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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Friend Mom Haircut Story

Mom mostly kept her hair in a short bob cut. But for last 1 year,she grew her hair and it was till waist. One day, mom said at morning that she will be going to parlour at afternoon for haircut. Deepika came at 3 and mom was going. Deepika asked her and when she heard that she was going to parlour, she said mom to wait and after study finishes, they will go together. After 1 and a half hours, they were ready to go. My sister went to play outside. I said that I will get bored alone so I will also join them. We reached to the parlour. All chairs were full. Beautician told us to wait. We waited in the waiting room. After some time, she called us and we went inside. Mom first sat in the chair. Stylist asked what to do. The regular cut you used to wear or a trim. Mom said short, like chin length . Stylist put on a cape on her and then opened her bun. After combing, she started chopping off hair from shoulder length. Then she divided hair in 3 sections and started cutting. After 5 minutes, her hair was in short chin length bob. Then she asked deepika to come. She said on the chair. Stylist opened her hair and it was very long. Longer than hip. She said only a trim. But stylist said that your hair is getting a bit damaged. I suggest to cut at least 7 inches. Mom said that you are keeping hair like this for a long  time. Now it's time to change. She hesitated a bit but then she agreed. Then stylist caped her and then sprayed her hair. She removed the tangles of her hair by combing for 10 minutes. Then she took scissor and then cut almost 5 inches. She combed again and cut 2 more inches. Her hair was in mid back now. She tried to get up but said that it doesn't match you. I told stylist to cut more short. Deppika again tried to get up but we made her sit. She started cutting hair up shoulders. Deepika was shocked and tears were getting down through her cheeks. Stylist then sprayed and combed hair again. She took a clipper and cutoff hairs and then shaved her nape by razor. Then she reduced length from front and then combed nicely. Her cut was done and she was looking great. She was a bit sad but then she liked it and started to continue this style. This was the first time I witnessed such a big haircut transformation. I was very happy.


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