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Thursday, 21 November 2019

My Maid Haircut and Headshave

My Maid Headshave

My mom went to my native house & I was all alone for 20 days.

      Sajeda  our house maid was there to take care of me, she cleaned our house, cooked the meals did my laundry and all other daily stuff. Sajeda  is in her early thirties dark sexy & tall around 5-8" with jet black hair which seemed to be quiet long, but I could never guess the length because she always oiled her hair well and but them in a bun, I always dreamt about having sex with her and as I am a hair fetish shaving her head and I thought this was the right time to play the cards.


One night when I came back from office Sajeda was cooking dinner for me, I silently came behind her and hugged her from behind she was surprised with this behaviour of mine, she asked me what was I up to I told her that I always admired her beauty but was now in love with her as she took so good care of me in absence of my mom.

      That night we had dinner together and after that she was about to leave, I offered her to stay with me and sleep in my bedroom. She was afraid what would happen if my mom comes to know about this but I convinced her nothing will go wrong.

      I took her to my bedroom we had some chat when she told me about her problems in life & started crying. I told her to relax and take hot water shower, she went to the bathroom I followed her and started to remove her clothes one by one damn she was sexy and had a great figure, I opened her bun and was surprised to see that her hair reached her knees by the time even she was getting hot she removed my clothes and we had shower enjoying each other’s hot body, I shaved her armpits & her pussy with my straight razor &washed her hair with an imported shampoo of great fragrance.

      We finished off with our bath and came to bed she was great on bed she started to suck my huge cock she licked it like a lollypop then she told me  to lick her pussy which was now clean shaved I took her on top of me & we had 69 oral sex she got  the organism & I exploded in her mouth which she sucked without wasting a single drop. She told it was her first sex after her husband died in an accident 5 years back & she was willing to do anything for me.

      I thought that it was the right time to tell her about my fetish & told her that I would be obliged only if she would let me shave her head & have sex with me, I even offered her some money so that she could send it to her village, she agreed and now the night was mine. I told her to sit on the dressing chair, she told me to massage her hair before shaving it, I massaged her hair with oil for some time then took her for hair wash.

      After washing her hair I asked her how she wanted to shave, directly or in stages she left it on me.I decided to shave her in stages first I combed her hair and then took scissors and cut her hair till waist length she was breathless as she had never had a haircut before, then cut her hair to mid back with some layers she was getting horny she got down from the chair and started sucking my cock getting on her knees,  she told me to shave her hair while she was sucking me, she wanted to feel the razor play on her head, I removed my razor and placed it on her forehead & started shaving her head she was moaning, I told her to sit back on chair as she would get hurt by razor.

      I then put some water on her head and massaged for a while & again started to shave I combed her hair in front & shaved from middle of her hair to her forehead long hair falling on her naked body front was done then I shaved  her sides and back , she was totally bald but was not done yet.I took some shaving gel an applied on her head and again shaved her head in opposite direction leaving it smooooooooth .She took me to bed and played  with my penis making me hard I put it in her and gave her the best pleasure of her life we had sex till early morning.

      This was my best of life experience.

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