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Monday, 25 November 2019

Mom haircut by her Son

This story was about a hairfetish son  rahul and her beautiful mom
Neha .

Rahul was a tall,handsome guy with gud personality.Neha was slim,beautiful
having big eyes but she was known for her thick,long,beautiful,silky,smooth,jet black hair till her knees. .His fetishness getting stronger day by day as he daily watches

his mom combing her beautiful long hair in front of him .Sound of combing made him excited those times.As day passes he planned travel  trip to shimla.They packed their  luggage. and started their journey to shimla. Neha  has made her hair in a bun which was getting looser and looser on every bump on the road.Suddenly again bump came and her bun opened and her hair opened in less than a
second.Rahul  couldnt control hinself and get off the car by taking
excuse to drink water.well by the night they reached hotel and rested
whole night.

Next day both were planned to go out and watch beautiful places of
shimla.Rahul  wore jeans,t-shirt and jacket and Neha wore jeans,top
and kardigen and kept her hair open.she is looking very hot and

sexy.Rahul  callled a taxi and both had gone for seeing beautiful
destinations.The day passed,it was around 7  pm and dark.suddenly
their taxi broke down.they waited for the driver to make it work.the
driver tried his best but he couldnt do that.so he said to Rahul  that
he had to go to hotel by walking with his mom.Rahul got angry but
Neha kept him calm..both were started to walk towards the hotel..

They have gone just around 100 meters. suddenly from behind someone
attacked them.They both got unconscious.When they got their
consciousness,they found themselves in some old house.both were tied
with chairs and their face was infront of each other and a tv screen
was before them.Neha  was shocked that what was happening…then their
some person appeared on screen hiding her face..he said “welcome Neha
and Rahul ..you both were thinking that what is happening..let me tell
you,as you put first foot on shimla you got our attention due to your
long lustrous hair…i belong to a group of hairtraders who sell
hair.so now you have to forget your long locks since you are goin to

loose very soon none other than by your son ….yes Neha  you will
get haircut by your son,he repeated…if you denied then you will
watch your son  die as we cant afford to lose such lustrous long
locks…now Rahul,all material related with hairdressing and cutting
just behind you.after 10 min you both would be made free to start the
process…i will come back again as you finished haircutting…till
njoy and give your mom as short hair as possible since if you hadnt
done so then you will watch Neha  die….bbye”.

After that both were free as the person said.Rahul was so happy
internally that finally she is getting chance to fulfill her
fetishness..while Neha was in the sea of tears….Rahul  watched at
back side..he found a haircutting chair as in salon,a white large
cape,shampooo,sink for shampooing hair,conditioner,blow dryer and a
box which contains various scissors and combs….Neha couldnt think
what to do ….then again person appears on the screen…he said
“Rahul,you have to cut your mom hair as it was being cut in the video
which was goin to play as i gone and Neha ,dont try to be smart and
unsupportive as your son  life depends on you….so Rahul watch
the video…the person was gone and then the video started to
play…in the video some indian barber first shampoo the hair then
blowdry and then cutting the hair..his speed and collaboration with
scissor and comb was incredible….Rahul controllled himself
anyhow…video stopped and now it was Rahul turn….he asked Neha  to
sit on the chair..Neha  sat on the chair…Rahul take all her hair in
both hands and put in sink..then he put water and shampoo on her hair
and gently massaged her hair…Neha  was feeling so relaxed that she
forget about losing her hair…after massage Rahul washed her hair
thouroughly and put hair into towel after washing…he gently dried
her hair and then started blow drying…he did it for around half an
hour….now Neha  hair was so smooth and silky that he can hear the
sound of waving hair….Rahul was becoming so excited….now he asked
Neha  to sit on the chair…Neha  who was denying before to cut hair
now started to njoying it….Rahul put cape around her and gently
combed her hair thoroughly around 5 times….then he did extreme left
partition of Neha’s hair…Neha  hair was so smooth so that they
couldnt carried in comb…so Rahul  gathered all her hair between
fingers and move the scissor….scruuuuuch scruuuuch
scrruuuuuch…whole room was filled with this sound and pile of Neha
hair  were on floor…then Rahul did extreme right side partition and
again hacks off her hair….now Neha  hair which was flowing like air

some time before now reduced to bob style…after such big mass
cutting of hair Rahul started to cut her hair with scissor over comb
method as shown in video….he definitely dont want to miss this
chance…he just left some half inch hair on top of Neha  head….he
then used clipper to shape Neha ’s nape in v shape…he then remove
the cape and hugged Nehal so deliberately that she forgot all this
mess…there were huge masses of hair on floor….after cutting, Neha
and Rahul were again sat on chair and person again apppeared on tv and
praised Rahul and Neha  for their contribution…he said that whatever
amount he get by selling Neha  hair,he will give twenty percent to
Neha and Rahul…after that he gone and Neha and Rahul were made
free…they saw a taxi with all their luggage…they sat in the taxi and
returned to their home….Rahul was still enjoying the moments of
cutting Neha ’s hair while Neha  was thinking what would she say to
family members about losing her hair…….

They reached home ….alll family members were shocked to see Neha
cropped hair…Rahul said that her hair got stuck in a lift in
hotel….so cutting her hair was the only way….his family started
consoling Neha on her loss and Neha was thanking Rahul to save her

Time passed,….Rahul got some thousand amount submitted in his bank
account and also the phone calll from that person that he has
fulfilled his promise….while Neha  got a envelope having a
c.d….when she put the c.d and put the earphone,she was shocked to
hear that her son Rahul  was making the plan of cutting her hair
with someone and all that kidnapping,transfer of amount was his
plan…she got real angry and shouted on Rahul….Rahul made her calm
and told her about his hairfetishness….Neha  got calm after hearing
his fetishness and both were lived happily thereafter as Neha  grow
her hair long again and now she gave chances to Rahul to play with her
hair and do the trimming too……..

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  1. Wife's Haircut By My Best Friend

    Hi I'm Ravi. One day my wife nandini and me had to go for a dinner party. Before we go my best friend sagar who is a barber and also an expert in ladies haircuts. Because my wife had a fetish to get a bob haircut and also she get bored with her waist length hair.

    Then sagar and me went to my wife's bedroom. She was sitting on stool with facing back to us and combing her long hair in balcony. But she wasn't know about that. I whispered to sagar's ear something. He smiles and secretly went from her behind and placed his hands over my wife's eyes. It was a beautiful scene.

    My wife was excited and she said my name while touching his hands by her hands gently then sagar took off his hands from her eyes and my wife looked behind and surprised to see me and sagar laughing.

    Then after few minutes and sagar caped her and started to combing her hair. Then sagar cuts her ponytail and started to cut and her hair was fell on the cape and floor. After a few minutes her haircut was done. OMG! it was perfect neck length bob haircut. Then after sagar was went and nandini stood up on her stool. She wore a saree. OMG! she was very hot.