were all moist and she was standing still. Mom Thanks to me and kissed me. Mom was very happy about her new look.  Mom  thick pony is still with me, in my cupboard. That thick pony has been here for remembrance in our house.

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