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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Mom's first short haircut

It is the story of my mom's first short haircut of which she had never thought. I am 16 years old and my mother's name is Sunita and she is a 42 years old beautiful, modern woman who loves her long hair a lot and loves do some small changes in her hairstyle like coloring them brown from red and trying curls and wearing short dresses. Her long hairs were about 5 inches more than mid back length,her hairs were very smooth, and attractive. I always wanted to see her in a short hair cut like bob.Some of our relatives and her friends were jealous of her hairs. One day she helded a small kitty party at her home which was one month before her friend Sakshi's birthday party and 4 other friends of my mother were also there in the kitty party and before ending the kitty party they played a game of chits which was related to the Sakshi's bday parties wardrobe 1 she maded 5 chits in 4 chits western dress was written and in last indian traditional dress was written after tossing mom picked out the first chit, in which Indian traditional dress was written so have to wear an Indian dress in the party. 2 then round was of type of clotting in which 2 chits were written simple and 3 were written completely modern and mom got the completely modern. And in last it was said by Sakshi that everything should be done according to this and change should be maded. When mom asked them what she would wear they all answered the same "a complete backless blouse on net saree with low waist. My mother said no for it but after their requests mom agreed. And finally Sakshi's bday came. Mom was ready with everything specially her completely backless saree in which she was not going to wear even bra and about her full body would be visible in that except her sexy legs. And from here the twist came. The only thing which was left was a haircut. In afternoon she went to the salon and came with a beautiful haircut at that time she was wearing a tight jeans with a t-shirt and she was looking like a young college girl. This time hairs were about 3 inches more than mid back length and her were in a u shape it was a layered haircut with side bangs After some time she sat in front of her dressing table on a stool and started seeing her hairs where she found that hairs below her left ear were not cutted properly in the shape so she took a scissors in order to correct her hairs but when she was going to cut her hairs when my younger brother who was 4 years old arrived and gave a tight hug to mom with huge jurk to her and by mistake she cutted her long  hairs from above the neck after it her neck behind got visible and a small mistake turned in to a huge problem. She frequently rushed the the salon to fix the problem. Mom said to the stylist "Please cut them as long as possible" . He answered "that no long haircut could be done now". Mom's eye were full tears then she said "that cut them into a short Bob. Then he said there only one way either she go for boy cut or a pixie cut and no Bob haircut is possible then mom ordered him to cut her hairs into a volumous long pixie cut. When she arrived home only 2 hours were left from the party.She was looking really nice and attractive in that new haircut. She was confused about the next step because she had promised Sakshi and if she wear the saree her whole bady shoulders, complete back as her blouse would be tied only on two threads and stomach would be visible to everyone and now she doesn't have long hair to caver her body. She cried very much for a hour. But after all she wore that saree in which her complete upper body was visible. When she entered the party she became attraction to every eye to all men and women her friends who were jealous laughed at her but Sakshi was completely shocked to see mom's haircut because she was also wearing a completely backless net saree with no bra inside the blouse to accompany mom. But when mom told her the whole story she tied all her hairs on her head to accompany mom. After some time they both enjoyed a lot in the party where a men who drunked touched mom from her back and she she looks sexy in front everyone, mom gave tight slap to him and he was beaten by every one in the party for this action at last when mom arrived back to home and she was very happy with Sakshi's behavior but sad of that compliment and touch from that man. After it it took more than 1 year  for mom to grow back her favourate length. To be continued for the next parts of mom's short haircut.

Credit- Arun Kumar


  1. wow.....its a very good story.

  2. Why don't she got a short boy cut. It would be more better for her.

  3. She would look sexy in boy cut.